"Kitchenette" - 16 food and booze delicatessen


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE09
I'll fix ya breakfast, lunch, dinner, serve you some cocktails and whatever necessary to spice up your life. You'll never feel hungry or thirsty anymore. The featured menus are from the 50's till the early 70's. Do you dare to enter my kitchen of insanity? You'll get no nelp from me..."

(Sirocco TM 48007 from 1974) 1. hot caramel - the peppers

Enter my kitchen and enjoy my lunch hour. Hot Caramel to end your extra candy session in the afternoon and then I'm ready for more.
9. pepper box - the peppers

And when you're sitting at your favourite table in your favourite restaurant you'll always find a pepper box. Don't be afraid to spice your dishes with pepper; it's not going to kill you. And stay away from too much salt.
(Sirocco 48001 from 1973)
(Grand Award G.A.45-1005 from 1956) 2. tabasco - amru sani

I'm starting to prepare dinner and the first thing I always take to spice up my food (and my life) is Tabasco. Amru Sani recorded this excellent tune with the help of Enoch Light. I wonder why this song has failed to appear on the Frolic Diner series.
10. pinch of salt - the peppers

On the other side of "Pepper box" you get a "Pinch of salt". Both sides of this 45 are synthesizer instrumentals. As I want to live forever, I always try to avoid salt. And you get so thirsty.
(Sirocco 48001 from 1973)
(Bang B-558 from 1968) 3. cinnamon - derek

Cinnamon is also obligatory for a special dish. While tabasco makes your date hot as hell, cinnamon has the opposite effect. Derek knows what's right.
11. soda pop - bill doggett

First a "Soda Pop" and then you can switch over to more serious stuff. Just like its A-side "Soda pop" is a Hammond groove dancing tune.
(Columbia 4-42689 from 1963)
(Columbia 4-42689 from 1963) 4. ham fat - bill doggett

I always avoid non-vegetable fats, but musically I'll always enjoy the presence of Ham Fat, a great Hammond organ dancefloor filler by Bill Doggett, who also appears on vol 2, vol 13 and vol 29. The other side of this fantastic 45 is also on this volume.
12. gin and rum - the walkers

In the meantime I have left the restaurant and now I am in one of the dozen night clubs I regularly attend. And why not start with a mix of "Gin and rum".
(Kilroy 1995 from 1974)
(London 9.5.196 from 1960; in US on Harper '59) 5. shortnin' bread - paul chaplain & his emeralds

The very first release on a 7"!!! Everybody knows the Viscounts hit record, but it's this one I've heard the first. In 1905 written as "Shortened Bread" it became a folk traditional over the years and has been sung by Nelson Eddy, Andrews Sisters and so many others. Later it was covered by bands such as The Cramps and the Beach Boys. I love Shortnin' Bread, especially in the morning.
13. screwball - the planets

And then it's cocktail time. A "Screwball" to get my date ready for ... you know. For more info about the Planets, please check out vol 12.
(His Master's voice 45-POP 818 from 1960)
(United Artists U.A. 515 ) 6. cara-caramel choco-chocolate - titi rodriguez

A mambo tune to glorify the taste of candy in each kiss. Being caramel or chocolate flavour, it's all the same: it's thrilling. I love chocolate, especially Belgian chocolate, the best in the world. I think this was recorded around 1960.
14. limon limonero - henry stephen

Don't drink and drive! Ok, I'll order a lemonade in the Spanish club where all the girls are singing along and dancing around wearing sarongs and leopard skinsuits. The other side of this 45 can be found on vol 5.
(RCA-Victor 3-10347)
(London 9.5.059 from 1960) 7. enchiladas? - the chiefs

Another song that should've been perfect for Frolic Diner, perhaps right after Boots Brown's "Cerveza". An exotic ode to enchiladas. Is there anyone who dislikes enchiladas? Mexican food can be hot. Need for more tortillas or enchiladas?
15. jungle juice - electric cokernut

One jungle girl has followed me home and offers me some "Jungle juice". Boy oh boy, I'm lost forever. I hear pounding jungle drums, crazy exotic rhythms and millions of ebony beauties dancing around my bed...
(Riviera 121 467 from 1972?)
(Decca 9.22.729 from 1958) 8. shish-kebab - ted heath

In volume 1 I already told you about Ralph Marterie's smash hit Shish-Kebab, but who knows this version? It's faster, it's more oriental, it's more inviting for anyone who enters an Arabic restaurant. Man, I simply love shish-kebab.
16. lunch hour - skip and flip

What an hour. Breakfast, dinner or lunch: whatever. I like tasty food and sizzling drinks. Exotic rock 'n' roll to end this delicious volume.
(Top Rank 45-JAR 156 from 1959, first on Brent 7002)