"Extra Large" - 16 forgoten failures of the 70s


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How far can too far go? Mix disco cover versions with sleazy funk tunes and other long forgotten sounds of the 70's and you'll get a surprisingly exciting cocktail of weird tunes that would have been lost forever if not unleashed on this crappy compilation. My taste is not only super bad, it's also extra extra large.."

(Pickwick International PIP-6518 from 1976) 1. miserlou - music rama band

1976 will always be the year of disco, but I don't think anyone could have expected a disco version of surf classic Miserlou and with lyrics!
9. drive my car - gary toms empire

If there will ever come a third volume of "I hate the Beatles", then this song must be part of it. A great disco version with car horns honking all over. The best Drive My Car cover however is "Tu peux conduire ma bagnole" by Stereo Total.
(Pickwick International PIP-6509 from 1975)
(Steady S-015) 2. watermelon man - love, peace & joy

This must be from around 1974 and it's still a fantastic version of the best song Herbie Hancock has ever written. This promo copy was released on a N.Y. based label. It's great to hear these girls sing the slightly changed lyrics. Must be great for every party!
10. the count of monte disco - el coco

Must be played right before Hot Blood's "Soul Dracula" on a Halloween party. If you play this on any other moment, your neighbours will kill you for having so much bad bad taste.
(Avi AVIS105 from 1976)
(Alston 3728 from 1976) 3. bump me baby - bill purcell & the nashville sweat band and aides

Surprise surprise, this is a disco version of latin classic El Cumbanchero with super groovy lyrics written by producer Gene Nash. The music however was written by Rafael Hernandez for the movie Cuban Pete from 1952, first performed by Pepe Jaramilla. So many have recorded it over all those years, but the ones I like the most are the versions by Trinity and Xavier Cugat.
11. bimbo jet - el bimbo

Even worse now! You've got to hear this to believe. Maybe it was featured in a 8mm porn movie in the early 70s. Actually it was in that decade a discotheque hit in bimbo-land Spain.
(EMI 1J006-12.957)
(CBS CBS1526 from 1973) 4. whipping post - fontenas

An instrumental by this French (?) 70s band. This would have been perfect for a police movie: just listen to the funky organ and wahwah guitar licks. Also the b-side is fantastic; it can be found on volume 30.
12. mandrake - sarr band

"Mandrake" has been released twice: first as flip to "Mephisto", the disco demon and also here (b/w "Double action"). This is one of the "better" disco tunes ever released. On volume 32 you can enjoy "Mephisto", one of my all time fave disco songs.
(Satril 45.SA.1143 from 1978)
(Scm SCM2000) 5. the whip pt1 - darnell simpkins & the family tree

Wow! Kinky sexy funky tunes including whipping sounds! This is a genuine shaker for the dancefloors. And the story continues on the flip: pt2! The label also reads "The Sound Of Long Island". Wish I was there in those days; it must've been much more exciting than thee 54.
13. carmen brasilia - revolution system

First there was Popcorn and then there was Carmen Brasilia, also known as The Next Popcorn. But actually it's a "popcorn" synthetized remake of Bizet's Carmen. Dozens of bands have released Popcorn on a 45 and a few also released this one. It's a little bit faster than the original by Anarchic System.
(Pink Elephant PE22.687-H from 1972)
(Vogue VB.375 from 1974) 6. kung fu's back again - roberta kelly

And pt2 on the b-side of that disco 45. The king of disco has co-written this one: Giorgio Moroder. Is there a link between black singer Roberta Kelly and R. Kelly? I don't think so. Anyway, it's great to hear another kung fu song besides Carl Douglas' "Kung fu fighting".
14. popcorn - the popcorn orchestra

I've got a whole bunch of "Popcorn" recordings on 45 and this one is hard to find. This version is also a little bit faster than the hit singles by Hot Butter and Anarchic System and the rest from 1972. Gershon Kingsley, a Moog wizzard, recorded it in 1969 and must have been astonished three years later by the dozens of covers (and maybe, just maybe he got his royalties)
(Supreme S.526 from 1972)
(Decca 79.100 from 1970) 7. everybody - asterix

A German band with a Tommy Roe song? In the 90s Everybody was also sampled into a discotheque hit by a band I already forgot the name of. Psych fans will certainly love this version of the Tommy Roe song. The flip is "If I could fly".
15. chirpy chirpy, cheep cheep - lally stott

BAAAAAAAD Taste! What's this here??? Middle Of The Road cover??? Hell no, this is the original recording from 1970 which was first covered (in French!) by Sheila in 1971 and then by Los Caracas who changed their name into Middle Of The Road and conquered the charts all over the world.
(Philips 6025 013 from 1970)
(Vogue VB.512) 8. gitano - discopolis

In the same vein as "OK Chicago" by Resonance, Discopolis recorded two similar songs: "Night patrol" and this "Gitano". Just imagine a gypsy clan luring a police patrol. I believe the man behind this band was Orlando Armath who's featured on volume 15.
16. shake-a-tail part 1 - big wheel

An often forgotten glamrock band with a song that could've been a smash hit... but instead everyone ignored the band and now nobody seems to remember the name. "Part2" is on the other side of that 45.  
(Bell 2008 182 from 1973)