"TV nightmare" - 16 reasons to turn of your TV set


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE11
Western movies, horror movies, action heroes, science fiction flicks, monster movies, kiddie entertainment, cartoons, and don't forget the commercials inbetween: sometimes it can get too much for a non-commercial soul and you'd like to throw your TV set around the room. "

(Decca 23.686 from 1965?) 1. the opel pop! - sven arvidsen

Let's start our tv night with a commercial about the German car Opel. Sven, a Scandinavian singer, couldn't get enough and also recorded "Hoppel-pop" on the flip.
9. seven-up - the sparklings

Ting Ting Ting Commercial break! The Sparklings from Holland are singing (in Dutch!) why everybody should drink 7Up. And this side contains also a shorter version of this commercial.
(Seven Up VR017)
(Electrola E22 308) 2. bonanza - ralf paulsen

And our first tv-show is a western series. As a kid I once saw a western on a German television station and I almost threw up when I heard John Wayne shouting "Hände höhe" or something like that. I had exactly the same experience when first listening to this: yes indeed, a German sung version of that ultra-American show theme from the early 60s.
10. dr. who - mankind

Science Fiction on the telly now! See Daleks coming out of your speakers! Dr. Who was in Holland more popular than in Belgium, hence this Dutch release. Also the B-side is from that same 60s-series. "Time travellers" it's called. If you are/were a Dr. Who fan, I can recommend  "Who is Dr. Who", a fantastic compilation on RPM Records from 2000 containing 18 Dr. Who themes and other songs related to that show.
(Fleet 100.264 from 1978)
(Golden Music 809GM) 3. brussels airport - i. more & the morelli band

Another commercial break for the Brussels Airport by library music band of Morelli. The flipside also contains a reference to airplanes: "Flying box".  It was a Belgian promotion release for Sabena, the oldest airplane company in the world (until September 11...)
11. bring back howdy doody - flying giraffe

Buffalo Bob & his friends were the kids' best friends in the 50s in the kiddie show "It's howdy doody time!" Apparently these guys were huge fans as they are cyring out loud to bring it back.
(Bell 2C006-90.376 from 1969)
(Palette PZ5001 from 1958) 4. jack the ripper - reg owen

Stop zapping because now it's time for a horror movie classic. Three years earlier than Screamin' Lord Sutch' ode to the London killer this instrumental must be one of the first. It's got nothing to do with Link Wray's fantastic screecher. Complete with howls and shrieks!
12. king kong - orlie & the saints

Oh wow, a monster movie! King Kong on Channel 4 tonight!!! And if you think you have ever heard of Orlie, then you're right: just look at volume 7.
(Top Rank HTR-751 from 1961)
(Seven Up VR017) 5. 7up and ice cream soda - don carroll

We interrupt this program for another break. Get some soda and popsicles and try another chair. This special 7up 45 (called "Seven jump") contains another commercial, "Seven up" by The Sparklings. See later.
13. ford leads the way - samantha jones

Damn! Another commercial break! And again it's a car that steals the show. Samantha Jones backed by the Malcolm Mitchell Orchestra. I wish they made commercials like this right now. Then I wouldn't need a remote control anymore.
(Ford SLE 19 from 1968)
(Philips B322.698F from 1964) 6. superman - the brothers four

A super sexy swinging ode to the strongest of all cartoon heroes by a latin cha cha band. "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Soopermaaan".
14. snoopy - the playboys

Is there anyone out there who doesn't know Peanuts? Who doesn't love Charlie Brown and Snoopy? Well, listen to this organ grinding discotheque hit (actualy it should 've been a hit...) by the Dutch band The Playboys. It's one of the coolest Dutch instrumental songs from the 60s I've ever heard.
(Decca AT10390)
(R. & B  5772) 7. la sequence du spectateur - les formidables

And now a popular tv show (60s-70s), in France it was, "La séquence du spectateur". This is a Belgian instrumental release also known as "On the desert road".
15. kung fu rock - luc harvet & les requins

And now over to Luc Harvet and His Sharks. David Carradine was a cult hero over here thanks to his Kung Fu role. This is another party pleaser for your weekly Sunday mod beat matinees where you get drunk to start the week.
(Orly SBV 540)
(GNP Crescendo GNP302 from 1963) 8. tarzan - the castaways

Another cartoon hero that made it to the big screen. These Castaways recorded a super funny vocal novelty tune which was under production of Jackie de Shannon! I wonder if Johnny Weismuller ever heard this song. Maybe that's when he got demented.
16. little red riding hood - buddy starcher

To end this volume I've selected this unlikely fairy tale by c&w novelty weirdo. The label reads "novelty dialogue" while the flip reads "vocal recitiation" as an explanation for "Ace Of Hearts". Don't go to bed before listening to this one so you can fall asleep laughing. Otherwise you're going to have your worst TV nightmare,
(Starday 763 from 1966)