"Exorcist" - 16 late 60s/early 70s grooves to lure the devil


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE42
"... from all over the world: Belgium, Holland, Italy, England, USA,... everywhere they recognize the devil and the devil's music. Dance with him, sing along with Linda Blair and await the jubilation..."

Cannon CAN3046 1. exorcist - los conquistadores

Behind this project we find Sylvain Van Holmen, a well known Belgian producer, who, in the early 70s recorded and released various projects including this instrumental straight from hell. Listen to the diabolical laughter and the fearful screams, the creepy organ and the flaming rhythms. And if you can’t get enough, you can try the b-side, “Diabolicus”.
9. vivid shady hand - earth & fire

And now to the Netherlands. It’s the flip of “Wild and exciting”. I think it’s from 1969 or 1970. Highly influenced by Jefferson Airplane they never grew out of the shadow of fellow countrymen Shocking Blue, both with a female singer.
Polydor 2050.044
LK Records  22576 2. mephisto's nightmare - catch

Catch featuring Marilyn Middleton with another anthem about the devil, this time called Memphisto. This could have been selected for the musical The Phantom Of The Opera, but it hasn’t.
10. thank you showbizz - jess & james

South of the Netherlands you can find Belgium and this duo. At the other side of the sleeve you’ll get the photos of Jess & James, but here you get The J.J. Band. This is NOT a live song, but a really great wild organ driven power soul tune. Written in '68 by Tony and Wando Lam aka Jess & James.
Palette PB25837
Omega 79.776 3. devil's trillo - the duke of burlington

Recorded earlier than 1978 but put on the b-side of this re-release of “Flash”. I’ve got four different releases of “Flash”, each with a different flipside. Don’t get fooled by the violins in the beginning of this instrumental. It’s really eerie for the entire 4 minutes! Halloween stuff. More by this underrated band on vol 32, vol 35 and vol 40.
11. washington square - the downtown collection

Produced by Milan who also produced both sides of a Chanters 45 I put on vol 12 and vol 21
. Groovy paisley pop from San Francisco? I can but confirm that Milan (aka The Leather Boy) has good taste in picking obscure little bands. When was this released? 1968?
Strobe  ST351
Emidisc demonstration disc 4. devils well - don fardon

I really don’t know what to think about this Satan tune by ex-Sorrows frontman Don Fardon as this release is a EMI demonstration disc with no info whatsoever. No matter what you thought to know about Don Maughn (aka Don Fardon) ; this is the weirdest he ever recorded.
12. make love not war - the ohio express
(Buddah BE610.043 from 1970?)
This Sausalito B-side and of course a Katz-Kasenetz product is one of their most exciting tracks albeit an instrumental. Enough is known about The Ohio Express. Just listen and enjoy this song recorded to cash in  on anti-Vietnam feelings.
Deram DM60Y 5. working on the road - ten years after

Both sides were written by their vocalist Alvin Lee. Too well known to give here their biography, Ten Years After have recorded  almost a dozen albums in those 8 years. This 45 however was released in 1971, but this B-side already appeared on their 1970 album “Cricklewood Green”. More than 4 minutes of sheer psychedelic power.
13. i'm through with you - the j.j. band

And here’s the backing band of Jess &James with the B-side of “Pacific Coast thunder ball” from 1971. And it’s NOT an instrumental this time. Don’t forget that the band consisted of the finest of Belgian musicians. But still I haven’t figured out who was their singer. As you can see, the photo on the sleeve was taken in Brussels.
Pye DV14893 6. the day the train never - consortium

This B-side of “When the day breaks”  is another great example of English psychedelic harmony pop. It was the second of five 45s, all but one for Pye; from 1969.
14. east coast groove - bohannon

Another B-side (the flip is “Bohannon’s beat”) and it’s here just to prove that Hamilton Bohannon recorded tracks more exciting than most of us would think of. It’s an excellent example of instrumental funk; more than five minutes captured within a hypnotic '75 groove. Another Bohannon entry on vol 44.
Kama Sutra 610.097 7. stone woman - dust

I do know there’s a connection with Rick Derringer who can be linked to The McCoys and also the Edgar Winter Group. But the main ingredient is Marc Bell aka Marky Ramone! This is hard ‘n’ heavy superpsychedelic prog rock. Dust released two albums for Kama Sutra.
15. revolution! - nina simone

Co-written by Simone, but also arranged and conducted by this great lady, “Revolution!” will always remain one of my fave recordings by Nina Simone. If you think The Beatles’ Revolution was hot, you’re gonna melt with this one from '69.
Brunswick 640.076
Fontana MF260135 8. maybe the madman? - the troggs

”Little girl” is the A-side, but it’s the weird flip that caught my attention.  Nobody could tell this was the Troggs when I had them listen to “Maybe the madman?”.  This Fontana release is from 1970.
16. jubilation - roger james cooke

”Jubilation” is the B-side of “Anticipation grows”. A fast psychedelic organ and fuzzy guitar in this late 60s recording is the perfect way to end this 42nd volume.
Columbia 4C006-92062