"Sticky sunshine" - 16 sunny tunes from the late 60s



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE94
"When the comfortable glow of the sunbeams sticks to your skin like glue and your ears are spoiled with these 16 sunny tunes, I know that there's only thing left to do and that is dance dance dance..."

Stateside 2C006-91106 1. boogaloo baby – jerry williams & dynamite brass

Unbelievable, this b-side of “Keep on” is super powerful boogaloo made for the dancefloor. The female backing vocals add that special curried soul spice. I sure have to find out more about this artist.
9. mighty mouse – mr. Bloe

Mr. Bloe is a much underrated band if you ask me. He had more potential than his ‘one hit wonder’ would suggest. Again this is a fine harmonica instrumental with a pounding inviting beat. And the following track is the a-side.
Supreme S.146 from 1970
Atlantic 45-2530 from 1968 2. soul meeting – the soul clan

Funky uptempo soul to break your legs at. Too many people on the dancefloor? Do the alligator first and then there’s plenty of space at the soul meeting. On the b-side there’s “That’s how it feels”.
10. curried soul – mr. Bloe

Just look at the sleeve, cool pic huh? Here you can hear very clearly that it’s the same guy who had a world wide hit with “Groovin’ with Mr. Bloe”. On vol
83 you get another version of that hit single. For more Mr. Bloe info, check out vols 73 and 83.
Supreme S.146 from 1970
Barclay 71026 from 1966 3. don’t tell me – OST la curée

Yummy yummy yummy I see Jane Fonda's tummy... Back in the Barbarella days with Roger Vadim she played in a movie called "La curee" from 1966. "Don't tell me" is an uptempo organ driven fuzz soul stomper by a yet unknown band. This EP features some other fine tracks and is worth checking out.
11. what does it take to win your love – motherlode

This late 60s soul tune features some exquisite organ playing, a wailing sax and strong vocals. It’s the b-side of “Memories of a broken promise”.
Buddah BDA144 from 1969
President PT115 from 1966 4. no deposits-no returns – alvin cash & the registers

The champaign bottle is opened and is the start of this groovy instrumental boogaloo tune by Alvin Welch aka Alvin Cash. His Registers were previously known as The Nightlighters aka The Crawlers. This is the lesser known b-side of his minor hit “The philly freeze” first issued on Mar-V-Lus 6012.
12. try – crabby appleton

It’s the b-side of the minor hit “Go back”. “Try” is a terrific 1970 pop tune you’ll hardly ever hear at a party while it’s too good to be ignored. It’s not because the A-side is well known (and not great), that people should forget this tune. Especially the break with the organ solo after two minutes is great and also for deejays a perfect moment to mix with whatever you like.
Elektra INT80236 from 1970
Durium 7527 5. questo mondo non mi va – little tony

Also “Too much” is on this side, a great uptempo soul tune. Italian blue eyed soul by Little Tony who’s also selected for future vols 118 and 122. It also reminds me of Wess & The Airedales (see vols 43 and 56).
13. fantastic fair – the guards

Now it’s time for two fine sides from the German Vogue subsidiary. Okay, it’s not the best tune to play at parties, but for a housewarming party it’s perfect!
Vogue DV14905 from 1969
Hit-Ton HT300205 from 1968 6. how can you break a broken heart – same d

What kind of a question is that? It isn't that difficult, is it? Whatever. This German release (I think it was also released in France on Vogue) surprised me. It's such a brilliant cocktail of soul and garage, featuring an organ and a fuzz guitar that are getting wilder and wilder and wilder.  b-side of “Anybody at the party (seen Jenny)?”
14. let me go home – the guards

This side is a lot faster and features a fuzzfreakin’ guitar that should have been recorded a little bit louder though.
Vogue DV14905 from 1969
Polydor International 421035 7. money, honey – sir henry & his butlers

Forget about their “Camp” and “Pretty style”: this is great mid-60s r&b drenched beat music. Don’t forget to check out the flipside on vol 95.

15. sticky boom boom too cold pt1 – brenton wood

Which came first? “Chicka boom” or “Sticky boom boom”. The similarities are too obvious to ignore. My fave Brenton Wood release can be found on vol 57.
Epic EPC1042 from 1972
Capitol CL15468 from 1966 8. lost in my world – the outsiders

”Lost in my world” is the b-side of “Respectable”, the Isley Brothers song. These Outsiders are not the Dutch guys with Wally Tax, no, they’re the “Time won’t let me” gang which is very obvious; it’s like ‘part 2’ of that smash hit single.
16. sunshine – shirley bassey

This b-side of her fantastic version of “The liquidator” is not a song you would ever imagine to have been recorded by pop diva Bassey. Not “Goldfinger”, but “Sunshine” is my favourite Shirley Bassey 45; she also recorded several exquisite album tracks, but that’s for my other series. Now enjoy the sunshine while listening to this volume on your iPod…
Columbia DB7811 from 1966