"Expressway to soul gyps" - 16 road songs for the dance floor



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"I always thought it strange that some people need a guide to find the dance floor. Or that some are only willing to dance to one specific music genre and never want to 'cross over'. These aren't all typical soul songs, but all are perfect to dance to..."

Stateside RSS116 from 1967 1. hey gyp – soul survivors

We all love the Donovan song, but at parties they all ask this version. I like most of the Soul Survivors 45s, this however still being my fave. More great tunes by this band on this volume.
9. expressway to your heart – soul survivors
A honkin’ car starts this soul song, a great version it is. And at the end the band’s stuck again in the traffic jam.
Stateside RSS116 from 1967
Columbia 4C006 23205 2. newspaper man – the tate gallery
Wow, this is much better than I expected. And it’s improving each time I listen to it. Great soul tune,  maybe too psychedelic to some and too soul to others. Don’t play the b-side "Justine" (not that one, no).
10. swamp man – martha  velez

This completely ignored b-side of “Tell mama” (probably her best known song, certainly on the dancefloor) is my fave tune Martha ever recorded. For the A-side and the picture sleeve see vol 83.
London 5661 from 1969
Atlantic 6756 3. soul shake – delaney & bonnie & friends

This B-side of “Free the people” is a not so bad version of Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson’s hit single. A little bit too slick perhaps…
11. tell daddy - the soul survivors

Don't you all love "Tell mama"? Whether it's Etta James, Martha Velez or someone else, it's a brilliant song. Well, “Tell daddy” is the answer song to “Tell mama”, both written by Carter, but with new lyrics by Daniels & Terrel. The Soul Survivors were a great band, just listen to "Mama soul", the A-side. See vol 83 for more info about that song.
Atco ATCO94 from 1969
Vogue 45VR195038 4. mony mony – ricardo ray

This Tommy James song is the B-side of Ray’s well known version of “Nitty gritty”. Expect a lot handclaps, latin percussion and a catchy tempo to take you to the dancefloor.
12. robot in a robot’s world – the flaming ember

This b-side of “Stop the world and let me off” was written by Dozier/Holland and never got the attention it deserved.
Hot Wax HS 7010 from 1971
President PTF128 5. hideaway – the symbols

Another "feelin' alright" tune. A soulful vocal harmony band that combines Beach Boys, Mama's & the Papa's with mid-60s Motown rhythms and all of this thanks to the fantastic Keith Mansfield orchestra. It's the B-side of "You'd better get used to missing he".
13. reap what you sow – merrilee rush

Originally on Bell and a minor hit for the a-side “Angel of the morning” which was written by Chip Taylor (any Troggs fans here ?). I won’t annoy you with more info as you all know the artist. For me it was just a surprise that she ever recorded something like this.
Stateside FSS583 from 1968
Abnak AB127 from 1968 6. love me baby – jon & robin and the in crowd

Between Jon Abnor’s solo debut in 1965 and Robin Abnor’s solo release in 1969 they recorded several 45s together including this 1968 release. Also the In Crowd (no, not that band…) had their own release in 1967 on Abnak “Big cities/Inside out”. Heavily influenced by Them’s Gloria and great to dance to at 5am. It’s the b-side of “Dr. Jon the medicine man”.
14. i close my eyes – watson t. browne & the explosive

Now time for some uptempo soul stompin’ grooves from Mr. Browne. For deejays : play this after another wild soul stomper and then play The Strangeloves’ "Night time" and then you can go on with any garage 45. Trust me, haha. Or just do it the other way round. Man, I love that fuzz guitar at the end!
President PT211 from 1968
Buddah 610011 7. poor old mr jensen – 1910 fruitgum co

This b-side of “May i take a giant step” was written by Kasenetz-Katz who also put this song as B-side for one of their "Quick Joey Small" releases. I love this, I really do! Maybe too slow for the dance floor people, yet it’s perfect to dance to.
15. crying all night – watson t. browne & the explosive

Not so wild, but even faster and some phasing guitar sounds. I’ve passed this one on parties too and nobody left the dancefloor… Can be mixed with any Equals song (also on President, just a coincidence?)
President PT211 from 1968
Decca AT10299 8. lemon coloured honey tree – after tea

Another B-side here. The organ stars here in this Dutch recording. I’ve never been a fan of this band, but I must admit that this son gis too good to let go. The fuzz guitar attacks and the freaky organ sounds will get you to dance. Even the drum solo break won’t allow you to stop.
16. love’s your name – r. dean taylor

This lesser known b-side of “Indiana wants me” will never beat "There’s a ghost in my house", still his most famous and most asked song at parties.
Rare Earth 5C006-91874 from 1970