"Cobra" - 16 flights to distant lands


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"Air plane companies seem to disappear as fast as the cobra's poison, but the exotic destinations are still there. Close your eyes and listen to these songs and you wish you were on the flight to Mexico, India, Kenya or even Paris by night..."

Barclay BLY 62 194 1. sabena - los bingos

Recorded in the 60s when the Belgian national aviation company was still alive and one of the most respected. Even bands were singing about Sabena. Just  listen to this cha cha hymn on this flight to distand lands.
9. juicy - boots brown

Why hasn’t this 1958 song reappeared yet on compilations such as “Frolic diner” or “Las Vegas Grind”? The other side already resurfaced on several cops, maybe because its title is “Cerveza” and it’s to be found on “Frolic diner 3”
RCA Victor 47-7269
Teeny T.218 2. hava nagila - bud ashton

And our first country to visit is Israel with a Belgian release on Teeny. Bud Ashton plays a fine exotic surf instrumental version of this traditional. It’s the B-side of another excellent guitar instrumental “Boss guitar”. More Bud Ashton on vol 33.
10. at the ginza pt2 - the entertainers

Part 1 already resurfaced on a Las Vegas Grind volume, but so far part 2 failed to make it to a compilation. Too bad because it’s a good frat rocker from 1965 by a band that recorded several 45s for different labels such as Catch, Symbol and Demand.
Mohawk 141
Newtone NT726 3. macabe cha cha cha - les baladins

And Les Baladins are taking us to the Caribbean to play macabe while dancing the cha cha cha. And then we’re ready to move on.
11. african waltz - the bonanzas

An exotic waltz with a twangy guitar and a wailing sax surrounded by pounding drums. On vol 33 you get the A-side, an astonishing version of "Bonanza".
Barclay 62936
Barclay BLY 62 194 4. pa mexico yo arrango - los bingos

It starts with a plane taking off and this time it takes us to Mexico with the b-side of Los Bingos’ “Sabena”.
12. jungle flower - fontenas

On vol 8 you could already listen to “Whipping post”. Here’s the other side: spacey organ sounds, bleeps and plops and a crazy dancing rhythm. From 1973
London 5.636 5. limbo '68 - olé josé & the golden leaves

And now let’s go to South America to do the limbo made popular by The Champs and Chubby Checker in 1962. The Cousins in Belgium recorded their version in 1963. This one is from 1968.
13. menin aéide théa - big brown & the gamblers

And the plane brings us back to Belgium, but this is sung in ancient Greek! Belgium is a small country, but the twist had here its second home,certainly in 1962.
Palette PB 40112
Newtone NT726 6. baladins cha cha cha - les baladins

The flipside to “Macabe cha cha cha”. Did Les Baladins record more 45s? Yes, at least two: “Une fille de tournerre” on Hebra and “Bowling twist” on NewTone. But that wasn’t chachacha.
14. dahil sayo - arthur lyman

If you are into exotica, you certainly worship Arthur Lyman and his classic approach of Polynesian Pop. Yes, that’s where our plane has taken us this time.
Hifi 550
Ronnex R.1369 7. gosalo mulata - fonseca & ses anges noirs

This black singer moved to Paris and was quite popular in the early 60s. He will remain best known for his “Sans chemise et sans pantalons”, but this Belgian release on Ronnex is also a good example of his Latin roots. Read more about him on vol 4.
15. scotch inn - the bonzos

Mix a 1861 marching band and a drunken combo in the back of a Scotch inn and this is the embarrassing result: how bad can you go?
Fortuna FR108
Warner Bros. 16683 8. cobra - the marketts

The Marketts (yes, the ones from “Out of limits” and “Balboa blue”) recorded this mysterious exotic tune only to put it on a b-side. It’s one of their best!!!
16. paris - francis bay

Our journey ends in Paris France with the leading Belgian orchestra leader and his orchestra. “Hello mademoiselle, you wanna dance with me?” “Oui oui” “Merci beaucoup”. Au revoir. A bientôt. See you in vol 31.
Philips 319.477