"Obsession On Fire" - 16 steamin' hot 60s grooves



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE68
"Would you dare to share my obsessions? Dancing until your feet are burning? Collecting 45s until there's no place to sleep?  No, I don't think so..."

1. My obsession - John-Mike Arllow
(CDS 17142 from 1968)
My obsession is buying and playing 45rpm 7” records. Great psoul psong from the late 60s on the b-side of his first of seven 45s. I assume he was a Polish guy living in France as his real name is Michaj Burano and two of his releases have French song titles. Man, I love this tune!
9. Fire - The Lords
(Columbia C23775 from 1968)
This must have been their tenth 45 and one of their best. One of Germany’s best beat bands who broke up in the early 70’s, then reformed as the New Lords and back to The Lords. Most of the members had solo careers as well and were active until the late 70’s. “Fire” is a super B-side. Go wild on the break in the middle of this psychedelic beat song!
2. Rain - Dorothy Morrison
(Elektra INT80230 from 1970)
Not really gospel soul, but still it reminds me of a funky soul version of Mahalia Jackson. “John the rabbit”, the B-side, has been seen on several compilations and I’m almost sure that “Rain” has been compiled before…
10. Give it a try - The camel Drivers
(Top Dog B-200 from 1968)
Top blue eyed soul tune by The Camel Drivers. Much better than the A-side “Sundy morning 6 o’clock”. In sales lists I see this always listed as released on Top Dog 103, while my copy is on Top Dog B-200.
3. What happened - The Shake Spears
(Philips 319763PF from 1966)
Gene Latter and his Shake Spears were quite big in Belgium in the mid-60’s and their version of “Summertime” sold many copies. But this sleeve is very hard to find; it’s the three reissues that are easy to find with a picture sleeve. I guess not so many people have flipped the record and they should have! “What happened” is one of the finest moments of The Shake Spears. Read more about Gene on vol 79.
11. Singing la la - Dan Lacksman Association
(Blue Elephant BE21019Y from 1973)
Dan Lacksman was a big name in Belgium jazz. This song starts with a melody straight from “Miserlou”. He was one of the first to include Moog and other synthesized sounds in his recordings. Nine 45s were released between 1971 and 1976 and also one album in 1972. This was his third release. His “Coconut” 45 was a Japanese only release and is very collectable now.
4. Sabbath - T.N.T.H.
(Barclay 61510
Psychedelic organ grinding funk rock tune by a mystery band from France. More than four minutes of obscure madness. If you can’t get enough, just listen to the flipside, also on this volume.
12. My country - T.N.T.H.
(Barclay 61510
More psychedelic funk rock, but this has less 60s influences than the flipside “Sabbath” which is still my favourite tune by this French band.
5. I ain”t no school boy – Duke Baxter
(VMC V740 from 1969)
Canadian artist Duke Baxter was new to me when I found this 45. Soulful pop rock tune as the b-side of a song that even hit the charts in Canada. It’s a pity that he didn’t have a hit record across the Atlantic. Also the label VMC is quite unknown. Listen some more further on this volume.
13. Everybody knows Matilda – Duke Baxter
(VMC V740 from 1969)
The only Matilda I know is the waltzing one… Seriously, this is a lot poppier than “I ain’t no school boy”  and it even hit the charts in Canada. Nowadays I’d be glad to have songs like this in the charts.
6. Un anno di piu’ - Elio Gandalfi
(Carosello CI-2201
This is an Italian version of Gary Pucket’s “Young girl”. I knew Gandalfi from his fantastic translation of “Hair”, called “Capelli” also to be found on the Stasera Shake compilation. Resident of Castrocaro he had his moments of popularity, but that stopped at Italy’s borders.
14. Laughing Sam (on the phone) – Patchwork
(Biram 6109020 from 1974)
In the meantime I found out that this song is featured on a terrific compilation CD called “Magpie – 20 junkshop pop ads and themes”. Afro-organ-funky fuzz instrumental featuring a ‘laughter bag’ which was quite popular with kids in the early 70’s. Maybe this kind of toy was called a ‘Laughing Sam’ in the UK. Brilliant B-side!
7. Una manana - Los Diablos
(Odeon 1J006-20157 from 1970)
Teenieboppin bubblegum from Spain. Incredible but true : the A-side “Un Rayo Del Sol“ was a big hit in Belgium in 1970, but as usual, it’s the B-side that should have been the hit side.
15. Gay girl – Jonathan King
(Decca 26244Y from 1970)
A good friend of mine declared this song as one of her all time favourites after she heard me playing it at a party. What is the matter with Jonathan King? On another 45 he also put a ‘gay’ song on the flip (“I don’t want to be gay again”). More on him on vol 69 and also on vol 53 as Sakkarin.
8. Le mythofemme - Jacques Dutronc
(Vogue EPL8648 from 1968)
A lesser known song by Jacques Dutronc and too fantastic to be forgotten. Okay, it’s not “A la queue les Yvelines“ or “Je suis content“…
16. Wild sensation – Mr. Albert Show
(Philips 6075102 from 1970)
A rock band from Eindhoven, Holland that released three 45s and two albums, all on Philips. This 45 was their first release and even reached the charts in the Netherlands, but here in Belgium nobody has ever heard of them. Floortje Klomp aka Fleur Colombe was their singer in the beginning and she had some solo releases in 1968-1969.