LOOK WHAT I HAVE FOUND - The Rockin' Collection 1
16 of the finest rockin' tunes extracted from 12 of the first 54 volumes

sample of the sleeve

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE-X5
"What would the music scene look like if there wasn't rock 'n' roll? Rockabilly, twist, surf and other variations of that same monster we call rock 'n' roll was what the youngsters could listen to in the 50s and early 60s (if you were lucky enough to find a radio station that would play this devil music)..."

1. The Imps: Uh-oh
from vol 14 "Stampede"
One of The Cramps' Poison Ivy's favourite guitar instrumentals. I still can't comprehend why this song never made its appearance on the legendary series "Born Bad".  "That'll get it", the b-side of this fantastic instro monster from 1961, is also worth checking out.
9. Boyd Bennett & His Rockets: Seventeen
From vol 33 "F.B.I.".
Also released in 1960 on Mercury 71648 coupled with “Sarasota” but on that release the Rockets weren’t mentioned. At seventeen you’re old enough to dance.. Cool cool cool Bill Haley styled rock ‘n’ roll.

2. Dick Dixon & The Roommates: The caterpillar crawl
From vol 45 "Bongos In Pastel"
 When I found this one, I was so thrilled. I only knew the version by The Strangers, also from 1959. This song was the original tune for “Boss” by The Rumblers in 1962 and also for “Garbageman” by The Cramps in 1980. But if you listen very carefully you just have to agree that there’s a big resemblance with Kip Tyler’s “She’s my witch” too.

10. Rod Willis: Will travel
From vol 39 "Voodoo Zoo"
An excellent rockabilly tune that should have been compiled on comps such as Sin Alley, Desperate Rock ‘n’ Roll or Killers Dillers. Well, here it is, especially for you. I’m sure that you, rockabillies, know that this is the flipside to “The Cat”, Rod’s best recording ever. That same year saw also the release of his other 45 “Somebody’s been rockin’ my baby” on Chic.

3. Les Aiglons: Stalactite
Fom vol 33 "F.B.I."
Early 60s pre-surf guitar instrumental by one of France's best combos yet unknown to the most of rock 'n' roll lovers in France. The protagonist however in this recording is the squeeky organ only to be interrupted in the middle of the song by a heavily distorted echoing guitar solo. This is pre-psychedelic guitar mayhem! On vol 38 you can listen to another track from their following 45.
11. Nick Perito:  The high society twist
From vol 52 "High Society"
This jivin’ twistin’ tune is better than I first expected. Actually it’s great and much better than the lamer A-side “Let’s do the peppermint twist”. And it could fit easily on a new Las Vegas Grind compilation.

4. The Vampires: Swinging ghosts
From vol 16 "Dr. Shock"
There are so many monster rock compilations but still I can find tunes noboby has ever heard of. "Swinging Ghosts" is an eerie instrumental from 1959 by a British band. The Vampires recorded also "Clap trap" for the A-side. That song already appeared on the great r&r compilation "Rockin' on the North Circular vol 2" from  the 90s.

12. Jack Hammer: Spelling twist
From vol 7 "Twisters"
And here he is again: the American singer-drummer-actor-painter-composer who left his country and decided to live in Belgium where he started a second career after being a Platter. He was discovered by Ronnex record boss A Van Hoogten (whose brother Rene started in New York the label Moonglow). The flip is the fantastic "Electricity" (see
volume 31). No wonder he was being called Mr. Show Business!

5. The Outlaws: Valley of the sioux
From vol 12 "Sombrero"
British rock 'n' roll never sounded better than on this 1961 instrumental two-sider. "Crazy drums", its b-side, was already featured on "Rockin' on the north circular vol 2". So here you only get "Valley of the Sioux", also a frantic pre-surf instrumental, but only half as crazy.
13. Jim & The Invictas: Cottonpicken
From vol 33 "F.B.I."
I’m sure I’ve heard this guitar instrumental before, but I can’t remember where. Maybe on another compilation? Don’t know, but I’m sure you’ll like it. Do you know the series “Strictly instrumental” on Buffalo Bop? This is perfect for that great series of rock ‘n’ roll instrumentals.

6. Reggie Perkins: Date bait baby
From vol 13 "Fire baby".
You probably know his "High school Caesar" which can be found on several compilation albums especially the ones with the Juvenile Delinquent theme. This is the flipside. Great rockin' jivin' tune from the JD top year 1959.

14. The Turtles: Surfer Dan
From vol 52 "High Society"
It starts with a roaring hot rod and then it turns into a typical hot rod tune, but… only 4 years too late. But still it’s one of the best in its genre. Don’t forget that the band was formed from the ashes of two surf bands The Nightriderrs and The Crossfires. Forget the a-side “Elenore” and start your engines.  In US on White Whale 276.

7. Jack Hammer: Stop slop
From vol 31 "Stop Slop Top Pop"
Jack Hammer was master of most of the dance crazes of the early 60s like the Madison, the twist, the boogie woogie, the slop,  the bossanova, the cha cha, the mashed potato and even the charleston and of course the wiggle which made him world famous (at least in Belgium). Few know he was a founding member of the legendary Platters (read on vol 7).
15. Wayne Williams & The Sure Shots: Red hot mama
From vol 33 "F.B.I."
One of Lux Interior’s fave songs. Need I say more?  Wayne Williams aka Gaylon Wayne as he was called in the early 70s recorded a lot of country 45s. But this remained his best recording ever! From 1957.

8. Kenny Roberts: Muleskinner blues
From vol 22 "Hee-Haw"
I have so many great versions of this song, but this certainly is the weirdest of them all. A frenzied fast late 60s recording with laughter and strange noises, a wild guitar and one hell of a crazy singer.

16. Jack Hammer: Fire baby
From vol 13 "Fire baby"
A third Jack Hammer song? A little bit of chauvinism can do no harm, right? Probably the fastest song Jack Hammer ever recorded. He must have been dancing on fire together with the three girls of his backing band. A wailing sax and 1000 volts. This is perfect after Herbie Duncan's "Hot lips baby".