"Stampede" - 16 weird instro wailers from the pre-surf era


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What a good time that was, the late 50s and early 60s. If you couldn't sing, don't bother; just start an instrumental band and make some great songs. Now everyone thinks he can sing and we have to listen to it day after day. Write your own lyrics to these tunes, daddy-o. and sing along under the cold shower..."

(United Artists U.A.400 from 1962) 1. stampede - al caiola

"Stampede": the song that became "Bikini girls with machine guns", still the best sold 45 made by The Cramps. This 1962borchestral version with a super fuzzy guitar mustn't be forgotten.
9. maharadja - the tramps

A great twangy guitar instrumental; a bit heavier than Duane Eddy. This 1961 King release was their sole effort. Why? Maybe they were a studio band that operated on various names.

(Fontana 265 091 TF from 1961; in US on King)
(Scepter 1240 from 1961) 2. uh-oh - the imps

One of Poison Ivy's favourite guitar instrumentals. I still can't comprehend why this song never made its appearance on the legendary series "Born Bad". On a future volume I'll sure use "That'll get it", the b-side of this fantastic 1961 instro monster.
10. desert tramp - the nomads

This 1961 guitar instrumental with a leading sax could have been a Jungle Exotica track or a Las Vegas Grind tune, but no no no; nobody has noticed this song before. These Nomads released a few more 45s on Genie, ABC-Paramount and Pharos.
(Rust 5028 from 1961)
(Lost-Nite LN-248 from 1965) 3. boomerang - tom & jerrio

Eddie Thomas and Jerry Murray were known as Tom & Jerrio. Both songs on this 45 were written by Jerry. "Boomerang" is a 1965 killer tune for each party; don't forget the flipside "Boo-ga-loo".
11. xl-5 - don spencer

Subtitled "Zero G", XL-5 is a racer; it's fast and it's fierce. Keyboards, a female choir and all the rest mixed together in a skydivin' smash record that never became a hit; from 1963.
(20th Century Fox 440 from 1963)
(Candix 314 from 1961) 4. underwater - the frogmen

The Frogmen released four 45s, this being the first. It was also released on Astra 1009 in 1961 and later in 1964 on Scott. Their other 45s were "Beware below", "Tioga" and "Sea haunt". The B-side "Mad rush" was recorded by another band, although credited to The Frogmen. It attained a #44 spot on the Billboard charts in 1961.
12. the caterpillar crawl - the strangers

Forget everything that's been told about the original tune that became The Cramps' "Garbageman". Everywhere you read that The Rumblers' "Boss" is the original, but that's wrong, daddy-o. "Boss" is from 1962 as this is from 1959. Featuring Joel Hill, the future Canned Heat singer. Canned Heat's bass player Larry Taylor recommended another song to the Cramps, namely "The green door". Larry Taylor recorded "LSD-25" in 1959 with The Gamblers, a band that consisted of the same musicians that were playing with Duane Eddy (Rebels) and Kip Tyler (Flips). The b-side 'Rockin' rebel" already reappeared on the 1981 comp "Instrumental madness!"
(Titan FF-1701 from 1959)
(Galaxy GR-001 from 1962) 5. torque torque - the howl brothers

This may be a hoax. I've never heard of a Galaxy Records in the 60s which was a division of Green Sprouts Music. But then again, one cannot know all. It's a great surfish guitar instrumental from 1962. The a-side is the vocal version.
13. long long ago - the explosions

This instrumental is an arrangement of a traditional. In Holland and in Belgium it was a kid's song called "Roodborstje", which was hilariously covered by ex-MTV veejay Marcel Vanthilt with his band Arbeid Adelt! The Explosions were a Dutch instrumental guitar combo that recorded in the erly 60s.
(Decca FM 264 498 )
(20th Century Fox 440 from 1963) 6. fireball - don spencer

"I wish I was a spaceman, I'd be the fastest man alive..." but then it turns into a spacey love song. Yes, this is not an instrumental, but as the instrumental side was included on this volume and this song's too good to ignore, it's here. Enjoy "Fireball".
14. surfin' liza - van doren

Another old old old song reinvented: this is a 1964 surf version of Beethoven's "Fur Elise", although the credits show "Van Doren - Terry Roberts". This should be classified as novelty for I can't believe it can be taken seriously.
(Funckler HY42.770 from 1964; in US on Hickory)
(Apache AR-1836 from 1960) 7. tranquilizer boogie - rex qual

A frantic guitar instrumental b-side of his "Going rocking tonight" which will be put on a future volume of this series. This was his sole release; from 1960. Both songs are written by Guitar Jr., nobody else than Lee Baker; so it is not that strange to assume that Rex Qual and Guitar Jr. are the same.
15. huntington beach - van doren

Another party surf instrumental with more handclapping than drumming, but I don't complain. This 45 was his sole release.
(Funckler HY42.770 from 1964)
(Lost-Nite LN-248 from 1965) 8. boo-ga-loo - tom & jerrio

Some honkin' and shoutin' to accompany this 1965 r&b instrumental and I assure you: you'll be dancing the boogaloo when you listen to this one. Jerry Murray released some solo 45s from 1967 to 1969 on labels such as Shout and White Whale.
16. rollerama - al caiola

This volume started with big band leader Caiola covering The Scarlets' "Stampede". And now he's back with the flipside of that 45, an exciting keyboard plus guitar instrumental. Most of his work is big band stuff. His recording output is tremendous: from 1953 till 1973. And then this: in 1958 The Tones recorded a 45 together with The Al Caiola Orchestra. He was a busy man.
(United Artists U.A.400 from 1962)