"Can't Stop Now" - 16 late 60s floor shakers from all over the world



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE66
"...from France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, UK and US. After these 16 floor shakers you can't stop, impossible, simply impossible, don't try..."

1. viens - johnny hallyday
(Philips 437480BE
At mod parties you can dance to Nimrod’s "Don't let it get the best of you" but few seem to know that it’s originally a Johnny Hallyday song written by Micky Jones and Tommy Brown who both have written dozens of songs for Johnny; but is this really the whole truth? For Nimrod was a band created by Brown and Jones... “Viens” is great French psychedelia from a terrific EP which also features the magnificent “Voyage au pays des vivants” (see also vol 66). Expect some more Hallyday tunes on future volumes.
9. real live world - the greatest show on earth
(Harvest 1C006-04379 from 1970)
They released an album on Harvest in 1970, but this 45 seems to have disappeared from every listing. How come? Was this perhaps a European only release to promote the album? Early prog rock but still very poppy. On vol 67 you’ll find the flipside.
2. stoney mountain - therapy
(Outburst HW-101
Great late 60s track by this unknown band. Hard rockin’ powerpop with distorted fuzz guitars. On vol 67 you get the flipside “I’m the one”
10. arret d’autobus -  les diamants
(Pathe BA156 from 1966)
Oh yes, a French version of the Hollies’ “Bus stop“ and I believe it’s even better than the British hit record. Maybe because it isn’t French, but Belgian. As far as I know it was their sole release. On the A-side you can find another fine translation of “Black is black” which I’ve selected for vol 67.
3. powerful jim - serpentine
(Decca F23001 from 1970)
Dutch band Serpentine recorded this fantastic bubblegum popsike in 1970. I’ve never heard it at parties so far, but I’m sure I’ll play it one day. It’s simply too good to be ignored. I wish all their stuff was as fantastic.
11. se c’è una cosa che mi fa impazzire - mina
(Rifi RFN NP16208 from 1967)
Forget about the first 20 seconds because after that Mina presents us a fantastic Italian poppy beat tune. Don’t flip the record ; stick to this cool ditty. I’ll have to check out if she’s recorded more tunes like this. When listening to this I dream away and imagine myself dancing in a Roman discotheque in 1967 surrounded by a dozen of Minas.
4. 11am tuesday morning taxi - sugar
(CBS 4226 from 1969)
Super groovy organ drenched instrumental with wahwah and fuzz guitar solos and oh yes, very sought after as it hasn’t been compiled before. If you love those psychedelic and groovy late 60s Italian soundtracks or popsike French psychedelia you’ll kill for this!
12. he’s a raver - dave dee, dozy, beaky, mick & tich
(Fontana 267719TF from 1967)
An easily forgotten b-side of this Salisbury band and still one of my fave tunes, mainly because of the frantic organ and fuzz guitar in the middle of the song. Two years later Dave Dee went solo.
5. all tied up - boy’s wonder
(Lowland 180104 from 1971)
A fuzzy bass guitar, a poppy tune, handclapping and a organ during the breaks are the main ingredients of this Dutch song. I couldn’t find any info about the band nor the label.
13. lucy - crabby appleton
(Elektra  ELK13195 from 1970)
Featuring Michael Fennelly (ex-Millennium) Crabby Appleton released several 45s for Elektra in the early 70s. This West Coast rock band also released an eponymous album. This flipside to hit song “Go back” is one of the only good tunes I can remember them playing. I’m not really into West Coast rock, you see?
6. batman theme - the jokers
(Arcade 5011 from 1966)
And here are The Jokers again! This time with a fantastic fast rendition of the Batman theme including a frantic organ and fuzz guitars. The most recognizable sound of the Jokers however is the drum beat!
14. they’re taking me away - malcolm
(CBS 4862 from 1970)
The A-side is to be found on vol 67; this wilder and faster side, also from 1970, has got nothing to do with the Napoleon XIV song. It’s excellent prog rock by an artist I know nothing about.
7. satisnek the job’s worth - the amen corner
(Deram DM26 from 1968)
I wasn’t really sure to include this one, because so many people must have this single, but as I learned that nobody seemed to have flipped over the 45, I decided to put it here. It’s much better than you might expect. I deliberately chose not to reveal the famous flipside; it’s up to you to discover. I’m pretty sure that a lot of you already own this catchy tune by one of Wales’ biggest bands from the 60s.
15. jerk baby jerk - smoky & the fabulous blades
(Dore 723 from 1964)
Now back in time with a more soulful jerk instrumental appropriately called “Jerk baby jerk”, the sole release of Smoky & The Fabulous Blades. Also a tune that’s been made to dance to.
8. can’t stop now - simon stokes & the nighthawks
(Elektra INT80218 from 1969)
Again an unknown artist from the late 60s using fuzz guitars and an organ to create a song far much better that one might suspect. “Voodoo woman” has been selected yet for another comp, but this side is even wilder. As Simon T. Stokes his recorded solo career ended in 1977.
16. l’esquimese - i dik dik
(Ricordi SRL10-499
Quinn The Eskimo in Italian: very funny! I Dik Dik were a famous beat band in Italy in the mid 60s. Unfortunately it’s not easy to find good copies of their 45s. “Can’t stop now” I’d like to say, but we have reached the end of another crazy volume.