"Supertype creatures" - 16 unearthly creatures from psychotic minds



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE96
"Exo-telica, sci-fotica, virtual sex in a bubblegum, space age popcorn or other alien inventions: all is welcome on the eleventh asteroid called Ungawa where supertype creatures are dwelling from five to nine..."

Vogue 45VB524 from 1978 1. green creatures – herman’s rocket
Some of those space rock tunes from the seventies are so way out that they seem to be composed by alien castaways. If there ever was an acid rock parody on Star Wars, this should be the title track!
9. oase – georges alain
Wow, this b-side of “Moskow by night”, is one of my greatest discoveries: if you like oriental exotica and late sixties Andre Brasseur, you’d kill to own this Multisound Hammond Organ recording. It’s a Belgian release, but I don’t know where this guy’s from.
Polydor 2051003 from 1966
Vogue 45VB524 from 1978 2. space woman – herman’s rocket

Spastic disco from Pluto for the sci-fi version of Saturday Night Fever or Saturnus Night Fever. Hilarious!!!
10. sorrow – bobby & billy

Mix the vocal harmony of The Everly Brothers with wild guitar sounds, a catchy melody and coolness and you get a great rockin' tune;. A 1959 United Artists release, both sides produced by Don Costa.
La Voix de son Maitre 7MF20013 from 1959
Music Factory MU402 from 1967 3. technicolour dream – the alan bown

As b-side of “Toyland”, “Technicolour dream” is not so well known. This has got nothing to do with the Status Quo song. The Alan Bown or sometimes The Alan Bown Set released about a dozen 45s including this fine example of British late sixties pop.
11. georgie beatnik – bobby & billy

Also the flipside of this French issue is fabulous: "Georgie beatnik" which amazingly still has failed to turn up on the many "beat beat beatsville" compilations.
La Voix de son Maitre 7MF20013 from 1959
Pathé 2C006-11539 4. bird in the wind – time machine

Heavy psychedelic b-side of “Turn back time” on a 45 that’s getting pretty hard to find nowadays. The backwards recorded drumming brings the extra weird feeling and after being mangled in an echo chamber it’s even eerie sounding. Great song,but certainly not for the everyday parties.
12. pop goes the hammer – lorne greene

Lorne “Bonanza” Greene had a great deep voice, similar to Tennessee Ernie Ford meets Robert Mitchum meets Lee Hazlewood. This slow popcorn killer was coupled with “The man”. To me it sounds like a mix of “Sixteen tons” and “Ballad of Thunder Road”.
RCA-Victor 47-8490 from 1965
Vogue INT80251 from 1970 5. hanna banana – mammoth

Bubblegum glam rock with a soulful attitude by an outfit I know nothing about. So it’s fresher sounding than dinosaur rock; it’s mammoth rock.
13. honey bee – dave pochonet & his french all stars

Fantastic EP sampler with a great picture sleeve on Panorama: other artists on this EP are Les Scarlet with “Sherry” and “Vilaine fille maouvais garcon”, a Gainsbourg song and also H. Renaud with “Madison 24”. This beatnik jazz piece is what one might hear in Greenwich Valley or Montmartre in the pre-Beatles days.
Panorama 17333
Barclay MB28003 from 1969 6. sexologie – rita

It's 1969 again and it's the year of the sexual revolution. "Erotica" has been reissued several times, but I can't remember seeing "Sexologie" on a compilation. Wizzzz-like organ-led instrumental without the "erotic sounds" of "Erotica". And for "Make love to me", the B-side of the next 45 "Super erotica", I refer to ... the next track
14. lover man – mammoth

Play the notes of Music Explosion’s “Little bit o soul” in reverse order and keep the same beat and add different lyrics and there is “Lover man”. It’s the flipside to “Hanna banana”, also on this volume.
Vogue INT80251 from 1970
Jag 122007 7. make love to me – rita

B-side of “Super erotica”, “Make love to me” is sexier, groovier and more danceable than “Sexologie”. This also should have been part of Wizzzz.
15. jesus cristo – claudia

Finally again a Christian rock song (see vol 44); this time sung in Portuguese. It’s the b-side of “Minha voz vira do sol da America” which won a big contest in Athens, Greece in 1971. For lovers of the movie “Hair”.
Odeon 3C006-80952 from 1971
Sight & Sound A-7107 8. i type supertype – miss supertype

B-side of “Miss Penthouse”; melody by Jeff Lyne (yes, the one and only); produced by Charles Wilp (try to find his album!), it’s a commercial for Olympia electronic typewriters. Imagine a “Rum and coca cola” feeling with an orchestral soulful touch and a handful of glamour girls from the bank office and you’re singing along with this fast commercial tune.
16. last space train – the spotnicks

Everybody knows “Telstar”, maybe even the Spotnicks’ version, but it’s very hard to find this 45 with the great spacey guitar instrumental “Last space train”. Three minutes of crystal clear guitar sounds from the space age days.
President PR424