"Voodoo zoo" - 16 zooper weird sounds on 45


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"Some of these  45s are the weirdest ever released during the 50s, 60s and 70s. Every style of music is present as if they were caged behind bars in a musical zoo. You can't but love the idea of such a voodoo zoo..."

Chancellor C-1137 1. black zoo - russ faith & orch.

Great instrumental song from the '63 B-movie with the same name, but also known as “Fieras Asesinas” and “El Zoologica Del Terror”. It’s about a murderer in a zoo and by the hand of the same director who gave us “I was a teenage werewolf”. I wonder how long it’s going to take until Frank Popp will use this theme for one of his remixes.
9. will travel - rod willis

An excellent '59 rockabilly tune that should have been compiled on comps such as Sin Alley, Desperate Rock ‘n’ Roll or Killers Dillers. Well, here it is, especially for you. I’m sure that you, rockabillies, know that this is the flipside to “The Cat”, Rod’s best recording ever. That same year saw also the release of his other 45 “Somebody’s been rockin’ my baby” on Chic.
National Recording Corp. NRC020
CBS CBS1558 2. voodoo - white coffee

Freaky '73 prog-funk from Belgium with vocals similar to Shocking Blue’s Mariska Veres. I’ve seen copies of this 45 being sold in Japan for more than 100 euros. 
10. jezebel - ray mondo

Very funny coincidence is the story of Sex Gang Children drummer Ray Mondo who joined Gene Loves Jezebel, but this Ray Mondo lived 20 years earlier. Listen to the sax, the female backing vocals, Ray’s sexy deep voice and his love for Jezebel. Frankie Laine would be proud of this Belgian release.
Cardinal 3062
Apgee A-101 3. robot walk - pat & lolly vegas

This is the '63 original version of the great but obscure popcorn gem. It’s been covered and given another title (but I really can’t remember the name of that other song). Pat and Lolly wrote this song about a new teenager dance craze.
11. marsupilami - gerard madiata

First applause and then Gerard starts his tropical description of cartoon hero, the Marsupilami. He was quite popular in Belgium when he mixed his latin background with the French yeye-twist; this is from '64.
Arsa AR110
Ensign 5001 4. josh-ico - a ram in mexico

I’m told this is a Belgian recording as well. As you might know, in the 60s popcorn and the twist were immensely popular in that tiny country around Brussels.
12. king kong is back again - century orchestra

Super heavy disco-funk about the return of King Kong. This ain’t kitsch, it’s super kitsch. I assume this band hailed from France; from 1976.
Polydor 2056 576
Barclay 62.946 5. istanbul - the twisters

And oh yes, here’s another '63 Belgian release: The Twisters with “Istanbul” or rather the twist version of that great tune “…Old New York once was New Amsterdam…” . This is the flipside to “Twist time”. At the picture you see the back side of the sleeve.
13. super 'jaws' - seven seas instrumental

And another monster movie creature that was very famous in the mid-70s was Jaws. Here’s a funky '75 tribute to Steven Spielberg’s first hit.
RCA-Victor XB02048
RCA-Victor 47-7207 6. goin' steady - joe dodo & the groovers

Its A-side “Groovy” was a Canadian hit in1958 and it reappeared on several compilations including one of my all time fave comps “Monter sounds and boppin’ tracks”. Oh oh oh, this is so utterly cool, the ultimate coolness of super cool beatnik novelty. Why hasn’t anyone had the guts to feature it on Las Vegas Grind or Welcome To The Beat Generation or other cool comps???
14. the shape i'm in - johnny restivo

At the age of 15 in 1959 he recorded his first 45 and it became a minor hit. “The shape I’m in” (shame shame shame, I just discovered that it reappeared on multiple compilations) was the start of a promising career, but he never could score again. In 1962, at the age of 18, he retired from the showbiz with the song “My reputation”. On one occasion he recorded a session joined by King Curtis.
RCA 47-7559
Volt VOA-4090 7. the devil is dope - the dramatics

Back to 1973 for this fuzzy funk and sexy soul with The Dramatics who warn us about the dangers of taking drugs. It starts as a bad trip. “Satan was his name, from hell he came, some call him Lucifer, in many different forms… the devil is dope…” Yeah right, like rock ‘n’ roll is the devil’s music.
15. blue frog - enrico simonetti

Four sources told me that this instrumental was recorded in 1965. I found that hard to believe. Now I know that it’s from 1975 AND that the band you hear is nothing less than Goblin!!!. That explains the strange electronic devices used for this song.
Harmony H6001
Bell 2008110 8. the cancer stick - the americans of '72

And if drugs won’t kill you, nicotine will!!! Just listen to the deadly coughs in the beginning and you’ll quit smoking. This hilarious funky tribute to the cigarette death toll is too weird to talk about. And if you don’t smoke, this '73 song will kill ya for sure!
16. discotheque (cop-out) - john scott

This sublime instrumental theme from '67 comes from the soundtrack “Cop-out”, a police movie starring James Mason, Geraldine Chaplin, Ian Ogilvy and even a role for Bobby Darin. I’ve never seen the movie but if it’s as good as this tune, it must be worth watching. And now up to volume 40.
Abc 11033