"Earthquake" - 16 hipshakin' tunes for mods & rockers



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE69
"An earthquake was needed to mix mods and rockers; sixteen mockers tunes compiled for the real sixties music lovers who are more into music than into style; keep shakin' those hips and the earth will shake again..."

1. earthquake – ray sharp & the soul set
(Sock&Soul H-104
Rare psychedelic soul tune with a garage rock injection from a not so well known label, Sock&Soul. It’s the b-side of “She needs love”, also on this volume. The first time I heard this was at a party where famous DJ and compiler of Fuzz, Flakes & Shakes, Tony The Tyger was spinning records. I knew I had to have this killer tune. And it’s one of my fave party tunes for the moment.
9. via lucifer – dick rivers
(Pathé 45G2131 from 1966)
For me this is one of his very best efforts ever!  1966 French psychedelique at its best with the sweet sitar sounds (or at least a sitar sounding guitar).  How come that I haven’t found this one on a compilation yet ? The b-side is “Le premier qui s’en va”.
2. hang up – five by five
(Cem CEM-9612 from 1968)
Also on the Paula label, “Hang up” is a great popsike tune; this Cem-release being from 1970. Wow, I love that fuzz guitar and the trippy organ sounds. And what’s more amazing: the flipside is even better! That’s why I also selected it for this 69th volume. It’s the third of eight 45s, all on Paula which also released “Next exit” their sole album.
10. fire – five by five
(Cem CEM-9612 from 1968)
Thanks to this fantastic version of Jimi Hendrix’ “(Let me stand next to your) fire” this 45 even reached the Billboard charts in 1968. This release on Cem was from 1970 though. Again it’s the fuzz guitar and the organ that turn this song into a hot steaming dancefloor killer.
3. te puedes ir en paz – los silverton’s
(Mag 2620
Los Silverton’s hailed from Peru. This quintet released two or three 45s and later also a five-track album  “La Vuelta”,  all on the MaG label. PeruCD has released a full CD with 16 songs including the two from this 45. The title means something like “You can go in peace”.
11. no make believe – franky-sue selection
(RCA Victor 47-15014
This one even works for Northern soul parties and popcorn lovers.  I have no idea where this band hailed from. I guess this 45 was released in 1969 with flipside “Are you sincere”.
4. por ti estoy sufriendo – los silverton’s
(Mag 2620
It’s not the best known band from Peru; but I hope that the Spanish reissue label Electro Harmonix will release an anthology album soon. Singer on this 45 is Tito Rojas. “For you I’m hurting”.
12. keep on loving me – don fardon
(Young Blood DV14923 from 1970)
As B-side of I’m alive” this blue-eyed soul song never got the attention it deserved. Fardon aka Don Maughn was the lead singer of The Sorrows before he pursued a solo career and started the soul act Don Fardon & The Soul Machine, having one big hit single “Indian reservation”.
5. pollution – georgia brown
(Baltic 6833 from 1973)
One of the rarer releases from Belgium. “Glory to the music” is not fabulous, but this side is! If you like The Snapshots (also from Belgium), you’ll love “Pollution”, even if it’s heavier. Just listen to the freaky organ sounds, the trippy fuzz guitar and the power chords. In the middle of the song it’s getting even wilder. Perfect for psych-heads.
13. let it all hang out – jonathan king
(Decca 26218 from 1969)
One of the funniest versions of this smash hit and yet a great party tune. Jonathan King (born Kenneth King)at his best. The magic swirling organ attacks around a mesmerizing riff turned this recording into a minor hit. King recorded under various pseudonyms including the fantastic Sakkarin (see vols 53 and 81), but his best moment will always be “Gay girl” which I’ve put on vol 68.
6. looky, looky, my cookie’s gone – the raspberry pirates
(Atco ATCO BE80 from 1968)
One of the most amazing bubblegum recordings I recently discovered. This time not on Buddah, but on Atco. It sounds very familiar to some Captain Groovy & His Bubblegum Army tunes. Was this really their sole release?
14. mama don’t go – emanuel
(Philips 6003099
As b-side of “Romeo”, this song remained unknown for more than 30 years, and yet here it is. He never had the chance to become a teenybopper hero.
7. i know – the picknicks
(Ronnex 1427 from 1966)
This b-side of the ballad  “Cry no more” is a superb beat tune from Belgium. And so far undiscovered by compilers! Shame on you!!! It’s from 1966 but it sounds like 1964’s Beatlemania. On vol 46 you can find more info about this family combo from Antwerp, Belgium.
15. 3d mona liza – paul brett sage
(Pye 45PV15339 from 1970)
And here’s the flipside of “Mediterranean lazy heat wave”. Heavy folk rock from Wales by one of Paul Brett’s many bands. I’m told he is still performing these days. Unnecessary to say he still is a great guitar player.
8. mediterranean lazy heat wave – paul brett sage
(Pye 45PV15339 from 1970)
Typical late 60s folk rock, this B-side of “3D Mona Liza”  features some splendid psyched organ playing and a twangy 12-string guitar. Paul Brett is known for his work with The Strawbs, Arthur Brown, The Overlanders, Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera, Tintern Abbey and many more. At live gigs they sounded a lot heavier.
16. she needs love – ray sharp & the soul set
(Sock&Soul H-104
This volume started with a Soul Set entry and it ends with the flipside. “She needs love” is pure soul unlike the more garage-y “Earthquake”. This one is perfect to end a party with on the dance floor at 6am.