"Do it!!!" - 16 shakers for hip city slickers


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"Do the thing, do the jaws, do the zombie, do it one more time, but don't wait too long. It's not always better tomorrow than today. Shake your bones tonite like you've never done before. The baddest dance tunes of yesteryear and ... where is the party?..."

President PT383 1. do it one more time - alvin cash & the crawlers

If you like his “Barracuda” you’ll love this 1965 twine jerk while he’s pleading “Do it one more time”. Strictly for soul and boogaloo fans.
9. hands off - betty everett

Another version of the classic tale: stay away from my man because he’s mine. This President release is from 1969, but the song first appeared as a flip to her smash hit “It’s in his kiss” from 1964 on Vee Jay.
President PT251
Maxi 17 541 2. 30 60 90 - the duke of burlington

A groovy instrumental by the legendary band The Duke Of Burlington of “Flash” fame. I’ve got 3 different versions of the “Flash” 45 release each with a different flipside. “30 60 90” could be an ode to tape recording (like Bow Wow Wow did in the early 80s with their “C30 C60 C90 Go”)
10. don't wait too long - erma franklin

This will remain one of the best soul songs ever to me. Born in 1943 she’s Aretha’s younger sister. I don’t know enough superlatives to describe this 1969 song. Wow, this makes me crazy each time over and over again.
Columbia SCRF 20018; in US on Epic
Imperial X5491 3. i'm all woke up - jimmie haskell

??? 1957 and in this soul influenced sampler?  This song has a super cool organ swirling around the guitar that it doesn’t sound like 50s at all. Jimmie Haskell was years ahead of his time; have you ever heard his “Countdown” album? That was in the 50s and it still sounds contemporary! He was a genius!
11. do the thing - gate wesley & band

What a great r&b stomper this 1966 instrumental still is. See volume 6 for the other great side.
Atlantic 45-2319
RCA Victor 47-9071 4. zombie - johnnie fever

A menacing freaky r&b stomper from 1967 about the transformation into a zombie. It’s one of the most romantic ghoul songs I ever heard. All you have to do is say “Hocus pocus come back to me”…
12. mephisto - sarr band

Horror novelty disco from 1978? “I want you, I want your soul, I’m Mephisto”, “No I won’t give you my soul” replies the girl in distress, but at the end she sighs “I’ll give you my soul”. Women, so easy to be misled by the devil. Your Halloween parties will never be the same again.
Calendar DAY111
Vogue INT.80115 5. candy - chuck jackson

Another soul love song from the year that gave us the summer of love. But this isn’t as sweet as candy, it’s a delicacy, it’s power, it’s a shame it hasn’t been discovered earlier.
13. it's not unusual - freddy scott

Yes, indeed, the Tom Jones classic, but a 1966 instrumental version by organ virtuoso Freddy Scott (maybe related to that other organ genius Rhoda Scott?). It’s a little bit faster than the original. “Do the thing” is the flipside and I’ve included it on volume 10.
Marlin 45-16005
Uni 55122 6. better tomorrow than today - betty everett

A cool northern soul song by the great Betty Everett. I can’t imagine that this hasn’t been put on a compilation before but nobody could tell me otherwise, so here it is.
14. hip city slicker - pete & repeat

An surprisingly good early 60s r&b beat song by a duo completely unknown to me. A gem from 1962 on Bethlehem.
Bethlehem 45-3006
King K-5986 7. three little pigs - james duncan

Wow! What a discovery! A fairy tale in a soul beat! Bad bad wolf, you’d better get out of here. James Duncan recorded more 45s for King and also a last one for Federal four years later in 1969.
15. do the jaws - the end

And here’s another mid70s disco-esque tune, but so “horrorific” it’s also meant to scare the hell out of people at your Halloween hootenanny. The novelty aspect of this song is so cool: the danger from the movie Jaws mixed with the “new sound” of soul changing into disco. Who cares if it's from 1975! It’s a terrific song for parties.
20th Century TC-2229
Maxi 17 559 8. criss cross - the duke of burlington

A fast psychedelic instro killer. It sounds like Andre Brasseur on acid. One of my fave Burlington 45s.
16. where is the party - johnny & the expressions

And where is the party? Falsetto leader Johnny Matthews recorded several r&b 45s for Josie. Two more with The Expressions followed oen year later in 1966 but this first one is his best effort though.
Josie 45-946