"Superman vs Napoleon Solo" - 16 reports of 60s action packed heroes



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE67
"Hey Lili, if your mother would know you were having fun with Napoleon Solo again and again while Superman was visiting Charlie and his angels, then... well, you know..."

1. Your mother should know - Les Haricots Rouges
(Ducretet Thompson 460V768
Eight French guys playing some kind of a gypsy beat instrumental version of this Lennon/McCartney tune. Another great cover version on this EP is Georgie Fame’s “The ballad of Bonnie and Clyde”. Les Haricots Rouges means The Red Beans.
9. Let the sun come in – St. David’s Road
(Sark BP1017 )
I have no idea where this singer hails from, but the song is West Coast pop San Francisco style. Sark was a Dutch label, or at least a record label with a Dutch connection.
2. Les pommes de lune - Evariste
(DiscAZ AZ10316 from 1967)
One of the wackiest (and scariest?) people in France’s show business. Evariste sings about the “apples of the moon”. A cosmic psychedelic novelty craziness like nothing you’ve ever heard before! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…
10. Napoleon Solo - The Jokers
(Arcade 5011 from 1966)
Maybe the best band ever to come from Antwerp in the 60s. The past 66 volumes have seen several Jokers recordings, but this slow menacing guitar instrumental is one of my fave. It’s got an intro similar to Will Tura’s “Arme Joe” (only interesting to Belgian fans I think). Just look at the record sleeve’s back side and imagine driving one of those cars next summer. On vol 66 you get their brilliant rendition of “Batman”.
3. Makin’ love - The Fouryo’s
(Decca FM264301
Yes, there are four members in this cheesy vocal combo: two girls and two guys. Most of their early recordings consists of Dutch translations of American hit singles. This early 60’s tune is in Dutch indeed, except for the song title. If you know their version of Surf City (check it out on the excellent compilation “Biet het vol 1”), you know what I’m talking about.
11. La notte – Mina
(Italdisc MH61
And again a 45 by an artist already featured on vol 66, but this is another 45. Cool jazzy beat noir tune straight from a smokey Roman catacomb club. Mina must have recorded more songs like this.
4. From me to you - Tomy The Londoner
(Teenager T1010
And again a Beatles cover and one you’ve probably never heard of before. I’ve asked a million people for more information about this London guy, alas. The sound is genuine 60s Mersey beat, but both the label and the artist are a real mystery to me.
12. I had it made - Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
(Stateside SS548 from 1966)
A major artist to some, a nobody to others; I consider him a much underrated artist who needs no introduction. He recorded a lot of songs that are much better than, say, “Good golly Miss Molly”. On vol 40 I already included his best tune from 1967 and here’s one of his greatest from 1966. Oh, just listen to that baritone saxophone.
5. Noir c’est noir - Les Diamants
(Pathe BA156 from 1966)
One of the best French versions of “Black is black” for sure. From Belgium it’s the flip of their equally superb version of “Bus stop”. Listen to it on vol 66. Another excellent French translation of this Los Bravos hit record can be found on vol 37 by Canadian girl Renee Martel from 1968.
13. Clapping song – Malcolm
(CBS 4862 from 1970)
This is the more powerful version of Shirley Ellis’ hit record. Malcolm turned it into this own song. Is it so hard to imagine that Gary Glitter listened to songs like this to “invent” his Glitter glam rock? A German “Go Go Sound” release with three minutes of soul power.
6. Again and again - The Greatest Show On Earth
(Harvest 1C006-04379 from 1970)
On vol 66 you can find the other side of this fab 45 “Real live world”. It starts very calm, almost a ballad, but the progressive rock influence is everpresent. Four minutes long an amalgam of bombastic prog rock blasts and slow psychedelia.
14. Bananaticoco - Max Boulois
(Pims P5063 from 1975)
Crazy bongo beatin’ drums and freaky guitar sounds. This is how hell could sound like in the middle of the African jungle on a Saturday night. Aka Max B he was a Afro-funk pioneer who could (and should) have been a big star and that’s why Wah Wah Records released a full album that’s been deleted quite some time now. Later he showed up in several movies. Chico Feitosa's great version of Max Boulois' "Bananaticoco" has been issued on a French compilation Brazil Carnaval I’m told.
7. I’m the one - Therapy
(Outburst HW-101
”Stoney mountain” is the A-side and is also featured on vol 66. I agree that the flipside is a stronger recording, but still it’s too good to be just forgotten. Has the Outburst label released more records? Was this its first? Info please…
15. Charlie’s theme pt2 - Smoky & The Fabulous Blades
(Dore 723 from 1964)
Was this a theme for a movie, a televion series, a radio show? “Jerk, baby, jerk” is the flipside which I’ve put on vol 66. A piano based instrumental tune that’s not as bad as I first thought.
8. Hey Lili - Ricky Morvan & The Fens
(Globe GR008 from 1963)
Back to Belgium now with a great typical rock ‘n’ roll beat tune. This 45 (b/w “Silhouette of my dreams”) has also seen a release on the Dutch label of Funckler. Another Ricky Morvan tune can be found on vol 13. Check that volume for more info on this guy.
16. Superman – The Supermen
(Rex 2126
On the German Rex label several good releases can be found. This Superman anthem by the Supermen is an excellent pop tune. And the sleeve is absolutely fabulous. Napoleon Solo, Batman, Superman,… we all need superheroes,but we need super records as well.