"Groovin' in a time machine" - 16 time traveling grooves



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE83
"From 1965 to 1972 going back and forth in the Ungawa time machine. Soul, hard rock, psychedelia, library jazz,... Feel the time and feel the need to dance as tears go by..."

London 5661 from 1969 1. tell mama – martha velez 

Let’s get groovin’ in the Ungawa time machine! This is a dancefloor classic and probably already on a compilation. However, I haven’t found any vinyl comp featuring this uptempo soul stomper. And on vol 86 you get the answer song "Tell daddy” as well as the B-side “Swamp man”
9. realization – the power of zeus

A quote maybe from the book "Fuzz, acid and flowers"? "They did not record any 45s for this label (Rare Earth)". According to Vernon Joynson they only released an album "Gospel according to Zeus" with nothing heavy keyboard and guitar-dominated songs. Well, Vernon, here is their 45 and it is on Rare Earth. It’s hard to find ; that’s true…
Rare Earth 5C006-91995 from 1970
Barclay 060883 2. like nobody else – los bravos

A Beegees tune! The brothers Gibb have written some splendid tunes in the late 60s. Los «Black is black» Bravos knew this.  "I love you like nobody else…" and then the organ is freaking out and everybody’s dancing.
10. every dog has its day – los bravos

Great fuzzguitar sounds and a hard driving beat from this  Spanish outfit who had a million records sold or even more. They need no further introduction.
Columbia MO1012 from 1970
Polydor S1247 from 1967 3. got a dog named sally – dimitri

This is a Dutch release from a guy I’ve never heard of before. It’s a cool and catchy uptempo organ driven bubblegum tune that could’ve been a Kasenetz-Katz composition
11. as tears go by – june april

I don’t know who this young lady is but this is so brilliant and better than any Marianne Faithfull version. The Stones should have picked her instead!
Top Hit Club THC519
MGM 61124 ’65 4. brown paper sack – the gentrys

Heavy pounding garage stomper that’s always working on the dancefloor. I once played it in a trendy discotheque and everybody was jumping.
12. the last time – the kettles

And on the same small label you can find The Kettles, who already recorded Beatles songs, but now a Rolling Stones song (with origins in The Staple Singers’ “This may be the last time” from 1954)
Top Hit Club TCH524
Life L-200 5. groovin’ with mr bloe – wind

I’ve always liked “Groovin’ with Mr. Bloe”. Everybody knows this song, but nobody seems to know that there were several excellent cover versions made by mostly unknown studio bands.  This version (which is even better than Cool Heat’s splendid rendition) is perhaps even catchier than the original. And now over to the master himself…
13. feelin’ time – blues magoos
A not so well known song by the band that gave us "Pipe dream", "We ain’t got nothing yet" and "Tobacco road". This song was also released as ABC 11226 together with "Heartbreak hotel". Only one 45 will follow and after the 5th album it was over with this influential New York band.
Abc 11.250 from 1969
DJM 6102 300 6. sinful – mr bloe

Great instrumental library tune by the master of the grooves as B-side of his world wide hit single. There’s been a lot of releases of "Groovin’ with Mr. Bloe" and all have different flipsides. So be careful when you’re looking for this great tune that amazed a lot of people in the lounge of the now infamous Wild Weekend Festival in Spain
14. bossy boss – jumpin’ gene simmons
Gene Simmons with a fuzz guitar ? This is simply great!!! Watch out for the instrumental break, wow ! Somehow you’ll always hear the previous Simmons songs all through this one.
London 5549 from 1966
Transatlantic PROMO1 from 1970 7. time machine – stray

Wow, what a great psychedelic hardrock tune which I found on a promo 45 from 1970. Both songs of this 45 are on their first album, but the 45 itself never got its proper release except for this promo. One of the finest English bands from that period.
15. tennessee woman – rednik smith

Most President releases are worth checking out, not all are good, but this one sure is. Hard rockin’ with horns, piano, fuzz guitars and what more do you need?
President PT371 from 1972
Transatlantic PROMO1 ’70 8. only what you make it – stray

A little less psychedelic and a whole lot more progressive hard rock is this b-side. Ever heard of the Kray Twins ? One of them once was their manager! Stray released 6 albums on Transatlantic and 3 more on other record labels. Their career ended when punk emerged
16. umbassa the dragon – the turtles

What a weird tune by these well known guys. It starts with jungle noises, Swahili swearing and people shouting Umbassa, Umbassa, Umbassa. The entire recording crew must have been taken a few trips too many because this is utterly insane!!! So a warning: don’t go out on too many trips through time.
London 5626 from 1968