LOOK WHAT I HAVE FOUND - The Best Of The Rest 1
16 of the suavest tunes extracted from 15 of the first 54 volumes

sample of the sleeve

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE XX
"Some songs that I didn't select for the first 6 compilation volumes are simply fabulous and thus I had to make another selection called "The Best Of The Rest". Sixteen killer tracks for the discotheque divas and the party crashers, for bachelor pad lounge parties and other out of time treats..."

1. The Duke Of Burlington: Criss cross
From vol 32 "Do it!!!"
A fast psychedelic instro killer. It sounds like Andre Brasseur on acid. It sounds like those late 60s/early 70s groovy Italian soundtracks. Maybe this song has been used in one of those brilliant Cinecittà productions. I remember standing at the entrance of the Roman studios and reflecting all the good moments I had watching those films.
9. Russ Faith & Orch: Black zoo
From vol 39 "Voodoo Zoo"
Great instrumental song from the 1963 B-movie with the same name, but also known as “Fieras Asesinas” and “El Zoologica Del Terror”. It’s about a murderer in a zoo and by the hand of the same director who gave us “I was a teenage werewolf”. I wonder how long it’s going to take until Frank Popp will use this theme for one of his remixes.

2. Ross D. Wylie: Do the uptight
From vol 34 "Night Owl"
One of the best fast boogaloo tunes ever and completely unknown. Nevertheless it was released on a major label. This Australian is the man behind the television show Uptight in Melbourne 1967-1969.  Deejays: this is party music! I’m sure King Khan has heard this song years ago and then started his own band.

10. The Playboys: Snoopy
From vol 11 "TV Nightmare"
Is there anyone out there who doesn't know Peanuts? Who doesn't love Charlie Brown and Snoopy? Well, listen to this organ grinding discotheque hit (actually it should 've been a hit...) by the Dutch band The Playboys. It's one of the coolest Dutch instrumental songs from the 60s I've ever heard.

3. Pop 2000: Pop 2000
From vol 29 "In The Middle Of The Floor"
Was this Belgian? Not 100% sure about this one. It’s like a sonic war between organs, guitars and freaky outerworld sounds. No vocals are needed here. Would be perfect for a psychedelic space movie soundtrack. I assume it’s early 70s.
11. Jimmie Haskell: Rockin' in the orbit
From vol 10 "Astrosonic"
And here's the other side of the terrific "Astrosonic". Subtitled "Space satellite" and written by Big Jay Sputnik it really sounds as if it were recorded on board of a lost Sputnik. 1957 saw also the release of his cray wild album featuring these two songs.

4. Abra K Dabra: The ju ju is the thing
From vol 50 "Ju Ju"
For this 50th release I reserved a very special song and man, this is a killer tune!!! Mix hot latin boogaloo with the freakiest Hammond groove sounds with a jungle exotica flavour for more than 5 minutes! Nobody seems to know who this guy is and everywhere I play this song everybody’s dancing and they all come and ask me about this. Yet I know it’s Janko Nilovic behind this enigmatic band that can be linked to Voodoo Ju Ju Obsession.

12. Los Conquistadores: Exorcist
From vol 42 "Exorcist"
Behind this project we find Sylvain Van Holmen, a well known Belgian producer, who, in the early 70s recorded and released various projects including this instrumental straight from hell. Listen to the diabolical laughter and the fearful screams, the creepy organ and the flaming rhythms. And if you can’t get enough, you can try the b-side, “Diabolicus”.

5. Fontenas: Jungle flower
From vol 30 "Cobra"
On vol 8 you could already listen to “Whipping post”. Here’s the other side: spacey organ sounds, bleeps and plops and a crazy dance rhythm. Incredibly strange music from 1973.
13. Babylon: Into the promised land
From vol 53 "Promised land"
Were they a couple? Anyway, it’s a cool discovery from 1969. I don’t know if they recorded anything else, but this is fantastic uptempo pop rock with alternating vocals, a crazy hard rockin’ guitar solo and more surprises. On the flip you can find “Nobody’s fault but mine”, the Otis Redding song. Produced by Robert Stigwood.

6. Electric Cokernut: Jungle juice
From vol 9 "Kitchenette"
One jungle girl has followed me home and offers me some "Jungle juice". Boy oh boy, I'm lost forever. I hear pounding jungle drums, crazy exotic rhythms and millions of ebony beauties dancing around my bed...  Supposedly they released at least one other 45 including Marc Bolan’s “Jeepster”.

14. Tritons: Drifter
From vol 10 "Astrosonic"
Tritons, from France I believe, with the B-side of their "I can't get no satisfaction" version and it seems that this 45 is much sought after. "Drifter" is a fast psych glam punk tune from 1973 with some early Deep Purple influences. The singer Johnnie started an unsuccessful solo career after this.

7. Gun Morgan: Hot jungle
From vol 27 "Do The Discotheque"
Also hot is “Hot jungle” which takes off with steel drums and a Swahili voodoo chant in the middle of the jungle. Surprise your soul/disco audience with this 1974 tune. The steady beat and the organ at the end give an extra dimension to this wild dancefloor killer.
15. Variations: What a mess again
From vol 48 "Bubble".
It’s their 4th release for Pathé-Marconi. And as most of their releases this is psychedelic prog-rock very close to glam punk. A heavy distorted guitar, deranged drums, growling vocals, what more do you need.

8. The Chanters: Bongo bongo
From vol 12 "Sombrero"
A girl band under the wings of Milan aka The Leather Boy. Maybe that's why this sounds like his "On the go" (also from 1967) which was featured on the "Wavy Gravy" series. It was even written by Milan who was born as Rick Rondell. The Chanters have remained a mystery band as I've never seen this 45 on any compilation. I've used the other side for
vol. 21.

16. Les Marylenes: Le beau tetard sur son cigar
From vol 26 "Atomium"
On vol 26 you get the history of the 1978 punk pastiche record "Ca plane pour moi". Now it’s time to mix “Ca plane pour moi” and “Pogo pogo”: add a sax and take three bubblegum girls and change the lyrics once more: then you get the hilarious but highly enjoyable version by Les Marylenes. The B-side is the instrumental version.