"Pepper sauce taboo" - 16 spicy exotic tunes with a rock 'n' roll sauce



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE77
"Mix exotica, rock 'n' roll and the world's most dangerous case of bad bad taste and try to be serious all the time without laughing... that means that you've got a very strong constitution and an already severely damaged stomach because I don't know how anyone can digest these 16 ingredients..."

Cash C1702 1. surfin’ bird – chet avery

Believe it or not, but this is a boss version, a lo-fi version if possible, of that super wild 1963 Trashmen killer. I could never have imagined hearing a Surfin’ Bird recording from the 60s being as wild as this Chet Avery one.
9. el tren de paris – manuel gomez y sus cansados
(Hebra 450 ’70)
This Spanish sung samba song is about taking the train to Paris (but I think that even an illiterate fool could read this). It’s a 1970 release on a Belgian label.
Hebra 450 ’70
Philips B373213F 2. peggy sue – hector & les mediators
Ever went to a Bad Taste Rock ‘n’ Roll Revue? Hector would be the winner of the contest, I’m sure. Did he record more songs like this? Oh yes, I’m afraid. The flipside is also on this volume. Enjoy and run as far as you can…
10. whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on – hector & les mediators
Aha, here’s Hector from France once more. Start laughing? It’s unbelievable that people like him were allowed to sing, but still I’m glad he got the opportunity, because bad taste is better than no taste at all, right?
Philips B373213F
Barclay 70743 3. the girl from ipanema – boulou

Boulou was a young teenage guitar virtuoso. This jazzy instrumental version must be played in a smoky basement bar only. Just look at the sleeve and see how tiny his hands holding the guitar are.
11. funny bunny – the tattoos

Two dueling trumpets playing a fast instrumental tune that is a little bit too heavy to be allowed in the James Last repertoire. The xylophone and the drums are a welcome addition. Don’t try to play the A-side: their version of Zager & Evans’ “In the year 2525” is beyond any comprehension.
Telefunken U56071
Metronome B-1445 4. echo boogie – jorgen ingmann
And here another guitar instrumental. The weird spacey guitar sound echoing is so weird that it’s obvious why nobody has ever mentioned this version. Still it’s better than you might expect; listen to it at maximum volume and dim the lights: you’ll hear guitar licks coming towards you from every corner of the room.
12. apache – jorgen ingmann
Jorgen Ingmann will be remembered as a Shadows/Duane Eddy guitar clone, but sometimes his abuse of the echo chamber gets to my nerves. I love the sleeve though.
Metronome B-1445
Columbia SEGH36 ’58 5. pepper sauce woman – max woiski

This is not the first Max Woiski selection in this compilation series. This 1958 Surinam recording is a hot hot exotic Carribean flavoured dancing tune. I bought this 45 because of the sleeve and was pleasantly surprised by this Belafonte styled calypso song.
13. taboo ’69 – burt blanca & the king creole’s

A slow spaceadelic 1969 rendition from Belgium’s rock ‘n’ roll guitar king Burt Blanca of one of my all time fave tunes: Lecuona’s Taboo. This version is the weirdest I have ever heard (and I’ve got quite a lot of them). Easily one of the best releases by this Belgian rocker.
BB Maurice BBM0030 from 1969
Imperial HI 1107 6. dans nu de twist – the hot jumpers
A Dutch version of Chubby Checker’s smash hit “Let’s twist again” from around 1962. And it isn’t even bad; except if you can understand what they are singing about; then it sounds as silly as the original lyrics.
14. twist babaluba twist – the hot jumpers
The twisters from Holland again…and I am glad they are singing in Duch because I don’t want to hear their funny English accent.
Imperial HI 1107
RCA-Victor 47-9284 ‘67 7. lonely tear drops – little dion
If you know Kiki, you’ll understand that he was the French version of this Little Dion boy. A soulful kiddie voice singing about something he doesn’t know anything about yet. Fifteen years later boys like him gained popularity on television (Arnold, Webster,…), but I don’t think anybody was waiting for Little Dion.
15. ten feet tall – little dion
Let the boy return to Sesame Street, please… Little Stevie Wonder was at least a good singer. And when you’re only 4 feet tall, why singing about 6 more feet? It’s another proof of how bad good taste can be
RCA-Victor 47-9284 ‘67
Decca 23712 8. beatles – robert grahame

I have no idea who Robert Grahame is. Don’t get fooled by the song title: this is a French song. And I think this 45 doesn’t deserve to be forgotten.
16. the fang – nervous norvus

Now this is a great one. Ever heard their 1956 song “Transfusion”? Or their “I go ape”? It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. The beatnik lyrics will kill you; don’t say I didn’t warn you…
Dot 45-15500 ‘56