LOOK WHAT I HAVE FOUND - The Grooviest Collection 2
16 of the wyldest 60s tunes extracted from 10 of the first 70 volumes

sample of the sleeve

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE-X8
"After The Grooves Collection even groovier cuts had to be found to fill this sampler and here they are! I had to look for them in six countries from 1962 to 1973 and they all are super slices of the finest in 60s pop and rock as if they were created to torture your dancing feet..."

1. The Carnival: Son of a preacher man
From vol 70 "Go To Hell"
Born out of Brasil ’66, the backing band of Sergio Mendes, they recorded in the 1969-1970 period. Dusty Springfield would have loved this version as would Dionne Warwick if she’d know their version of “Walk on by” on the b-side of this 45. It’s fast, it’s inviting, it’s exotic, and sexy too thanks to the singing girls.
9. Wess & The Airedales:  I’ll never turn my back on you
From vol 57 "Fire At The Go-Go"
This B-side of the lame “I miei giorni felici” has always been a dancefloor filler when I play it. Not only the soul fans hurry up the dancefloor, it’s hard for everyone not to dance to this addictive drive from 1967.

2. James Booker: Smacksie
From vol 60 "Giant walk"
And here’s an organ driven and jazzy instrumental tune from 1962 on the great Peacock label. Little is known by this guy who released at least two more 45s on Peacock in the period of 1960-1964.

10. Les Requins: Carnaby Street
From vol 59 "Carnaby Street"
If you already loved the flipside (see vol 57) I’m sure you’ll go crazy on this 1973 organ instrumental from France. So it’s not another version of Henri Salvador’s “Carnaby Street”.

3. Brenton Wood: Psychotic reaction
From vol 57 "Fire At The Go-Go"
I’ve got three different 1967 releases of this Count Five hit single’s version by Brenton Wood: an American, a Belgian and this Italian. I picked the Italian because it’s the rarest. It’s the instrumental version by The Count Five mixed with a haunted organ and Brenton’s vocals. A really unique version. It gives a great psychedelic surplus  to an already psychedelic tune.
11. Sugar: 11am Tuesday morning taxi
From vol 66 "Can't Stop Now"
Super groovy organ drenched instrumental with wahwah and fuzz guitar solos and oh yes, very sought after as it hasn’t been compiled before. If you love those psychedelic and groovy late 60s Italian soundtracks or popsike French psychedelia you’ll kill for this! Keith Mansfield is the guy behind this 1969 project.

4. The Shake Spears: What happened
From vol 68 "Obsession On Fire"
Gene Latter and his Shake Spears were quite big in Belgium in the mid-60’s and their 1966 version of “Summertime” sold many copies. But this sleeve is very hard to find; it’s the three reissues that are easy to find with a picture sleeve. I guess not so many people have flipped the record and they should have! “What happened” is one of the finest moments of The Shake Spears. Read more about Gene on vol 79.

12. Jess & James: High
From vol 59 "Carnaby Street"
This must be Belgium, somebody said to me when I showed him this record sleeve featuring naked kids. Yes it is and also Portuguese (see full story on vol 31 and also vols 42 and 49) This B-side of The naked” is one of their finest popsike recordings ever. For lovers of speedy bongos and organ sounds and almost four minutes long to get high. Released in 1970.

5. Five By Five: Hang up
From vol 69 "Earthquake"
Also on the Paula label, “Hang up” is a great 1968 popsike tune; this Cem-release being from 1970. Wow, I love that fuzz guitar and the trippy organ sounds. And what’s more amazing: the flipside is even better! It’s the third of eight 45s, all on Paula which also released “Next exit” their sole album.
13. New Inspiration: Something’s burning
From vol 62 "Knock On My Thing"
A later track by Belgium’s The New Inspiration as a B-side to “Bottle of whisky”. “Something’s burning” is a poppy psychedelic funky tune on a Dutch label that will always be linked with Shocking Blue. In 1972 it’s almost the end of The New Inspiration. Four more 45s will follow. You can read more on vol 3.

6. Mercy: Fire ball
From vol 57 "Fire At The Go-Go"
The most psyched-out guitar instrumental Davie Allan forgot to write! Including Buddy Good and James Marvell who later joined Country Cavaleers and had a unsuccessful solo career. The A-side is called Love and is hardly interesting. Mercy had other releases on W.B. and I also heard about albums on both labels in 1969.

14. Therapy: I’m the one
From vol 67 "Superman vs Napoleon Solo"
”Stoney mountain” is the A-side and is also featured on vol 66. I agree that the flipside is a stronger recording, but still it’s too good to be just forgotten. Has the Outburst label released more records? Was this its first? Info please…

7. Bonnie St-Claire: Cat and mouse
From vol 62 "Knock On My Thing"
We all know her fantastic mod classic “I surrender” from her third (and fourth) 45, which already reappeared on comps such as “Le beat bespoke”, compiled by Rob Bailey and with liner notes from my friend Philippe Golbert. It’s impossible to match such a monster tune, but this b-side “Cat and mouse” is also a splendid swinging tune. “I play with the boys like a cat with a mouse” is what Bonnie is singing. A year later in 1970 it was coupled with another A-side. On vol 78 you get another Bonnie St-Claire song written by Peter Koelewijn.
15. Georgia Brown: Pollution
From vol 69 "Earthquake"
One of the rarer releases from Belgium. “Glory to the music” is not fabulous, but this side is! If you like The Snapshots (also from Belgium), you’ll love “Pollution”, even if it’s heavier. Just listen to the freaky organ sounds, the trippy fuzz guitar and the power chords. In the middle of the song it’s getting even wilder. Perfect for psych-heads. Too bad that it wasn't released earlier than 1973.

8. The King Pins: Door banger
From vol 45 "Bongos In Pastel"
It’s the flipside to “Rod hot rod”, a surf instrumental which can be found on the excellent compilation album “Boss drag ‘64“ although it was released in 1966. “Rod hot rod” was also covered by Jon & The Nightriders as “Catalina”, also an instrumental with some girls doing backing vocals in the same style as on Italian soundtracks.

16. The Tremeloes: Instant whip
From vol 53 "Promised Land"
And again a wild instrumental B-side by a famous band. Alan Blakely, Chip Hawkes, Ricky West and Dave Munden never sounded better than this!!! It's 1969 and the end of a wild decade.