"Giant Walk" - 16 instrumental hotties from the sixties



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE60
"15 instrumentals and 1 quasi-instrumental from '59 to '69, a golden decade of decay and decadence to some and of house parties, trips and free love to others. Whatever it may be: a small step for man or a giant leap for mankind..."

Warner Bros 5194 1. chi chi - john buck & the blazers

On the magnificent compilation “Forbidden city dog food” compiled by Lux Interior you can find “Forbidden city” by this band. I went looking for the 45 from 1961 and here it is with two fantastic instrumental sides. “Chi chi” is an exotic tune which should be served with a Kahlua Mai Tai.
9.  bad news – dozy, beaky, mick & tich

”Tonight today” was  the first 45 without a chart entry, perhaps because of the departure of Dave Dee. Its B-side “Bad news” however is one of the best they ever recorded. Excellent fuzz popsike. One more 45 followed in 1974 on Antic.
Decca 9-28756 2. house party - louis jordan & his tympany five

Jazzy boppin’ blues by the legendary Louis Jordan describing a boogie woogie house party. It’s the b-side of “Hog wash”.
10. little jasper - bill black’s combo

There are so many great recordings by Bill Black’s Combo, but this one seems to have remained hidden for compilers for some unknown reason. Cool instro side from the early 60s for lovers of hot wailing sax sounds and delightful guitar picking.
Hi 45-2064
Decca 23.456 3. atomia - les saphirs 

Mix that typical Les Saphirs sound with “Telstar” and you get the picture. Great '63 guitar instrumental from the Belgian band that also gave us “Jivaros” which already resurfaced on “Ils sont fous ces Gaulois”.
11. giant walk - ronnie & the jerrycans

Another excellent undiscovered and uncompiled instrumental gem from an unknown band. Mix fuzz guitar with bongos, handclaps and a funky rhythm ; could be a perfect choice for a late 60s soundtrack. Who were Ronnie & The Jerrycans?
Surprise JTU773
Arcade 5007 4. caravan - the jokers

Here are the kings of Belgian instrumental guitar rock (well, they share the first place with The Cousins) with a splendid '65 rendition of that super cool oriental Duke Ellington tune. You should hear their version of Apache…
12. no matter what shape your stomach’s in –
the t-bones

Female backing vocals in a tinkerbell cocktail of cool midtempo guitar sounds mixed with an organ: that sounds OK to me! The T-bones have released several good records, but this '65 one must be one of their lesser known platters.
Liberty 54551
BB Maurice MMB0038 5. apache - burt blanca & the king creole’s

And here’s a weird Belgian version of thee Shadows song “Apache”, not by The Jokers, but by old rock ‘n’ roll guy Burt Blanco. Spacey effects and twangy guitars are so prominent that it’s clear that this is not an early 60s recording. No, it’s from 1969, the year of the space walk on the moon.
13. folsom prison blues – lenny dee

Crazy organ instrumental version of that cool Johnny Cash standard by the infamous Lenny Dee. He did a lot of cheesy stuff, alas, but this orchestral recording equals his version of Caravan.
Decca 25745
Palette PB25677 6. a trip to a fancy castle - andre brasseur

Two years earlier Andre Brasseur, the Belgian organ whiz released this instrumental on Palette together with “Black flowers”, a rather lame song. This song would be perfect for a soundtrack.
14. smacksie - james booker

And here’s again an organ driven and jazzy instrumental tune. Little is known by this guy who released at least two more 45s on the Peacock label in the period of 1960-1964. This one is from 1962.
Peacock 5-1900
Palette PB40237 7. happy hippo - the sunglows

And again a Belgian instrumental track: organ, guitars and the same Las Vegas Grind style as Chi Chi. It’s the b-side of Peanuts which was their sole release from 1965.
15. the breeze and i - maximillian 

The guitar riff is Peter Gunn but a plethora of strange sounding instruments do have the main part in this surf standard which doesn’t sound like surf music at all here. On the flipside there is the wonderful wacky “The twisting ghost” which has been compiled yet several times. From '62.
Bigtop 45-3095
Philips B373.091F 8. statics - les golden stars

I suppose this band hailed from France as the b-side features Johnny Hallyday. This sounds early 60s to me: a wild exotic drum bashing jungle guitar instrumental backed by a live orchestra in some crazy night club. Twice you think it’s over, but then they start all over again.
16. it’s so easy - the peddlers

This jazz-flavoured band has been one of my favourites since a long time. Starting from Rory Storm & The Hurricanes and Faron’s Flamingoes they started as a R&B trio but moved more towards jazzy sounds and sometimes even more into prog or psych like this b-side of “Sing me an old song”. This is not their most accessible tune but you won’t get bored when listening to these 5 minutes of brilliance.
Stateside 5C006-94184