"Carnaby Street '69" - 16 freaky fantasies for window shoppers



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE59
"From London's Carnaby Street to Rio, from Morocco back to Liverpool, all over the world you can find window shoppers and trend hoppers. Even in 1969..."

Orly DN530 from 1973 1.  carnaby street – les requins

If you already loved the flipside (see vol 57) I’m sure you’ll go crazy on this organ instrumental. So it’s not another version of Henri Salvador’s “Carnaby Street”.
9.  bad news – dozy, beaky, mick & tich

”Tonight today” was  the first 45 without a chart entry, perhaps because of the departure of Dave Dee. Its B-side “Bad news” however is one of the best they ever recorded. Excellent fuzz popsike. One more 45 followed in 1974 on Antic.
Fontana 267970TF from 1969
Chess 6078701 from 1968 2.  jade east – ramsey lewis trio

It seems that every issue of “The in crowd” has a different flipside. This time it’s “Jade east”, which already appeared on the 1968 album “Up Pops Ramsey Lewis” on Cadet 799, but this 45 release is from 1972. Dig the sitar intro and the cool Indian dance beat. Wear your sharpest suit and move your overpriced shoes on the shiny dancefloor.
10. save the world – CCS

”Save the world” from its own destruction… an ecological song by Alexis Korner led Collective Consciousness Society aka CCS. 2 years later they split in 1973 and formed King Crimson but that’s another story. Bluesman Korner had a smash hit with CCS’ “Whole lotta love” which was used s the “Top of the pops” theme on BBC.
Columbia 1C006-92812 from 1971
Palette PBS-27063 from 1970 3.  high – jess & james

This must be Belgium, somebody said to me when I showed him this record sleeve featuring naked kids. Yes it is and also Portuguese (see full story on
vol 31 and also vols 42 and 49) This B-side of The naked” is one of their finest popsike recordings ever. For lovers of speedy bongos and organ sounds and almost four minutes long to get high. From '70.
11. ain’t it just like a woman – geordie

Before Brian Johnson joined AC-DC he was frontman and singer in Geordie, a harder version of Slade. The A-side “All because of you” was a top 10 hit. But it’s the flip of their second 45 that made me look out for Geordie releases. This sleeve is from the Dutch release. Also nice is the one on the French label of Vogue.
Pink Elephant PE22715-H from 1973
Show SH1184 from 1965 4.  let us beat in rio – the paramounts

Now this is extremely rare and hard to find. Super wild euro beat from a Belgian combo that won a record deal at a local song contest. This is their second release. Six more would follow but they aren’t worth hunting down.
12. slow down – jimmy powell & the dimensions

Also released as Youngblood YB1008 in 1969 by Jimmy & The Dimensions. From 1962 on Decca to 1970 on Youngblood is a giant step. This one is great psychedelic organ driven track that has a lame start but ends in sheer mayhem.
Youngblood DV14975 from 1970
Week End 18056 from 1968 5.  sold to the highest bidder – the vipers

Released on several labels this issue on WeekEnd is the rarest and most expensive. It’s a slow psychedelic version of The Electric Prunes’ classic from 1967. It was their first single release. Five more 45s would follow and also two full CD’s in the 90s including a live one.
13. just don’t know – rocky roberts & the airedales

Maybe the best b-side of Rocky Roberts & The Airedales (partially the same band as Wess & The Airedales). As always this is uptempo soul and perfect to hit the dancefloor.
Durium CNA9248
Columbia DB8170 from 1967 6.  maroc 7 – the shadows

Don’t stop here! The Shadows have recorded some amazing tracks in the late 60s! Including this '67 one; maybe I pick the flip “Bombay duck” one day for a future volume. Taken from the James Bondish motion picture “Maroc 7” featuring Cyd Charisse and set in Morocco.
14. working again – the peddlers

With an ex-Faron’s Flamingoes and ex-Rory Storm and also an ex-Tornados in their midst this trio changed from beat to jazzy r&b and became excellent musicians who even recorded a full album with the London Symphony Orchestra 2 years later in 1972. For almost five minutes long you can enjoy their unique way of playing. Wanna hear more? Check out vol 57 and vol 46.
Stateside 5C006-91981 from 1970
Start 6926 from 1969 7.  puzzels – paul severs

Here he is again in 1969, Paul Severs; read his story at the end of
vol 3. Non-Dutch, non-Flemish people really like this tune, while in Holland and Belgium everybody starts laughing. The music is simply great, the lyrics are so silly; it’s about making jigsaw puzzles. The A-side is a ballad about Irina.
15. she’s not there –  neil macarthur

Do you really like The Zombies’ version? I don’t; there are so many other great versions in all kinds of  translations. One of my fave English versions is from 1969 by Neil MacArthur AKA Colin Blunstone of The Zombies! Two more 45s would follow and then he started recording under his own name before reappearing in bands such as The Alan Parsons Project.
Deram DM44 from 1969
Venus V10.501 from 1973 8.  and I try – trust

I think Trust were a Dutch band. Early 70s psych rock yet quite poppy. I’m glad I decided to take this 1973 45 out of the dustbin. You may still hear the dirt in the grooves…
16. jakaranda – lally stott

Lally Stott! Who? Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep! Oh yes, him… In 1970 the Liverpudlian wrote that smash hit for Los Caracas. Then it was picked up by Sheila from France who recorded it as “Les rois images”. Then Los Caracas changed into Middle Of The Road and the rest is history. “Jakaranda” was the next 45 and coupled with “Love is free, love is blind, love is good”
Philips 6025029 from 1971