"Ju ju" - 16 groovy proofs of global bad taste



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"Be it jazz, bossa, soul, cha cha, frat or just plain good ol' rock'n' roll; it's all here: people with BAD TASTE (read: non-commercial taste) will find what they've been looking for..."

Ju Ju 644 003 1.  the ju ju is the thing – abra k dabra

For this 50th release I reserved a very special song and man, this is a killer tune!!! Mix hot latin boogaloo with the freakiest Hammond groove sounds with a jungle exotica flavour for more than 5 minutes! Nobody seems to know who this guy is and everywhere I play this song everybody’s dancing and they all come and ask me about this, but I have to disappoint them all because I don’t even know which year it was released. Yet I know it's Janko Nilovic behind this enigmatic band that can be linked to Voodoo Ju Ju Obsession (see vol 19).
9.  turkish coffee – tony osborne

This would have been the perfect selection for one of the two Jungle Exotica comps. A version by Omar Kay reappeared on Las Vegas Grind 6. This here is the '62 English release. In the US it was released through Columbia.
His Master’s Voice 45-POP967
Blue Note 45-1815 2.  swingin’ at sugar ray’s – baby face willette

Fast and furious, but still typical Blue Note organ jazz with a saxophone solo. I’m told by a Blue Note collector that he hasn’t seen this '61 recording yet on any compilation, so here it is. I’d better listen to my own judgment though, because now I found out that it has been released on several compilation cd’s already. The b-side is called “Somethin’ strange”. Nevertheless, it’s a cool track and it’s over 6 minutes long.
10.  nanassa – marino marini e il suo quartetto

I like the sleeve of this EP which also includes 3 other Italian foxtrot tunes. Check out especially vol 28 and vol 43 to find more Marino Marini tunes.
Durium EPA3070
Apple 2C006-93568 3.  supersoul – chris hodge

It starts like a Gary Glitter tune, but then an organ breaks through and a more swingin’ latin beat takes over. The echoing vocals and the wah-wah guitar are the other key ingredients of this '72 glam-soul song. This 45 has become kinda collectable because of the Apple label. The flip (We’re on our way) is on vol 51.
11.  I’ballo o tango – marino marini e il suo quartetto

This French release also includes a great version of Hernando’s Hideaway. This is a great instrumental version of the traditional “El Choclo”. It reminds me of a song Charlie Chaplin sang in one of his movies.
Vogue DVEP95018
Capitol 45-CL14968 4.  st. louis blues – richard cannon

And now time for some more bongos and a wah-wah trumpet in this great exotic vocal swinger from '58. Don’t get fooled by the title: this is no blues song! The flip is “The best things in life are free”.
12.  let’s go to Hawaii – the rivieras

Yes, the same band that gave us “California Sun”. This hasn’t got the power of Larry & the Loafers’ “Let’s go to the beach” but it’s got the same spirit. Originally on Riviera1406 in '65.
Vogue DV14434
Vogue DV14594 5.  shake it nelly gray – jack finey

Who was Jack Finey? I know there was an actor called Jack Finey and also a Jack Finney. This is a surprisingly good B-side from '67 with a fast beat, powerful vocals and lots of soul vibes. The A-side is a cover of “Yes tonight Josephine”.
13.  blue moon – winston francis

Originally released in '72 on Creole. I can’t explain why I’ve always loved “Blue moon”. As every 50s version has been compiled numerous times, I picked this one as I think it’s not yet reissued on a compilation. It’s very close to the original but has a rocksteady beat.
Supreme S.537
Roller Coaster RC2000 6.  rock chicken rock – ray coleman & his skyrockets

A wild boppin’ chicken tune (the B-side of “Jukebox Rock ‘n’ roll”) by this Pennsylvanian rocker. It was the first of three 45s he recorded in 1957-1959. In US on Arcade AR-147. As it was reissued on Rollercoaster, I just found out it was already available on a 1980 Rollercoaster comp.
14.  big noise from winnetka – king cole

The B-side is Clyde Otis with “You came a long way from St. Louis). My guess is that this '62 recording is exactly the same as Cozy Cole’s “Big noise from Winnetka pt1”. If it is, then don’t worry, it’s a great song and perfect for this volume. Great finger-clicking uptempo jazz by a big band and a whistling band leader.
My Sound 302
Roulette R-4587 7.  I’m gonna love you too – the hullaballoos

Recorded in England in '64 and it’s got that typical Brit beat sound. And surprise, it’s even better than the Buddy Holly original and certainly better than the Blondie cover of 15 years later. The A-side is also a cover version “Party doll”.
15.  night and day cha-cha – enoch light & the light brigade

Another split single here as the B-side is “Blue tango” by Terry Snyder. I’ve got so many Enoch Light records on Command but I haven’t found this recording on any of ‘em. So here it is: super stereo hi-fi big band cha cha cha to get you in the latin mood.
Command SSD-20007
United Artists UA108X 8.  my sweet verlene – ronnie brent

Hot & wild rockin’ side by Ronnie Brent from '58. And it was too good to be true. Further digging learned that it was already reissued on two different comps in the late 70s. It was the first of three 45s, the others being released on Colt.
16.  groovy kinda samba – abra k dabra

Already in the mood? OK, here is that mystery guy again. The song title reveals everything: it’s indeed a groovy kinda samba; why kinda? Because it’s also a groovy kinda bossa. Bossa and nu-jazz deejays all over Europe have been beggin’ me to sell this 45. No way! Never.
Ju Ju 644 003