"Chase me" - 16 soulful swingers



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"Ah ah ah baby, it's party tme again with these 16 dancing tunes including seven Belgian 60s tracks and 9 more soulful shakers..."

R’Cade RS-101 1.  oh my darling – peter ortiz

From '74. Don’t get fooled by the year of release; this sounds like 1968. Groovy soul made to get everyone on the dancefloor. It really works every time. I wish I could find some information about Ortiz. The only thing I can offer you is the title of the B-side, “Loser”.
9.  she chased me – bobby goldsboro

And here another Goldsboro entry, but this time a more obscure one. As a B-side of “Autumn of my life” this uptempo popcorn soul song from '68 remained unknown and ignored; strange as I consider it his second best recording. I still prefer his “It’s too late”, but that’s been compiled before.
United Artists UA25810
Atlantic 650168 2.  night owl – wilson pickett

Again a version of Night Owl, written by Don Covay. On vol 34 I put the Howard Tate version. Wilson Pickett needs no introduction. “Night owl” also appeared on the 1969 album “Hey Jude”.
10.  let’s break it – the paramounts

B-side of “Let us beat in Rio” which I’ve put on vol 59
. It’s ultra fast Belgian beat with a weird English accent. In 1965 they won a famous Belgian song contest called “Gouden Micro” (the final contest was in Sportpaleis in Antwerp, then Belgium’s biggest music hall) and they won a recording contract. Their last release must have been in 1975 or so. Maybe later I shall include another 45 by this band.
Show SH1184
RCA-Victor 47-15099 3.  ain’t got no  I got life – nina simone

From the musical “Hair” comes this cool organ soul song by Eunice Waymon aka Nina Simone. Allthough this single got a Top 100 chart entry it has been forgotten by compilers. But not by me! And if you can’t find the 45, just look for the album “Black gold” from 1970. On vol 42 another Nina Simone entry has been selected.
11.  can’t you do it – jack hammer

The b-side of “Stop slop” which also has been released with another flip “Fire baby”. “Can’t you do it” was also released as Ronnex 1312 with “Sugar boy” in that same year of 1963. The whole lifestory of Jack Hammer on vol 7
Ronnex R-1300
Atca 45-836 4.  room at the top – the american breed

As this B-side of “Walls” shows, The American Breed have recorded songs that are better than “Bend me shape me”. Flower power harmony popsike from '69 with great breaks and switches and also an organ and a great fuzz guitar.
12.  I found you – the tops

From Liège in the French speaking Southern part of Belgium with a great late 60s popsike tune from '72. Even without the sleeve it’s very hard to find. And it’s also hard to understand what he’s singing about. Perhaps I should recommend this song for a second volume of “Juddy in the Sky with Nazis”, a Dutch compilation of songs sung in very bad English. Nevertheless, this is great!
Arsis LR31923
United Artists UP1091 5.  voodoo woman – bobby goldsboro

(b-side It breaks my heart) On vol 22
I already introduced Goldsboro who had a smash hit with “Honey” and even had his own television show in the 70s. In the US he was a big star, but in Europe he was a one hit wonder and that’s all. So “Voodoo woman” from '65 might be something completely new to non-Americans.
13.  studio 1635 – the tops

Even better though is it’s B-side, an instrumental (yes, no English here). It starts very quietly with an organ and an acoustic guitar, but after half a minute a steady beat lifts up the power. Do you like those late 60s Italian soundtracks? Well, this could have been on one of them. Almost five minutes long including a one minute drumsolo. I believe this was their first of three releases.
Arsis LR31923
Atco BE123101 6.  we had a good thing goin’ – neil sedaka

What? Is he mad? Yes, maybe I am. Here’s an even bigger star. Don’t judge people on the stupid songs they once did. This is great '68 soul with a cool organ solo during the break. Of course it’s a B—side (of “Star crossed lovers”). In the US it was released as SGC 005.
14.  ah ah ah baby – andre brasseur

B-side of “Big fat spiritual” and completely forgotten, even by Brasseur compilers. Like most of his recordings it’s just his multi-sound organ and this time the rare vocals come from a happy baby. At least 4 volumes of Look What I Have Found feature Andre Brasseur, but most info on him you can find on vol 31. Released in 1967.
Palette HT300065
Warner Bros WV5088 7.  african twist pt1 – lonnie youngblood
( from 1967)
The ‘audience’ during the intro is getting berserk while Lonnie is shouting Ungawa! Swahili! Watusi! And more words like these. Did you know that on his 1965 shows a certain Jimi Hendrix was the saxophonist? Really! Part 2 is on vol 51. It's from '67.
15.  so tell me – the black birds

On the record it reads “So telle me”, haha. English was so difficult in the 60s for continental bands thus also for Belgian bands. “So tell me” reminds me of “Ferry cross the Mersey”. The b-side is “Her the daytime”, another spelling problem…
Flora 130
Teena 1702 8.  prisoner of love – the ikettes

Written by Ike Turner & produced by Ike & Tina especially for their backing choir. I wonder if Ike and/or Tina ever recorded this uptempo soul song, issued in '63. On the flip you’ll find “Those words”.
16.  you can’t cry everyday – jess & james

B-side of 1969 “Fado” and maybe not their very best song, but still a very good one AND not yet on a compilation. More about Jess & James can be read on vol 31
Palette PB25944