"Groovey things" - 16 groovey gems from the vault of oblivion



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE73
"Any of these songs can even make the zombies and mummies move; everyone's got funky feet when listening to groovey things. I've made up my mind to make people dance every weekend..."

Philips 304124F from 1967 1. dody - the four seasons

We all love The Four Seasons for giving us fantastic tunes like “Beggin’”, still better than the Timebox version. This B-side of “Beggin’” somehow shas been forgotten and it disappeared from the deejays’ playlists. Such a pity. It’s a wonderful soul groover that can fill the dancefloor so easily. I tried it and it worked.
9. friends - the gentrys

Best known for “Keep on dancing” on the Youngstown label, the Gentrys also recorded for MGM, Stax and more. This B-side of “Goddess of love” was recorded for Sun. As the A-side’s featured on several compilations already, I though it was appropriate to give this great B-side some credit.
Sun SI-1120 from 1971
Decca 26284 from 1968 2. 25 miles - susan shifrin

A bigger dance floor filler is this killer cover version of Edwin Starr’s “25 miles” by Susan Shifrin. Big bucks are paid to get this 45, certainly the release with the Belgian picture sleeve. Susan Shifrin didn’t record another killer tune, so go for this one.
10. do it to it - mongo santamaria

On vol 71 you could listen to its flip “Just say goodbye”. A great latin soul instrumental by magnificent Mongo who needs no introduction.
CBS 2270 from 1966
Supreme S307 from 1971 3. land of a thousand dances - mr. bloe

Mister Bloe is well known, but few people seem to know or remember this instrumental version of this classic tune. It can’t beat the original version or the one by Cannibal & The Headhunters. It’s too good, though, to be just forgotten.
11. funky feet - johnny robinson

This is a fab funk raver with a groovy organ, a thumping bass and JB-styled vocals. Earlier Robinson recorded for Okeh and Mercury.
Epic EPC7475 from 1972
Buddah 610035 from 1969 4. peanuts – ohio express

All the B-sides of Ohio Express 45s are worth checking out. This B-side of “Pinch me, baby, convince me” is one of the finest examples. Other B-sides that I’ve selected can be found on vols 41, 48 and later also on vol 81. Psychedelic bubblegum tunes.
12. sunday sunday sunday - mike proctor
“Mr. Commuter” is the song every mod party dancer knows by heart. It’s indeed a great dancefloor filler, but this side is fantastic for listening to on a lazy Sunday afternoon while sipping your Bacardi near the swimming pool.
Columbia DB8254 from 196
Columbia 4-43396 from 1966 5. we’ve got a groovey thing goin’ – simon & garfunkel

This B-side of “The sounds of silence” is certainly the best this duo ever recorded. And maybe it’s because of the smash hit status of the A-side that this side has been forgotten for decades. A few years ago I relaunched this song at various 60s parties and now it seems to have been accepted although people still seem to have problems to admit they’re dancing to Simon & Garfunkel.
13. i dream of naomi - hedva & david

These two voices match so beautifully that it was a surprise to me to find that they are unknown and never had a hit release. It’s a 1970 release and maybe that explains it all: they were 5 years too late.
RCA-Victor 74-16074 from 1970
Decca 26038 from 1965 6. she don’t care - pinkerton’s assorted colours

A poppy Beatle-esque tune by a relatively unknown English band. It’s the flipside to their first 45 “Mirror mirror” which was a minor hit. They were managed by the Fortunes manager.  A few years later they were known as Pinkerton’s and eventually became Flying Machine and released a handful 45s as well; their “Maybe we’ve been loving too long”  was their finest moment and is also the B-side of their first 45. Maybe I’ll add this tune on a future volume.
14. geen handvol maar een landvol - lowland trio

This is Dutch madness at an unsafe speed of 160 mph. Het Lowland Trio released several weird singles, this being the best of all. The song title means “Not a hand full but a country full”; full of what? That would take too long to explain and isn’t necessary: it’s an excellent tune.
CNR UH10057 from 196.
Stateside 4C006-92521 from 196. 7. john jacob jingleheimer smith - daddy dewdrop

Originally a Sunflower release, this B-side of “Chick-a-boom” has two faces: the first 80 seconds are boring, the next 80 seconds are pure instrumental Hammond groovin’ psychedelic mayhem. If the entire song was be like the second part, it would have been a discotheque smash hit.
15. blue song - susi and guy

Both sides are taken from an Italian  movie “Milano trema: la polizia vuole giustizia” which I’ve never seen. In the US this movie’s called “The violent professionals”. The sensual voice of Susi was the main reason why I bought this 45 and apparently women like this song because of the equally sensual voice of Guy.
RCA Victor 42504 from 1973
Deram DM36 from 1968 8. how can you tell me - the flirtations

Ernestine & Shirley Pearce and Viola Billups are the Flirtations. This B-side of “Someone out there” is another fine gem by these ladies band that gave us uptempo soul groovers like “Once I had a love” (see vol 80) and “Nothing but a heartache”.
16. i made up my mind to make love - packy musty and area code

The song title is hilarious, I know;. It’s on the same label that issued the “Deep throat” single. This B-side of “The secret of my love” may be a part of an erotic movie soundtrack (with lyrics like “when your age is 13, you’ll make up your mind to make love, and then you ask your sister…” You get the idea.
Delphine 64009 from 1974?