"Gotta get back" - 16 magic dancefloor thrillers



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE78
"Gotta get back to the dancefloor when I hear songs like these. From Greece and Belgium, from US and UK, from Holland and France, on every dancefloor peopel are dancing to similar tunes. No need for a magic carpet, except when you want to go from an Athens party to a London allnighter to a Brussels weekender in one night..."

CBS CBS1969 from 1969 1. my little girl from kentucky – the sweet

The original recording was released on Hebra in 1969 as The Closed, a Belgian band from Liege and with Italian roots. After the big Sweet scandal – when Brian Connolly was accused of rape after a Belgian gig and The Sweet were banned from Belgium (persona non grata until 1990!!!), the ex-manager of The Closed thought to earn a lot of money by re-releasing this 45 in Belgium and France in 1973, as by The Sweet. What was he thinking? Nobody would interfere? Nobody would care? No way! The Sweet management started a lawsuit against him and the Closed manager had to go to jail. And have you noticed the catalogue number? Cool huh…
9. glandular fever – traxter
This is an unbelievably strong instrumental version of Donovan’s “Hey gyp”. I found it on a promo split45 (the a-side= Chrispian St.Peters’ “You were on my mind”. Only two minutes long, but every second is cheer pleasure!
Immediate/Nems IMS107
Philips 333999BF 2. sookie sookie – davy “bang bang” jones & the voodoo funk machine
We all know AND like the Don Covay version, but when you have listened to this one, you won’t know which one is the best. This version is sexier, groovier. The b-side’s called “Sophisticated sissy”
10. how easy your heart forgets me – the show stoppers

Fantastic dreamy groovy psychedelic pop tune which always fills the dancefloor. In the US it was released as Heritage 802, also as B-side of “Eeny meeny”.
Polydor 59320 ‘68
Fontana 272251TF 3. let your conscience be your guide – jackie lee
”The duck” is Jackie Lee’s best know song but have you ever heard the flipside? “Let your conscience be your guide” is a fab dancefloor filler for each and every northern soul party
11. i’m gone – billy sha-rae

On vol 51 you could listen to Billy’s “Do it”; well here is the b-side of “Let’s do it again”. Uptempo soul from a singer who worked a lot with Ashford & Simpson and also Bobby “Sunny” Hebb.
Vogue INT80273 from 1971
RCA-Victor 47-16016 ‘69 4. no dogs allowed – jose feliciano
It seems that blind singers were very popular in the 60s, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and also this Jose Feliciano, always with his dog. This song’s about his dog that wasn’t allowed to enter London at the airport. It’s one of his grooviest songs. Actually, there’s only one I like even more. Listen to the next one…
12. little bit o’soul – iron cross
I didn’t expect this to be enjoyable; a fine rendition of the Kasenetz-Katz classic from around 1971. Bubblegum rock on a French label.
Barclay 61687
RCA-Victor 47-9641 5. hitchcock railway – jose feliciano
And here is Feliciano’s best recording: “Hitchcock railway” (with a fine rendition of “Hi-heel sneakers” on the b-side). A groovy Hammond organ starts this moody groovy tune which sounds even better when pitched up a little bit. And when the girls are singing on their own while the organ is swirling around, yeah…
13. manana manana – bonny  st.claire
This B-side of “Close the door” was written by the Dutch master himself, Peter Koelewijn. Bonnie will always be remembered by her “I surrender” and “Tame me tiger” and also “Cat and mouse” which already appeared on volume 62. This was her last release worth looking for. After this she formed a team with Unit Gloria.
Philips 6012188 1972
Mercury 6033006 6. don’t try to catch a river – aphrodite’s child
”Magic mirror” will always be my favourite Aphrodite’s Child song, the Greek band around Evangelis “Vangelis” Papathanassiou and Demis Roussos. This lesser known b-side of “Such a funny night” is great late 60s popsike which might have been released a little bit later.
14. je n’aime que vous – arlette zola
Young Française Arlette wrote most of her songs and released quite a lot of EP’s. This 45 is not so well known and it’s not the very best she ever released. But then again, the better known songs are all available on various compilations, but not this one. It’s fine French late 60s girlie pop.
DiscAZ AZ10328
Mercury 132502MCF from 1969 7. you always stand in my way – aphrodite’s child
Again a 4 minutes long Vangelis/Roussos song hidden as a b-side (of “End of the world”). End 60s psychedelic pop with a super catchy bass line. I’m not sure if this song is on their first album “End of the world”. The third A.C. guy was drummer Lucas Sideras.
15. tapis magique – marc hamilton
A fantastic magic B-side with sitar sounds by French one hit wonder Marc Hamilton about a magic carpet (On vol 15 I’ve put another song about a magic carpet). I deliberately didn’t show the sleeve here because it’s up to you to find out the title of the A-side. On a later volume I’ll put another excellent b-side “La question”. Enjoy these 285 seconds of French popsike.
Carrere 6061127
Kapp KV538 ‘68 8. gotta get back – the good rats
This must have been compiled earlier as I know this song for ages. It’s the b-side of “For the sake of anyone”. It’s first class psychedelic garage punk with all the necessary ingredients: fuzz guitar, organ, pounding drums & bass, fantastic vocals and a highly inflammable rhythm to burn your feet to on the dancefloor.
16. le temps de l’amour – les scarlet

Written by Jacques Dutronc for Francoise Hardy who had a hit single with this song. This version however is completely unknown and too good to be ignored. Two guys and two girls are singing backed by the James Award combo. Okay, I admit, there isn’t any version that can match Hardy’s original. See also vol 82 where you can find the flipside: “Whisky dance“ by Henri Renaud.
Panorama 17337