"Synthetic substitution" - 16 psychedelic bubblegum brain cell poppers



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE81
"The brain sugar on birthday parties is fuelled by 16 mind blowers..."

Bell 2008042 1. mr. Penguin pt1 – lunar funk

Great uptempo Hammond groove novelty fuzz funk platter from the early 70s. And if you can’t get enough, there’s also part 2 on the flipside.
9. in the year 2525 – the tattoos

Now something completely different. Probably the worst version ever of the Zager & Evans smash hit: a trumpet instrumental version with some popsike background sounds to appeal to the young. James Last must have had an eargasm listening to this! And it’s a dangerous song: after listening more than five times to this, you can’t help but humming along or even wiggling and tapping your toes.
Telefunken U56071
Epic EPC7301 from 1971 2. get it on – chase

This was also released on their debut album which sold quite well. Still I haven’t seen this song being picked up for a compilation. Again lotsa organ breaks and also horns, but what a manic tempo with mind expanding organ solos and breaks. Simply a fantastic release with “River” on the b-side and it ends with a two seconds intro of In-a-gadda-da-vida.
10. the band played the boogie – ccs 

Here’s Alexis Korner again. CCS can be found on vol 59. They will always be remembered for their Whole Lotta Love rendition. This vocal release (sixth of seven 45s) was also released on the Rak label, this one being a Dutch release. Fast rhythm, trumpets, tom-tom pounding drums and the bluesy guitar sounds of Korner are the main ingredients.
Columbia 5C006-94626 from 1973
CBS 2000 from 1973 3. macumba – titanic

Again early 70s sounds from a well known band. Exotic prog funk by six ugly guys. Who dares to buy this 45 on a flea market?
11. the race that took place – ohio express
Hear the race cars drive by in this r&b instrumental b-side of "Cowboy convention" by bubblegum band Ohio Express. Other songs from them can be found on vols 42, 48 and 73.
Buddah 610052 from 1970
Cardinal C-3234 4. i believe in you – tee set

Dutch band Tee Set had a lot of released in the 60s and 70s including some hit singles in the Benelux area. This popsike b-side of “Little lady” is not one of those chart toppers; how could it be. I have no idea when this was released. File under “too good to be annihilated”.
12. wake up breakfast – golden earrings

In those days they had outgrown their teenieboppin’ 60s songs and had become one of the many rock bands. However, this b-side of "Dong-dong-di-ki-gi-dong" is a great jingle jangle bubblegum popsike tune by these Dutch guys.
Polydor S1277
RCA-Victor 47-15200 5. sugar, sugar – sakkarin

Sakkarin is one of the many projects of Jonathan King. See vols
53, 68 and 69 for more info. This special bongo pounding cover version of The Archies’ hit single is so weird that I couldn’t resist! Enjoy the fuzzy wahwah guitar sounds. King sings only half of the chorus and the rest is the guitar singing on and on until the tom toms take over again.
13. transatlantic flight – shepstone & dibbens

There is something as 'The Pink Elephant sound' and it’s hard to explain it. This b-side of "Please tell me" is a typical example. It sounds like an uptempo hard rockin’ Mama’s & Papa’s together with Shocking Blue without Mariska Veres. "Please tell me" was translated into Dutch by the Antwerp based band The Strangers as "Antwaarpe".
Pink Elephant PE22833Y from 1974
Gamma 1071 6. aphrodite – poltergeist

This is an extremely rare Belgian prog 45. Nobody seems to know this as everybody fails to give me useful info about this band. The phone number on the sleeve tells me they were an Antwerp band. Freaky organ, fuzz guitars, tempo shifts, breaks, utter madness and after almost three minutes they slow down and start singing about a lady called Aphrodite.
14. dance with the devil – sandy nelson

Maybe I should have chosen the b-side: a not so special cover version of “You are the sunshine of my life” (yes, the stevie wonder song). This side, however, shows that the Duane Eddy of the drums was still performing in the mid-70s, unsuccessfully.
United Artists UP35647 from 1974
Deram DM31 from 1968 7. peter’s birthday – world of oz

Psychedelic pop tune as B-side of “The muffin man” which already resurfaced on comps such as “The British psychedelic trip vol 1”. Their second 45 was kinda boring; the best being the third and last “Like a tear” which also can be found on “Staircase to nowhere”. One album followed and then it was over.
15. watch out – abba

A-side=... I won’t tell you! I deliberately didn’t scan the sleeve, so it’s up to you to find out what’s the A-side. “Does your mother know” is the “wildest” rock song people know (if you can speak of “rock song”). Abba recorded another “heavy” song five years earlier. This hasn’t been compiled earlier and perhaps you can only find it on a 10-CD Abba sampler. And now watch out for the last tune…
Vogue 45X3075 from 1974
Polydor 2041132 8. rotation II – rotation

Funky uptempo instrumental with a modern exotic touch with a special role for the flute. As b-side of “ru-la-la” it was the follow up for “Rotation” which I already picked for vol
72. And there was also a “Rotation 3”; that one can be found on vol 87.
16. synthetic substitution – melvin bliss

and the last one is a b-side of "Reward". I bought this 45 on a flea market simply because I was intrigued by the song title. It sounds a bit like a Mel Torme clone after a few joints. This is perfect to end a 70s lounge club night.
Supreme S619 from 1974