"High society" - 16 rockin' twistin' jivin' tunes



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE52
"Folk-beat, terror twist, hot rod surf, raunchy rock'n'roll, jazz-a-go-go, hammond grooves and more to feel you at ease in the high society of music lover mania. From 1957 to 1974 and never boring; just get crazy with these 16 tunes..."

London 5642 1.  surfer dan – the turtles

It starts with a roaring hot rod and then it turns into a typical hot rod tune, but… only 4 years too late. But still it’s one of the best in its genre. Don’t forget that the band was formed from the ashes of two surf bands The Nightriderrs and Th Crossfires. Forget the a-side “Elenore” and start your engines  In US on White Whale 276 from '68.
9.  keem-o-sabe – the electric indian

Produced by Len Barry in '69. B-side is Broad Street which I already put on vol 51.  One of Philadelphia’s finest studio musicians which are to be found in MFSB a few years later. Fantastic exotic instrumental, not boogaloo, but still very latin influenced.
United Artists 2C006-90612
Vogue 45-PV.15206 2.  bumble bee – the searchers

Yep, THEE Searchers from Liverpool (Sweets For My Sweet, Needles And Pins,…) with an excellent b-side of  “If I could find someone” in 1965. It’s also on the “Bumble bee” album so I guess it’s been reissued on a compilation before, but do you know any?
10.  mah little baby – the de john sisters

Julie & Dux DeGiovanni or the De John Sisters with an unbelievable sexy version of Shortnin’ Bread!!! On vol 56 you get the even better flipside: “Mu-cha-cha”. Accompanied by a big band they’ve recorded several 45s from 1953 until 1960; this one's from 1957.
Columbia 4-40799
Philips 6075 106 3.  the bull and I – hal dorado

Originally it’s called “El gato montés”, this must be Dutch, because it’s a cooperation with Peter Koelewijn, the most famous Dutch producer in the 60s. A lot of “Ole Ole” when the matador faces the raging bull. Very good three-minutes instrumental with distorted guitar solo and a crazy audience. The flipside can be heard on vol 55.
11.  daisy petal pickin’ – jimmy gilmer & the fireballs

Jimmy Gilmer (he had replaced Chuck Tharp as lead singer of rock ‘n’ roll band The Fireballs) had a smash hit record with “Sugar shack”, the A-side in '63. But it’s this side I was interested in.  They formed in New Mexico and were good friends with producer Norman Petty.
Goldies45 P-2706
Amadeo International AVRS21354 4.  hard-loving loser – richard & mimi farina

On the back of the sleeve you can read the story of Richard’s death in a motorcycle crash on April 29 1966. His wife, Mimi, is Joan Baez’ sister and the couple was a highly praised folksong duo. Subtitled “The true folk-beat!” this 45 tells the story of a (oh irony) motorcycle lover.
12.  let me tell ya – u.k. jones

AKA Mike Berry!!! Really! The same guy who gave us “This strange effect” and “Little things”.  This is like mixing Gary Glitter, The Leather Boy and Marc Bolan! Bubblegum meets Glam meets baddest taste for exactly 2 minutes. From '69.
Deram DM47
Reprise RV.20124 5.  hang loose – the don randi trio

What a great fast jazz instro monster this is! I’ve always been a fan of Don Randi, but this 45 is somehow special. I don’t know if the handclaps are real or just to fake a live audience, but it’s one hell of a dancing tune. In the meantime this has been reissued on a comp called “Right On vol 5” released late 2004.
13.  back street girl – frugal sound

A very good Stones cover from '66 and not so often heard (or talked about) and arranged by future Led Zeppelin John Paul Jones. Their first 45 contained a Beatles cover (Norwegian wood). This band hailed from Northern London.
RCA-Victor RCA1566
United Artists UA390 6. the high society twist – nick perito

This jivin’ twistin’ tune from '62 is better than I first expected. Actually it’s great and much better than the lamer A-side “Let’s do the peppermint twist”. And it could fit easily on a new Las Vegas Grind compilation.
14.  make the feeling go away – billie davis

Time t dance now. “Make the feeling go away” is great blue eyed soul from 1969. She never sounded better! 18 year old Carole Hedges (that’s her!) had her first hit in 1963 already and later also recorded as Keith & Billie (with Keith Powell).
Decca 26.197
MCA MCS4651 7.  bye bye blues – lenny dee

Who doesn’t know Lenny Dee and his brilliant version of Duke Ellington’s Caravan from '70. This flipside of “Stepping out” contains splendid organ virtuoso delight mixed with cool guitar pickin’ and a fast steady beat.
15. harmonica man – ox-bow incident

Bill Jerome Jr and Steve Jerome have written, arranged and produced this cool song. The A-side is “Reach out”, the Motown classic, and I believe this was their sole release from '68. Put on your dancing shoes and now up to the last one on this volume.
Smash S-2189
Reprise RV.20124 8.  he said, she said – the don randi trio

And this is the flip to his “Hang loose”. Again a (fake?) live audience accompanies Mr. Randi and his piano. But this time you’ll hear him uttering the strangest vocal sounds in a duet with himself.
16.  saturnus – andre brasseur

Join our space race to Saturnus with Belgian organ wiz Andre Brasseur. The space age in Belgium started in 1958 with the Expo and was still going on in 1974! For more info on him I refer you to vol 31.
RCA –Victor YPB0-400