"Do the discotheque" - 16 uncommon dancefloor killers from the 70s


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE27
"I must confess; most of these tunes haven't ever made it to the discotheque, but yet they should have. But beware, deejays have been killed on the dancefloor for even less than these bad bad songs. I'd kill to be able to dance to these tunes once in a while..."

RCA Victor XB02089 1.get off your aahh! and dance - foxy

Heavy pounding drums, an inviting flute and an irresistible beat to fil the discotheque dancefloor. This instrumental was a hit in the underground discotheques in Belgium in 1976, but nobody seems to remember this hot tune.
9. up in a puff of smoke - polly brown

And again a heavy pounding drum beat to start this 1974 soul disco dancefloor filler by a girl with a great voice. Why do all songs have to be complicated? Keep it simple and have fun fun fun! And dance dance dance into the smoke on the dancefloor.
GTO 2099 102
Discodis 80.007 2. hot jungle - gun morgan

Also hot is “Hot jungle” which takes off with steel drums and a Swahili voodoo chant in the middle of the jungle. Surprise your soul/disco audience with this tune. The steady beat and the organ at the end give an extra dimension to this wild 1974 dancefloor killer.
10. bongolia – the incredible bongo band

Bongo drums call for attention: the best instrumental bongo soul combo you can imagine from the 70s. This 1973 song was the inspiration for The Bongolian, the solo project of the man behind Big Boss Man.
MGM 2006 161
ABC ABC-11366 3. koke pt1 - tribe

Tribe released several 45s, but I don’t think that Koke (from 1973) has been reissued yet on a compilation. It should have been used for a soundtrack about a Tutsi tribe discovering the first discotheque of Central Africa.
11. viva dracula - bob babylone et les salopettes

Super kitschy French disco about Dracula: another Halloween surprise song. Who knows this one? Nobody!
DiscAZ SG699
Machine Music 61.003 4. bump the bump - black buster

A 1975 French release with a moog synth interfering the girls chanting the song title
12. here come da judge - the buena vistas

Shorty Long had a big hit with his “Here comes the judge”, but better though is this instrumental version by The Buena Vistas from 1968.
Marquee MQ-443
Epic EPC S-7719 5. baby shake your whoop-whoop -  the st. james group

Wow! A great 1971 uptempo soul stomper I’ve never seen being compiled before. “Listen to the rhythm…”
13. sweet blindess - the 5th dimension

This flipside of “Good news” is a strange choice for this volume, but still it’s too good to be thrown away or forgotten.
Liberty LBF 15143
Hot Wax HS-7004 6. somebody's been sleeping - 100 proof aged in soul

Groovy soul from a super duper band on a super duper label. A paranoid tale about strangers in your house. If this ain’t a dancefloor filler,…
14. shackin' up - johnnie taylor

I assume that most of the Stax/Volt singles have been compiled on their numerous comps but I haven’t seen this 1971 song. I could be wrong (I probably will be) about this one. You must admit it’s a fantastic soul tune by The Soul Philosopher and not very well known.
Stax STA-0114
Philadelphia International PIR4087 7. boogie down usa - people's choice

Boom boom boom and then a groovy organ follows the hypnotic drum beat. It’s not fast, but it’s the repetition that keeps you on the dancefloor. And after 90 seconds the intro is over and the band starts singing “boogie all over the world, boogie, boogie” all over again. From 1976.
15. star trek - the charles randolph grean sounde

A 1975 disco version of the Theme From Star Trek in a Love Boat special edition. Again a perfect example of bad bad taste, so bad that it’s super good.
Ranwood R-1044
Liberty LBF 15143 8. good news - the 5th dimension

It starts as a great breakbeat soul tune and then it sounds like a bubblegum singalong tune and switches to Motown and back to bubblegum pop. It’s one of my favourite recordings by The 5th Dimension.  This is not from the 70s (1968), but hey, who cares.
16. supergirl - graham bonney

This is definitely not 70s, and certainly not 70s sounding. It’s an excellent soul 45 from 1966. But I thought: Star Trek is from 1966 and it’s also about comics and so is Supergirl. And this is the end of another crazy volume of goooooooooooooooood taste.
Columbia C23 234