"Happiness Ville '72" - 16 early 70s tunes to make you happy



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE72
"Tired of all those fifties and sixties revivals? You also dislike the stadium rock bands? Maybe these early 70s sounds can make you happy..."

Polydor 2041 037 1. rotation - rotation

It’s the b-side of “Ra-Ta-Ta” which was a big hit in the early 70s. Nobobdy seems to know this instrumental side which is just too good to be ignored. And watch out for Rotation2 and Rotation3 on later volumes.
9. pacific coast thunderball – the j.j. band

The B-side “I’m through with you” can be found on vol 42. This four minutes song is getting more and more credit at 60s parties in Europe and apparently it’s hard to find as I receive many requests from deejays to sell this 45. The J.J. Band with or without Jess & James is always great.
CBS CBS7229 from 1971
EMI 4C006-95679 from 1974 2. music in the air - us

Very strange but this band included Ron Bransteder, a very famous Dutch television personality. “Music in the air” is actually an English version of a centuries old folk tune that I know from my early childhood; I believe the name was “De Scheresliep”.
10. cindy - midgets

Do you know their “Mr Taxi man” (see vol 3)
? This B-side of “Silly Mary” is not as special as that 1973 tune. Still it’s got its fine moments.
Fly 27 from 1971
Imperial 4C006-24431 3. come home - cloverleaf
For lovers of early 70s rock. The intro takes about 50 seconds and then you get the typical poppy sound that was brought by bands such as Middle Of The Road. The A-side is “Tell the world”.
11. happiness ville - pop-tops

Were they from France? I haven’t got a clue. It’s a weird song; some parts are like Les Poppys, and a few seconds later you hear a distorted phasing guitar and a swirling organ. It’s definitely early 70s.
Carrere 6061201
New Fly S102 from 1973 4. wanderer - the proudfoot

I’m not sure if this band was from Belgium. New Fly is a Belgian label. This song is not the Dion tune; it’s the B-side of “Giant”. I really doubt these guys have ever recorded a tune that I could consider to love in the future.
12. give it to me - the chris moon group

This B-side of “Good” from 1970 is more than five minutes laid back 70s rock.
CBS 4930 from 1970
CBS CBS7278 from 1971 5. santa fe - titanic

Another early 70s monstrous band, but this song has got this crazy drum beat that people seem to like to dance to. I’ve heard many songs by this band and there wasn’t a single one that I really liked.
13. this world today is a mess - the jumpers

The year before Donna Hightower had a hit with this song (see vol 62). This B-side of “What does it matter” is better than expected too. Especially the organ gives an extra dimension to this otherwise standard early 70s pop tune.
BASF 05 15083 from 1973
Romie MOO-122 from 1977 6. rocky - transient

Although released in 1977 it sounds like early 70s to me. It could be the main theme of a French detective movie. Also the b-side “Saturday night” could be on the same soundtrack.
14. the man from birmingham - eli bonaparte

Thanks to John Fogerty the early 70s gave us hundreds of CCR-soundalikes; this is another fine example. I don’t know if these guys ever recorded something really interesting…
Decca 26249 from 1970
Riviera 121.332 7. suzy (like to make it rhyme) - softice

Wow, that bass intro followed by the wack-a-wack guitar invites you to tap your toes. I like the sleeve of this bubblegum release. If you like Ohio Express, 1910 Fruitgum Company, you’d love this tune too. The B-side is “Sittin’ pretty”.
15. working my way - alexander

No it’s not Thijs Van Leer’s flute, this is better than Focus. A slight psychedelic touch to this hypnotizing rockin’ tune was all it needed to get my attention. The break after two minutes is unexpected, and thirty seconds later it all starts over again. Not to be ignored.
Odeon 2C008-17981 from 1974
Roulette 45VR195069 8. mad george - don cooper

A folky singer-songwriter tune (mix of Neil Diamond and Jose Feliciano with a Haight-Ashbury sauce). The B-side can be found on vol 76.
16. punchy plum – peter henn

His mega hit “Flip flap” from 1973 will always be something special to me (see vol 16). This one never reached the same status, maybe because of the fuzz guitar sounds you might hear very far away (some record producers should be killed for that). And Peter…. He keeps on whistling and you’ll be too all night long as it is so catchy.
Omega International OM36176 from 1974