"Fire baby" - 16 flaming yet forgotten non-hits


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE13
"How to describe this unusual collection of 45s: novelty? wavy gravy weirdness? psychotic sickness? or just simply bad taste? I think these descriptions all will fit. You may think one sounds like rockabilly or sounds like beat or ... hell no, it's good music!"

(Ronnex R1300 from 1963) 1. fire baby - jack hammer

Probably the fastest song Jack Hammer ever recorded. He must have been dancing on fire together with the three girls of his backing band, way back in '63. A wailing sax and 1000 volts. This is perfect after Herbie Duncan's "Hot lips baby". For more Jack Hammer info, check out vol 7 and vol 31.
9. ever lovin' fingers - jimmy bowen & the rhythm orchids

I always play this song right after "Girl on death row" by Duane Eddy. It's so unreal cool. Jimmy recorded lotsa 45s and is especially known for his cooperation with Buddy Knox. This one is from 1957. You know "Party doll"? Well, then you know what I mean.
(Roulette R-4001 from 1957)
(Manco ML1052 from 1964) 2. ricky tic - al davis & the gunshots

A great rock 'n' roll tune as if The Beatles never happened! Or maybe the British invasion never reached Fort Worth, Texas in 1964. Also the b-side is super.
10. buster - bill doggett

Bill Doggett, a keyboard genius must have recorded hundreds of tracks, but still some seem to have disappeared. Here you get the 1962 Buster, one of his finest efforts AND the leading part is a guitar! Very unusual if you know the guy.
(Columbia 4-42384 from 1962)
(Cosmic CO8 from 1958) 3. make with the shake - the mark 4

This 45 from 1958 was reissued in 1982 on Mr. C. Records. Great r&r platter from this foursome and I also included the flipside.
11. who's gonna walk ya home? - danny hunter

...and the Tony Osborne Orchestra. I believe Danny Hunter hailed from the UK. A 1960 teenybopper love song that can be played at parties though.
(His Master's Voice 45-POP 775 from 1960)
(Fono Graf FG-1236) 4. sure-fire - scot high & the highlanders

I wished I had more information about these guys. The record label operated from New York. It sounds like early 60s. Man, I love that guitar sound and the vocals, wowee, it gives me the creeps.
12. lindy lou - little butchie saunders & his buddies

How old was he? Twelve? The a-side of this killer 45 is "Rock 'n' roll Indian dance" which was already put on the compilation "Desperate R&R vol 17". This "Lindy Lou" was also written by Elroy Peace and it's a great discovery. Also in 1956 Butchie recorded another 45 for Herald (Great big heart) and two years later he was known as Little Butch & The Vells and released a last 45 "Over the rainbow" on Angle Tone. And then I think he was too old for this kiddie music called rock 'n' roll.
(Herald H-485 from 1956)
(April 1101 from 1959) 5. sixteen days - johnny night

This 1959 Johnny Night track is a slow exotic moody tune, suitable for a romantic dinner under a palmtree with your favourite hula babe. Just start kissing your love and see ya after sixteen days. His "Secret place" was already featured on volume 2.
13. time - al davis & the gunshots

This song's rhythm pattern reminds me of The Cramps' "TV set", but I doubt that these guys have heard of The Teenrockers "Road block" which is the real instrumental original of TV Set. Of course there are more soundalikes, but TV Set was the first song that came to mind. This was recorded in 1964.
(Manco ML1052 from 1964)
(Hit-Tune LPQ5041) 6. zoom zoom - big fat louis

Exciting black r&b with a Satchmo kind of singer. Zoom Zoom, Boom Boom, boomeliboom zoomelizoom. That's something like be-bop-a-lula. Big Fat Louis really sounds fat!
14. bye bye baby - ricky morvan & the fens

A Belgian beat hero from the North Sea coast that included guitar king Jean Philipov who became the Belgian Clapton, although this is from 1963. Many a young guy tried to play guitar after watching him play.  One of those youngsters will become one of the founders of TC Matic
(Luna LR10013 from 1963)
(Heliodor 453 928 from 1963) 7. fat louie - jeff brooks

And is it possible that Jeff has heard the previous one? This 1963 ditty was recorded with help from the John VanHorn Orchestra.
15. date bait baby - reggie perkins

You know his "High school Caesar" which can be found on several compilation albums. This is the flipside. Great rockin' jivin' tune from the JD top year 1959.
(Ray Note S-9 from 1959)
(Cardinal C3072 ; in US on Muriel) 8. wail baby wail - tommy louis

Some more r&b drenched rock 'n' roll? Here he is for the first time on this series, mister Louis. The frantic guitar licks (watch out for the solo!) and the hot wailing sax are wilder than I could imagine. Watch out for the other side of this killer 45 on vol 19.
16. 45 rpm - the mark 4

An ode to the best speed ever! This 1958 song is what this entire series stands for: FUN & EXCITEMENT
(Cosmic CO8 from 1958)