LOOK WHAT I HAVE FOUND "The Best Of The Rest Collection 2"
16 of the suavest tunes extracted from 13 of the last 30 volumes

sample of the sleeve

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE-XXX
"This is the very last of the series: 99 volumes and 14 compilations of those 99... a result of a lifetime collecting records. Actually, this series started with one compilation I had made for my portable cd player. Now I know this is only a part of a neverending story..."

1. Mike Proctor: Sunday, sunday, sunday
From vol 73 "Groovey Things"
"Mr. Commuter" is a mod-classic all over Europe; it even has a Philippine release, but only a few people seem to know the flipside. "Sunday, sunday, sunday" is way too good to be ignored. It has a "feeling good each sunday morning" attitude. If after a wild weekend you wake up and listen to this song, your Sunday won't be a lost day.

9. Transient: Rocky
From vol 72 "Happinessville '72"
Don't let the year fool ya, it's 1977 but it sounds like 1968. Delicious instrumental uptempo lounge with some spacey electronic sounds mixed with a groovy beat and a fuzz guitar. If there ever were a space version of "The Love Boat", this song would've been the main theme. Exactly three minutes of transient sounds.

2. The Symbols: Hideaway
From vol 85 "Expressway To Soul Gyps"
Another "feelin' alright" tune. A soulful vocal harmony band that combines Beach Boys, Mama's & the Papa's with mid-60s Motown rhythms and all of this thanks to the fantastic Keith Mansfield orchestra. It's the B-side of "You'd better get used to missing her".

10. Shepstone & Dibbens: Transatlantic flight
From vol 81 "Synthetic Substitution"
A prog/bubblegum tune on the Belgian division of the Dutch label Pink Elephant. A song about a transatlantic flight to Los Angeles. With the heavy rock guitar and the Deep Purple-ish organ it's not so difficult to accept this is already 1974. I have no idea who Shepstone & Dibbens were.

3. Stray: Time machine
From vol 83 "Groovin' In A Time Machine"
Fantastic 1970 promo single. Psychedelic freakbeat heading towards hard rock brought back thanks to their "Time machine". It was also featured on their first album "Stray" on Transatlantic; 5 more would follow. At one time one of the Kray twins was their manager. It's their sole 45 for Transatlantic as their other 45s all were released on Big T.

11. Burt Blanca & The King Creole's: Taboo '69
From vol 77 "Pepper Sauce Taboo"
A 1969 space-psychedelic rendition of Lecuona's exotica standard "Taboo". Folks, this is a Belgian old style rock 'n' roll guy on a bad trip. If you ever want to organize a "Tiki in space" party, don't start with this one as there ain't no better than this. Forget about his other releases if you are not a rockabilly bopper, but kill for this cool platter

4. Sakkarin: Sugar, sugar
From vol 81 "Synthetic Substitution"
Sakkarin aka Jonathan King (see his "Gay girl" on vol 68) is a weird guy. He's a master in violating pop classics like this Archies' hit. Also check out his version of "Let it all hang out" on vol 69 or "Hang on sloopy". This psychedelic rendition is a perfect example that Kenneth King (his real name) could do a lot better than "Hooked on a feeling".

12. Booker T & The MG's: Fuquawi
From vol 76 "Window Dreaming"
Organ sounds funkier than this you won't find on any of the Booker T songs. This 1971 release with heavy guitars is better than 90% of their 60s releases. I can't top "Green onions", that's for sure, but this is also a great dance tune

5. O.S.T (La Curee): Don't tell me
From vol 94 "Sticky Sunshine"
Yummy yummy yummy I see Jane Fonda's tummy... Back in the Barbarella days with Roger Vadim she played in a movie called "La curee" from 1966. "Don't tell me" is an uptempo organ driven fuzz soul stomper by a yet unknown band. This EP features some other fine tracks and is worth checking out.

13. Traxter: Glandular Fever
From vol 78 "Gotta Get Back"
This is a 1971 promotional copy of Immediate, the A-side being Chrispian St.Peters' "You were on my mind". I'm not sure whether Traxter had any official releases. It sounds like an instrumental rendition of Donovan's "Hey gyp (diggin' the slowness)"

6. Marc Hamilton: Tapis magique
From vol 78 "Gotta Get Back"
It’s French of course and it means Magic Carpet. This psychedelic pop tune with a leading sitar would have been perfect to be put on the great French compilation album Wizzz. Nobody seems to know this song and yet it is so easy to find. Great early 70s French psychedelia by a well known artist with one very big hit.

14. Sounds Nice: Love you too
From vol 87 "Instros Calientes"
Here again an organ-led instrumental library tune. It’s from 1969 and the B-side of “Love at first sight”, an instrumental rendition of Gainsbourg’s “Je t’aime moi non plus”. The band included Chris Spedding and Clem Cattini. It’s perfect to spin at any lounge party in London, Brussels, L.A. or Paris. Even my living room in Antwerp will do! Just turn on that magic liquid light and dance!

7. Romain: Jack l'eventreur n'est pas mort
From vol 80 "Neptune Brain"
It starts with Big Ben and eerie footsteps in London's backstreets. Several death screams later Jack The Ripper (= Jack l'eventreur) has killed again. Hear his invitation to a lonesome fearful lady in the nocturnal streets... AAARGHHH "Jack l'eventreur n'est pas mort; ce soir il y a un nouveau mort!"

15. Chocolate Boys: Voltaire Pier
From vol 80 "Neptune Brain"
An instrumental library boogaloo recording from the mid 70s by a French (I think) band on a Belgian label. Everything else I've heard isn't worth the vinyl it's been pressed on, but this one... WOW it's how Jean-Michel Jarre should have sounded: better a thousand bossa beats than one disco drum beat!

8. Rita: Sexologie
From vol 96 "Supertype Creatures"
It's 1969 again and it's the year of the sexual revolution. "Erotica" has been reissued several times, but I can't remember seeing "Sexologie" on a compilation. Wizzzz-like organ-led instrumental without the "erotic sounds" of "Erotica". And for "Make love to me", the B-side of the next 45 "Super erotica", I also refer to vol 96.

16. Cecile Aubry: A travers Montmartre
From vol 99 "Voice les fauves"
I have never seen the television series "Le jeune fabre"; I was too young! Demis Roussos sings the main theme on the A-side of this 45, but it's the flipside that is the killer track. One of France's best kept secrets this instrumental is just blowing my mind: uptempo funky library "crime" music. It's the very last track of the very last of 99 volumes