"Night owl" - 16 dancing tunes for creatures of the night


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"Another volume overpacked with fearful euro-beat songs and an occasional US band all mixed with lesser known soul suckers. If you can survive these night creatures, you probably won't need a heart transplantation..."

Verve VK-10604 1. night owl - howard tate

The three versions I have of “Night owl” are all excellents soul tunes, but Howard Tate’s 1968 recording has got that special touch. And the arrangements are special as well. Don’t forget he worked together with the fantastic Bill Doggett.

9. do the uptight - ross d wyllie

One of the best fast boogaloo tunes ever and completely unknown. Nevertheless it was released on a major label. I wonder if he’s the same guy as Richard Popcorn Wylie who also showed up in Popcorn & Mohawks. Deejays: this is party music! I’m sure King Khan has heard this song years ago and then started his own band.
A&M 210 087
Ronnex R.1445 2. pure soul - the packers

This is pure soul indeed! A super discotheque dancefloor filling instrumental tune on a Belgian label.

10. the frog - donato

Another funky instrumental flick from the gutter. If this song wasn’t already used for an early 70s police movie soundtrack, the movie should have been made especially for this song. Yeah, I know, the sleeve is awful, but the sound is super!
Pathé Marconi 2C006-92075
Warner Bros. 7095 3. psychedelic soul - chylds

The year of psychedelia 1967 also reached the black community of soul amateurs, including this band called Chylds with their second and last 45 for Warner Bros. Their first 45 “Hay girl” was released on Giant, but was reissued on Warner Bros, also in 1967.

11. come now - the troggs

Maybe the best non-hit by The Troggs who were helped on this recording by a mysterious young seductress inviting us to touch her “touche-moi, tu dois me toucher, embrasse-moi… baise-moi” and so on. This is certainly the sexiest song The Troggs ever made. From 1970.
Page One S.143
Vocalion V-L.9290; in US on Vault 4. goin' to a happening - tommy neal

Get ready, work on the swing, we’re goin’ to a happening; that’s what Tommy Neal is singing, simple but effective as everywhere I pass this song nobody can resist the call of the dancefloor... From 1968.

12. be a sect maniac - downliners sect

The b–side of their  first 45 from 1964 and so far I haven’t found it on a compilation. Ultra fast & furious pre-Medway punk beat. No wonder that Billy Childish tried to reproduce this wildness, first as the Pop Rivets, The Milkshakes and then as Thee Mighty Caesars. But as Thee Headcoats he invited Downliners Sect’s Don Craine to record an album as Thee Headcoats Sect. I am a Sect maniac!
Columbia DB7300
Princess 100 5. resurrection shuffle - misty

A very bizarre version by this girl called Misty. The original version is super and most people know also the Tom Jones cover version; wait until you hear this one: it’ll fry your brains! It sounds like early 70s.
13. i like it - neil christian

A thunderous bass rumbles throughout the fuzz guitar licks while a staccato piano is resisting but losing the fight against the guitar and bass. “That’s nice”, the a-side, already appeared on at least one compilation. This is 1969.
Riviera 121.061; in UK on Strike
King K-45-12315 6. think - vicki anderson

With the help of James Brown himself. No, this is not the Aretha Franklin hit; it's from 1967.
14. russian spy and i - the hunters

The gimmick of the Slavian atmosphere works perfectly as I could witness while I was playing this song on Mod festivals. Even the stiffest statue had his arms crossed and was trying to a Russian dancer.
RCA-Victor 47-9656
Hot Wax HWX 114 7. lovemachine - the politicians

Fine '71 fat funk from one of the best labels from the early 70s, well if you’re a lover of black music. No vocals here; it’s perfect the way it is.
15. out of sight - cannibal & the headhunters

East-LA here we come! One of the best bands from LA in 1966 with this boogaloo mayhem. If I’m right, this was their first or second 45 by Frankie “Cannibal” Garcia who had a minor hit with their rendition of “Land of 1000 dances”. The Cannibal rules!!!!
Rampart 654
Jad JAD9-Y 8. that's what happens - howard tate

Another fabulous funky platter. Howard’s sexy voice and cool looks (just look at the sleeve) weren’t good enough though as he never had a real hit record. He released lots of 45s on labels such as Verve, Utopia, Epic, Atlantic and Turntable, but this is the only one I know on the Jad label, which still is unknown to me.
16. heart transplantation - the dragons

A very rare Belgian release with a picture sleeve. A true mod classic which may have been reissued before on a compilation, but I’ve never heard of such a comp. It’s a song about the first heart transplantation by Doctor Barnard in 1968. After a short break the song continues and it ends with the announcement that the patient of the second heart transplantation also died in 1969. Released in 1970.
Palette PB27.053