"Astrosonic" - 16 outerspace and out of time dancing tunes


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Let's explore the cosmos and listen to these strange spacey songs. Almost half of this selection are mid-70's recordings and sound very "old" because of the use of synthesizers that didn't even make it to the next decade. But the 50's and 60's songs haven't aged a bit, maybe because they were 5 years ahead of their time."

(Imperial X5480 from 1957) 1. astrosonic - jimmie haskell

Step inside my moon rocket and join me on my trip to outerspace with this astrosonic instrumental by Jimmie Haskell. The song was written by Jet Rocket, haha. Wait until you've heard the other side of this ultra cool space platter.
9. jimmie haskell - rockin' in the orbit
(Imperial X5480 from 1957)
And here's the other side of the terrific "Astrosonic". Subtitled "Space satellite" and written by Big Jay Sputnik it really sounds as if it were recorded on board of a lost Sputnik.
(Imperial X5480 from 1957)
(Decca 23.611 from 1965) 2. impact - clem cattini ork

Smash down to earth, Sputnik, Apollo, Mir, Columbia or whatever: the impact will be tremendous; just like this super fast instrumental dancefloor killer. Most likely this was a one-off effort by this great session drummer.
10. la vie en mars - alain kan

I wasn't sure whether I should include this one on this volume as it's a weird translation of Bowie's "Life on Mars". Alain Kan was serious when he recorded this, but you really can't:: just listen and crucify him for the fact that he even dressed up like Ziggy Stardust! The A-side of this 45 was another space influenced track called "Star ou rien" (=Star Or Nothing).
(Vogue 45V3029 '73)
(The Beat Goes On CR6743; first on Underground 1958) 3. little space girl - jessie lee turner

The best space love song ever was Space Girl by The Earthboys, but a close second is this "Little space girl" by Jessie Lee Turner.  "Oh Mister Earthman, will you marry me?" "Sure!!!"
11. the thing - freddy scott & the seven steps

When visiting space you'll experience close encounters with the strangest beings: the blob, the slime, ... and numerous others. And if you're lucky, you might meet The Thing. This is the B-side of his "It's not unusual", a wild organ beat version of that Tom Jones classic.
(Marlin 45-16005 from 1966)
(Cardinal 2501 from 1965) 4. saturnus - the jokers

A discotheque teaser by this Antwerp, Belgium instrumental band. Just follow the guys to Saturn and don't ever come back if you don't like 'em! For more Jokers info check out vol 31.
12. drifter - tritons

Tritons, from Italy I believe, with the B-side of their "I can't get no satisfaction" version and it seems that this 45 is much sought after. "Drifter" is a fast psych glam punk tune with some early Deep Purple influences.
(International IS20124 from 1973)
(Vogue 45V140196 from 1977) 5. magic fly - space

The original version of 70s space synth classic Magic Fly. That decade saw hundreds of space age "modern" bands surrounded by a million keyboards and cables and buttons and switches.
13. nous savons tout - space art

Echo-laden space disco hi-tek weirdness by this weird French band, who were labeled "the first group of scientific vulgarisation", whatever that may be.
(If - Carrere 49.389 from 1978)
(Carrere 49.364 from 1978) 6. starship 109 - mistral

Robbie Van Leeuwen wrote and produced this 45. Who is he? The Dutch guy that wrote millionseller Venus, a worldwide hit for Shocking Blue. Spacey sounds with a Spanish guitar as if you're ready to leave for the planet Venus when you're in the center of Valencia.
14. tabou - the kosmos

The only space link here is their name. This was a dull band from Belgium, but they managed to record a very cool version of exotica classic "Taboo". Maybe one day I'll fill a volume with nothing but Taboos...
(Tune 8315 from 1984)
(Disques AZ SG498 from 1974) 7. rocket man - rocket men

Synthesizer glam with a bluesy touch. A great French 45 for space lovers. On this volume you get the vocal version, but if you like instrumentals, you must try to find this 45 and play th other side.
15. theme from the otherside - bobbie gregg & the desert sounds

Imagine that you're trapped and can't escape from "the otherside". The only thing you may wish for then, is that you can enjoy your last minutes while listening to songs like this instrumental.
(Laurie 3358 from 1966)
(Luniverse 101 from 1956) 8. flying saucer pt1 - buchanan & goodman

The very first "break-in" record and maybe the most insane novelty record ever. And while listening to this 45 you get a fair view of the Top hits of the mid-50s. This story continues a little bit further...
16. flying saucer pt2 - buchanan & goodman

If you like flying saucer break-ins, I highly recommend "Project Venus", a compilation of twelve 45s by "artists" such as Syd Lawrence, Manny Sootz, Ray Durkee, Dave Barry, Mad Martians,...
(Luniverse 101 from 1956)