"Voici les fauves" - 16 sonic paintings from frantic France



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE99
"Voici 99 volumes of sonic paintings from all over this globe and on this last one only from French songs. I thought I would stop after this series, but you keep on throwing away so many good records, so I must go on..."

DiscAZ AZ1178 1. on s’en balance – danyel gerard
Danyel Gerard, big name in the French showbiz from the early 60s till the 70s and more. This is a lesser known 45 (I don’t have the sleeve of this one) that has “Rosa” on the flipside. On vols 25 and 58 you can read more about this French star.
9. annette, brigitte & co – edmond taillet
Another EP on His Master’s Voice featuring “Suivez le bœuf et deux autres” and also this suave cha-cha-cha tune, the kind you could listen to in the late 50s at Saint-Tropez. Un peu du vin, du pain et des gonzesses comme Annette, Brigitte et compagnie; that’s all I need.
Le Voix De Son Maitre EGF519
Vogue 45G4143 from 1972 2. dans la prison de londres – louise forestier

A fast poppy tune by Louise Forestier whom I know nohting about.  I don’t think I have to translate the title, do I?
10. johnny merci – eddy mitchell
All four songs on this EP were accompanied by the London All Stars+10; maybe a little bit overproduced but it’s an exciting slow beat tune which I prefer to his inclusions on vols 88 and 95.
Barclay 70746
Festival EV25.591 3. mon amour mon ami – marie laforet

”My love my friend”, that’s what Marie Laforet is singing about. She was quite popular in France, but had hardly any hit recordings. On vols 89 and 101 there’s more about her. On the flipside  is a ballad called “Je suis folle de vous”.
11. chug a lug – michel mallory
Again a cover and this time not so lame as the original recording. The b-side also features a translation: “You make me happy” became “Sur mesure pour moi”
Barclay 60534
Decca 23705 from 1967 4.  c’est trop tard – guy wathelet & the jamers

Now back to Belgium with Monsieur Wathelet who translated Bobby Goldsboro’s “It’s too late” as b-side for “Les bons souvenirs”. A nice effort, although it can’t equal the original’s wit.
12. l’homme de demain – claude ciari
Claudi Ciari, world famous in France for his 12-string guitar. This is the instrumental b-side of “Manuel Benitez El Cordobes”, written by the guy himself. The title means “The man from tomorrow”.
Pathe 45G2063
Le Voix De Son Maitre 7EGF817 5. tes yeux de chat pour voir la nuit – jean claude pascal
From a four-track EP on His Master’s Voice, this song about “Your cat eyes to look through the night” is a perfect example of Pascal’s warm voice. The lyrics are great and this sounds great while enjoying the open fire.
13. mes promesses – eddy mitchell
All four tracks have been recorded in Alabama, USA with studio musicians who’ve also backed the greatest Atlantic soul artists. That’s what’s the biggest difference between this track and “Johnny merci” (also on this volume). “My promises” is not my fave Mitchell tune, but the backing is oh so good.
Barclay 71185 from 1967
Decca 79584 from 1971 6. un soleil dans le cœur (au revers une fleur) – serge rigot
This happy happy tune on the b-side of “Poppy la toupie” can be translated as “A sun in the heart (on the other side a flower)”.
14. miami beach – jean francois michael
A French song about the beauty of a beach near Miami, this b-side of “La vie continue” is much better than the first 30 seconds would make you think. If the guitar were a little bit louder and wilder, this would be a terrific dance song.
Vogue V45-1692 from 1969
Vogue EPL8503 from 1966 7. madame la terre (et ron, et ron…) – cleo

Undoubtedly her best release and thanks to the Jacques Dutronc written "Et moi, et toi, et soie" also her best known. "Les fauves" has already reappeared as well on various compilations. But not this one. The breaks and tempo changes makes this 1966 song quite unique. Another Cleo song from 1968 can be found on vol 37.
15. je suis un don juan – le grand jojo & cie
Why not a funny song. This hilarious French translation of “Hernando’s hideway” is again a proof of bad bad bad taste.
Vogue VB195 from 1971
Pathe 45G2029 8.  ce train qui gronde –  dick rivers
One of Dick’s best songs is “C’est long long long”, a slow dark tune, which has been compiled on several comps. But not its b-side, “Ce train qui gronde” which could’ve been recorded at the same session of his awesome “Via Lucifer”.
16. a travers montmartre – cecile aubry
I have never seen the television series "Le jeune fabre"; I was too young! Demis Roussos sings the main theme on the A-side of this 45 (“Le peintre des etoiles”), but it's the flipside that is the killer track. One of France's best kept secrets this instrumental is just blowing my mind: uptempo funky library "crime" music. It's the very last track of these 99 volumes.
Philips 6009 314