"Knock On My Thing" - 16 fancy belly-blastin' grooves



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE62
"Shake that ass and move that belly on the grooves of these soulful recordings from 30, 40 years ago..."

1. let’s dance the boo-goo-loo baby! – the barracudas
(CBS 2563 from 1967)
One of the best boogaloo inspired songs ever, although it’s more frat than latin. The girls and boys of this band (which of the dozens of bands called The Barracudas is this?) are having a great time singing this organ drenched dancefloor filler. Even marimbas are being used to increase the cool atmosphere. And it’s almost 6 minutes long!
9. knock on wood - the barracudas
(CBS 2563 from 1967)
The Barracudas again, with the flipside of “Let’s do the boo-goo-loo baby”. Have fun with this great cover version and the funny accent.
2. the spoiler – vigon
(Atlantic 650100
Black French singer who could have been very big! Super powerful northern soul blaster with a killer organ and groovy arrangements. His other 45s are not so bad, but none could match “The spoiler”.
10. don’t knock my love pt2 – wilson pickett
(Atlantic 650228L from 1971)
”Don’t knock my love pt1”, the A-side, is also the title track of his 1971 Atlantic album. But it’s this B-side that I like so much. Psychedelic funk instro monster fit for acid heads in space.
3. right on be free - the voices of east harlem
(Elektra INT80254 from 1970)
Funky gospel soul from New York. I believe this is their first 45. More were to follow up until 1974, all for Elektra and for the Just Sunshine label. This still is my favourite song by The Voices Of East Harlem.
11. cat and mouse - bonnie st-claire
(Philips 6075107
We all know her fantastic mod classic “I surrender”, which already reappeared on comps such as “Le beat bespoke”, compiled by Rob Bailey and with liner notes from my friend Philippe Golbert. It’s impossible to match such a monster tune, but this “Cat and mouse” is also a splendid swinging tune. “I play with the boys like a cat with a mouse” is what Bonnie is singing.
4. my baby comes to me - the chicago loop
(DynoVoice 226 from 1966)
This 45 has been released on at least two different labels, the DynoVoice being the first one. I also believe this was their first record. Several more 45s would follow on DynoVoice (“Cloudy/Ricdhard Corey”) and later on Mercury (“Can’t find the words/Saved”). Good poppy song with a wild wild guitar. The full title is “When she needs good lovin’, my baby comes to me”, yeah!
12. something’s burning - new inspiration
(Pink Elephant PE22681X from 1972)
A later track by Belgium’s The New Inspiration as a B-side to “Bottle of whisky”. “Something’s burning” is a poppy psychedelic funky tune on a Dutch label that will always be linked with Shocking Blue. In 1972 it’s almost the end of The New Inspiration. Four more 45s would follow. You can read more on vol 3.
5. come on down to new orleans – quick brown fox
(Roulette 45VR195054 from 1969)
New Orleans singer (hence the connection with the French Vogue label) who apparently only released one 45 under this moniker. It’s a medley of Toussaint/Kenner/Domino songs (Mother in Law, Talk Too Much,  I like it like that, Land of 1000 dances, …), perfect for a 60s Mardi Gras party.
13. working on my thing - quick brown fox
(Roulette 45VR195054 from 1969)
The B-side of “Come on down to New Orleans”, also on this volume. Powerful r&b stomper with a Strangeloves beat. This song could be a great addition to a garage band’s playlist.
6. this world today is a mess –  donna hightower
(Decca 26.325 from 1972)
She was big in Belgium (see later on vol 74). This song even has been covered by the Belgian band The Jumpers (see vol 72). Even now the theme is still very actual.
14. cheater man - irma thomas
(Chess AR25743 from 1968)
Another super fine soul track hidden as a B-side. Miss Thomas recorded for at least 10 different record labels. The soul queen of New Orleans born in 1941 in Louisiana.
7. n-f in trouble - nino ferrer
(Riviera 231280
One of my favourite French singers from the late 60s/early 70s. This time he’s singing in English. In 2005 there will be released a Nino Ferrer tribute compilation on the French Larsen Records. One of the bands will be Dutronic, playing Ferrer’s “Isabelle”. Check it out! Also on this EP you can find “Mao et Moa” which I already put on vol 47 (from the 45).
15. chicken crazy - joe tex
(Atlantic DT1113 from 1969)
Like Cat Stevens he changed his name after becoming a Muslim in 1972: Joseph Hazziez, but being born Joseph Arrington in Texas in 1933. This live track is the flip to “Buying a book” (title track of his 1969 Atlantic album). I already found that “Chicken crazy” has been compiled earlier, but you won’t blame me, will you? As a special treat you can see the sleeve of the Japanese release, which is very rare now.
8. medley of soul - big al downing
(Silver Fox #11 from 1969)
And here’s another medley, this time by Al Downing (It’s the same old song, I can’t help myself, Something about you, …). Big Al doesn’t need any introduction. His two first 45s on White Rock from 1958 are very sought after, but it’s this 45 that nobody seems to remember; here it is now: enjoy!
16. how does it feel - the good ship lollipop
(Supreme S.123 from 1969)
It was their sole release, originally on Ember EMBS276. They hailed from North Devon, England. On the A-side you get a bizarre version of the Beatles’ “Maxwell’s silver hammer”, both sides under production of another Mike Berry.