"Instros Calientes" - 16 hot sizzling instrumentals



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE87
"If you don't feel hot after these sixteen hot instro tunes, there's definitely something wrong with you..., err, your airco. Muy caliente y fantastico! Either late 50s, late 60s or early 60s: it's all the same... make up your own lyrics while dancing to these tunes in your bathroom or on the balcony..."

Supreme S.114 1. ride your pony – the mohawks
Originally on Pama this Supreme release features a nice picture sleeve and a great B-side “Western promise“. You all know “The Champ“ and probably love their groovy Hammond sounds. Well, this splendid cover version of “Ride your pony“ is one of their finest moments.

9. western promise – the mohawks
A slow reggae beat and an Alan Hawksworth like library tune are the main ingredients of “Western promise“, the flipside to the Mohawks’ “ Ride your pony“.
Supreme S.114
Fast 3003 2. night train – the buddy lucas band
Originally issued on Vim, this fantastic rendition of the Jimmy Forrest classic “Night train“ is one of the most swinging I know. Jimmy recorded it in 1952, but actually it’s a Duke Ellington song called “Happy go lucky local pt2“ from 1946. The B-side is another cover of a classic  “Begin the beguine”, the Cole Porter song that was recorded for the first time in 1935 by Charles Walters & June Knight.

10. goofus – the craftsmen
This B-side of “Rock along” was originally issued on Warwick and sounds like an early Johnny & The Hurricanes, but better. The leader of the band was Morty Craft who recorded several 45s for labels such as Tod, MSM and Warwick in the late 50s. This was the first of four 45s for Warwick.
London 95176 from 1960
Columbia DB8241 from 1967 3. tarzan’s march – mr. acker bilk

A pack of lions roaring is the start of this instrumental. The best version was recorded by Los Superjets, but this is also a fantastic cut. Bilk's recording career was mainly the mid-60s. Here, Bilk's clarinet is accompanied by His Paramount Jazz Band. Also the b-side (“Acker’s personal jungle”) is an ace tune.
11. who’s afraid of virginia woolf – pieces of eight

They released a handful of 45s in ‘67-‘68 on A&M, Mala and Action and there’s a link with Swingin’ Medallions (remember “Double shot”). This great organ-drenched instrumental is the B-side of “Lonely drifter”. For Hammond groove lovers!
A&M 210003 from 1967
Columbia DB8034 from 1966 4. scotch on the socks – the shadows

One of the Shadows’ best b-sides ! This b-side of “The dreams I dream” is one of their fiercest fuzz guitar instros I’ve ever encountered.

12. harpsi pop – proud your self

Yes, it sounds like a harpsichord. It’s an excellent organ instrumental library tune by a band I know nothing about. This B-side of “Cuckoo” was licenced from M Records.
Barclay 620.087 from 1974
Parlophone 5C006-90523 from 1969 5. love you too – sounds nice
Here again an organ-led instrumental library tune with Chris Spedding on guitar, Clem Cattini on drums and Tim Mycroft on organ. It’s from 1969 and the B-side of “Love at first sight”, an instrumental rendition of Gainsbourg’s “Je t’aime moi non plus”. It’s perfect to spin at any lounge party in London, Brussels, L.A. or Paris. Even my living room in Antwerp will do! Just turn on that magic liquid light and dance!

13. health – blizzard

What a surprise: Blizzard here ? This b-side of a medley including Keep-a-knockin’ and Get Back was written and produced by Tash Howard and is by far their best effort: listen to that frantic fuzz guitar playing!
Metromedia MM171
Scepter SWF-21009 from 1963 6. monkey see, monkey do – the rocky fellers

Wow, what a great instrumental b-side of an equally great version of “Killer Joe”. “Monkey see, monkey do“ sounds like it was recorded in a strip joint and yes it includes organ and saxophone. This should be on the next Las Vegas Grind !!!

14. les oignons – babik reinhardt

The Quartette Babik Reinhardt recorded these two Sydney Bechet compositions for Vogue, the best French label in the 60s. The bass intro sounds like “The beat goes on” but then it moves on to a great jazzy r&b tune. Any relation to Django Reinhardt?
Vogue V45.1458 from 1967
Polydor 2041176 7. rotation 3 – rotation

Other Rotation songs are to be found on vols 72 and 81. It’s just to be complete that I selected this one. Well, actually it’s not that bad after all. I never said good taste should exclude the best of bad taste, did I ? It’s (again) a b-side of “Pinky pink”.

15. agua caliente – the hollywood persuaders

Or “Hot water”, the brilliant B-side of their hit instrumental tune “Drums a-go-go”. Both sides written by Paul Buff who’s to be found in the surroundings of the early Mothers Of Invention. If your water isn’t boiling yet, it sure will after these two minutes!
Original Sound OS-50 ‘63
Dot 45-16294 from 1961 8. cleopatra’s theme – the marc-antonians

Roman general Marc Anthony was in love with Egyptian pharaoh queen Cleopatra. This band recorded in 1961 this super exotic ode to the "most beautiful woman east of Rome". Close your eyes and do this snake dance in your bedroom.  And if you can find the 45, don’t forget to listen to “Moshi, moshi, anone”.

16. rocka-conga – the applejacks

Originally on Cameo this b-side of “Am I blue” this rocking conga tune is one of the finest in its genre. It works at any r&r shindig, tiki jamboree and other 50s styled parties. 1-2-3-kick!
London 95082