"Fire at the go-go" - 16 flamin' sixties grooves



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE57
"Burn your feet on the dancefloor and set the discotheque afire. If you like to dance at the go-go, do it! And tell the world about the fire ball..."

United Artists UA3141 1.  i like the way you dance – sammy davis jr
The a-side “Salt and pepper” was featured in the British '68 Richard Donner movie Superspie Hippy which even got a sequel called “One more time” directed by Jerry Lewis and also featuring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. Sammy Davis Jr & Peter Lawford as badass thugs? Stupid movie, great music! The best uptempo soul song Sammy ever recorded. Three full minutes of sheer dancing pleasure.
9.  nobody but you – the lafayettes
I like songs with spoken intros! And then the band takes off with this super blastin’ r&b tune. Hard to find with the picture sleeve, this sole '62 release should have been a chart topper.
RCA-Victor 49672
Durium CNA9237 2.  just because of you – rocky roberts & the airedales
This time in English, but still the same recipe: two minutes of dancefloor soul music. More like this by these American Italians on vol 17 and 59
.  And for the Italian A-side I can highly recommend vol 55.
10. flowers for my friends – joyce’s angels
A rather surprising flower power pop tune by this band that supposedly only released this one 45 in 1967. The original label was Major Minor. On vol 48 you could already listen to the B-side.
Arcade 5045
Marmaduke M-4002 3.  do it-to it – power play
Is this really 1974? Just take away the moog synth and it’s 1966 soul power. I really dig this crazy funky instrumental. On the b-side you get “My love will always be there”.
11. campus n° 8 – les requins
Completely unknown and uncompiled so far. A fantastic organ instrumental fit for any Italian discotheque soundtrack. AND it’s perfect to dance to. On vol 59
you get the equally superb flip “Carnaby Street”. Released in 1973. Oh, Les Requins means The Sharks.
Orly DN530
Atlantic ATL-NP03032 4.  ooh poo pah doo – ben & spence
Groovy organ, horns and funky vocals by this great duo giving us this excellent version; maybe the best version of this fab soul tune. In 1968 followed another 45 “Get it over/I can’t stop”.
12. tell the world we’re not in – the peddlers
From the 1970 Alan Gibson movie “Goodbye Gemini” (also known as Twinsanity because it includes an incestuous telepathy between twin brothers) about the jet set juveniles in swinging London. I even think this 45 wasn’t even released in the UK where these Mancunians hailed from. Other Peddlers tracks can be found on vols 46, 59 and 60
Stateside 5C006-91720M
Polydor 421016 5.  louie louie – the flippers
And here another unknown garage version of this standard. I have reasons to believe The Flippers hailed from Sweden. Dig that fuzz guitar solo!
13. sugar love – john bromley
Third of five 45s and this time a excellent popsike song. I’m not sure if this song was included on his sole album “Sing”, also on Polydor in 1969. I do know that The Fleur De Lys were backing band on some of his recordings.
Polydor 59257
Belladisc Italiana BD8005 6.  psychotic reaction – brenton wood
I’ve got three different releases of this Count Five hit single’s version by Brenton Wood: one American, one Belgian and this Italian. I picked the Italian because it’s the rarest. It’s the instrumental version by The Count Five mixed with a haunted organ and Brenton’s vocals. A really unique version from '67. It gives a great psychedelic surplus  to an already psychedelic tune.
14. fire ball – mercy
The most psyched-out guitar instrumental Davie Allan forgot to write! Including Buddy Good and James Marvell who later joined Country Cavaleers and had a unsuccessful solo career. The A-side is called Love and is hardly interesting. Mercy had other releases on W.B. and I also heard about albums on both labels in 1969.
Sundi SR6811
Charger CRG-107 7.  see you at the go-go – dobie gray
I couldn’t find a comp featuring this cool Dobie Gray song, but as he was so well known, this '65 platter could be already on a sampler. If not, well, here it is. Forget about the b-side “Walk with love”.
15. m’lady – sly & the family stone
B-side containing all the ingredients Sly Stone is known for: fast steady drums, heavy organs, thunderous bass and super funky arrangements. This '68 tune still remains one of his finest recordings.
Epic 5-10353
Polydor 2066156 8.  drowning in the sea of love – joe simon
Although it was a top 30 hit in the US in '72, I can’t remember seeing it on a compilation. This may be the only interesting song Joe Simon has ever recorded.
16. I’ll never turn my back on you –  wess & the airedales
This '67 B-side of the lame “I miei giorni felici” has always been a dancefloor filler when I play it. Not only the soul fans hurry up the dancefloor, it’s hard for everyone not to dance to this addictive drive.
Durium CNA9259