"Neptune brain" - 16 brain melting pot party hits



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"Somewhere between Saturn and Pluto you can have an excellent time on Neptune on a Saturday night. It's so cold up there that it's the only place where your brain can't melt listening to these poppers..."

Ronnex R1425 from 1970 1. neptune – will waldy & the greenlights

A Belgian instrumental 45 release on a Belgian label. I wonder if this band has a connection with the band Greenlight that recorded a 45 in 1971 also for Ronnex. I’ve seen this 45 also credited to another artist featuring The Greenlights. A psyched out guitar, a harmonica and a danceable rhythm section give this rare release an excellent push. I wished that the b-side "Blue mountain" was a killer too.
9. popcorn – antoine

Everybody knows Antoine, previously with Les Problèmes, but after 1968 I haven’t seen any good releases, except maybe this funny French sung version of Kingsley’s Moog classic. (check vol
88 for one of the best versions of Popcorn).
Vogue 45V4140 ’72
Flora 142 from 1970 2. baby please don’t cry – the sonny boys

This b-side of "Someone like me, someone like you", their second effort, is not as brilliant as their "Midnight train" but still it is a fine example of Belgian beat, only 5 years too late. Even more difficult to find than their first release.
10. jack l’eventreur n’est pas mort – romain

As I’m a collector of weird songs and interested in the lives of serial killers, I was very pleased when I got this extremely rare 45 in my hands. It’s a spooky late 60s psych Halloween killer tune, sung in French. "Jack The Ripper isn’t dead" is the title. This should be selected on a Whizzzz styled compilation about murderers and night life. Hear Jack’s boots walking around in London’s back streets and the innocent girl screaming for her life!
Del Sol DS16010
Pipe P3006 from 197 3. strong lover – conexion

Luis Cobos is a well known name in (Spanish) music history. Enough’s been written and said about him and Conexion. But for me this was quite a surprise as I was told that it was a Belgian band, hence this Belgian release. It’s a fantactic soulful popsike tune and it’s become one of my fave.
11. i will pray – conexion

And here’s the other AND better side of Luis Cobos’ finest release. If you love Jess & James and the JJ band, you’ll certainly love this one, the whole 4 minutes.
Pipe P3006 ’71
Philips B370806 from 1968 4. the brain – the american breed

For some reason this song has always been a fave of the Brussels 60s scene in the 80s and 90s. It’s the main theme of that 1968 movie starring David Niven and a pack of great French actors (Bourvil, Belmondo,…). It’s about two separate plots for a robbery on a NATO train to Brussels. Hilarious and great Italo-French movie. I still would like to know how Gerard Oury, the director of Le Cerveau, got in touch with The American Breed.
12. bel de juiste man – peter & zijn rockets

This b-side of "Geloof maar dat ik ren" (Dutch translated version of The Beatles’ "I want to hold your hand") is fab Nederbiet. Highly influenced by The Beatles by thee Dutch rock ‘n’ roll band led by the legendary Peter Koelewijn. "Call the right guy" Peter is singing "...and I will come". So, girls, if you need a helping hand, call Peter.
Decca AT10036 ’64
London 5622 from 1968 5. keep on dancin’ – harper & rowe

Originally released on World Pacific this killer dance tune always works for both soul, garage and beat lovers. The die-hard mod probably won’t move but everybody else will have a hard time not to dance. This is the only release I know from this duo.
13. on the roof top – harper & rowe

Flipside of "Keep on dancing" and slightly less interesting, but still far too good to be ignored! Some might even consider this one the better side.
London 5622 from 1968
Omega International OM36222 6. voltaire pier – chocolate boys

Nobody likes Chocolate Boys (I mean if you like 50 or 60s music), but this instrumental side of the afwul hit single "El bimbo" is great library style television screen friendly lounge music that has amazed a lot of my listeners
14. under my thumb – karl newton
A surprisingly fine version of this Rolling Stones standard. The 70s influences are obvious and none of the million versions can match the Stones’ or the Noblemen’s rendition, yet this is not to be thrown away.
Pye 7N45425 from 1974
Pink Elephant PEP22500X ’71 7. walk to the bridge – the famous crew

Much better than anyone could suspect this Belgian band who released this 45 a few years too late. In 1967 this could have been a smash hit (or at least on the alternative discotheque dancefloor). Highly underrated, highly inflammable.
15. once i had a love – the flirtations

This b-side of "What’s good about goodbye my love" is one their best. "Nothing but a heartache" is a classic dancefloor song and available on many compilations already, but this one is almost as fantastic.
Deram D49
Barclay 61522 8. take me – lester vigon

This B-side of "Dreams" by black French singer Vigon is one of his best efforts. It sounds like early 70s fast & groovy funk to me. On vol
62 (The Spoiler!!!) and later on vol 95 you get more info about his career.
16. then i got everything – the bats

This Bielefeld, Germany band must have been listening to Gerry& The Pacemakers while recording this song. The flipside "Hey baby" is a not so special version of the Bruce Channel song. For Merseybeat lovers who don’t care for a slight German accent.
Polydor 59011L from 1964