"Dr. Shock" - 16 shocking reports of bad taste


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE16
Let there be fright and fear ghosts, bugs, girls, hot girls,  super hot girls, santa and these unusual unworthy recordings on 45s. I'm the uncrowned king of bad taste and I'm gonna torture you as long as it takes until you're gonna hate each and every song..."

Greentree G 1701) 1. the bloody - dr. shock
You all know Screamin' Jay Hawkins, you adore Zacherle and still you might not have heard of Dr. Shock before. I suppose he was another horror host on a local channel. Maybe Channel 17 as the sleeve mentions. Watch out for the other side of this frightening 45 at the end of this volume.
9. the spider & the fly - bobby christian

The scariest spookiest song ever recorded!!! It's ten times more frightening than the movie "The fly". It's got nothing to do with the Rolling Stones song. A few years later it was covered by the Monocles whose version reappeared on Pebbles. "Help me, help me, help me!!!" and "Darling, what happened to your head?" and more dialogues like these are the reason why Lenny Kaye declared this 1963 song as the most demented ever!
(Wing W-2102 from 1963)
(Verve VK-10552 from 1967) 2. trick or treat - cal tjader

A latin Halloween teaser? Orchestra leader Cal Tjader is here with one of his most surprising recordings. And it contains some vocals. It was released in 1967on the major jazz label that also was the home of Velvet Underground that same year.
10. swinging ghosts - the vampires

There are so many monster rock compilations but still I can find tunes noboby has ever heard of. "Swinging Ghosts" is an eerie instrumental from 1959 by an English band. The Vampires recorded also "Clap trap" for the A-side. That song already appeared on the great r&r compilation "Rockin' on the North Circular vol 2" from  the 90s.
(Parlophone 45-R 4599 from 1959)
(Me Too 27484 from 1974) 3. big watergate bugs - les waldroop

A country novelty song as an assault on the Republicans. We all know what happened at Watergate. I don't think this 1974 song will ever become Nixon's fave tune. The same story, but told from a different point of view on the other side of this weird 45.
11. black stockings - ace adams singers

I always love girls singing about putting on black stockings and black slacks. These girls must have recorded this ultra cool platter in the late 50s. "Let's put them on and have a ball!"
(Fast 3014 )
(Me Too 27484 from 1974) 4. sermon on the bug - les waldroop

This sounds a little bit more c&w. Les is telling a great story about the Watergate bugs who became very rich and had a well paying job. Too crazy to be true; you simply have to listen to this story "based on real facts".
12. do the hot pants - mr. jim & the rhythm machine

Black stockings match perfectly with short skirts or with hot pants. Not only James Brown can write a song about it. This super swinging instrumental from 1971 is the excellent evidence. When there are dancers at your club or your living room, play this one and they'll show you some hot pants!
(Wizdom W 1984 from 1971)
(Omega OM 36.091 from 1973) 5. flip flap - peter henn

This 1973 whistling instrumental is a song that means so much to me. Together with Jeannette's "Por que te vas" it reminds me of someone very dear to me when I was a very little kid. It's like an aural memory from a period I almost remember nothing from anymore.  I've been looking for years and years for this song and while listening to all my 45s to start this series I heard this one and almost burst into tears.
13. superstreaker - flesh gordon & the nude hollywood argyles

This 1974 oddity starts with the spoken intro of "The shadow" and then every girl starts laughing when Superstreaker enters the campus. They've listened a lot to "Hully gully" and been watching to many Superman series. "Oh, Superstreaker, what rosey cheeks you have..." And of course every streaker will be arrested some day.
(Paramount PAA-0289 from 1974)
(His Master's Voice POP 1351 from 1964) 6. march of the mods - joe loss

Can you actually seem them marching? The mods? No way, they are always attached to their Vespas and Lambrettas; or maybe they were marching on the Brighton sand. On this same 1964 EP you can find "Go home Bill Ludendorf" which already reappeared on "Instro-hipsters a-gogo vol 3".
14. side saddle - the john buzon trio

A march on horseback? Very bizarre! A most unique recording is the least you can say. And what would have happened if they'd added some vocals? That would be more than even I can handle. From 1959.

(Liberty F-55189 from 1959)
(Polydor 24 494) 7. geisterreiter - die playboys

A super spooky German version of "Ghost riders in the sky" and it's one of the best I've ever heard. A decent (does that exist?) Halloween party can't do without this. I think it was recorded around 1965.
15. spooky movies - roy clark

I love girls that love watching spooky movies, just like Roy Clark. Eerie shrieks and hellish laughter: you get the whole shebang! One of the best discoveries from 1963 that should have been on the great compilations like "Horror hop", "Ghoul's night out", "Monster bop", "I was a teenage brain surgeon", "Rockin' nightmares", "Monster rock 'n' roll" or the more recent "Zack Thee Maniac's Halloween party". Maybe I should help him for second volume.

(Capitol 4956 from 1963)
(Liberty F-55115 from 1957) 8. santa dear - kathy nelson

Another shocking report by a 10 year old girl (that's what she sounds liike). She's telling Santa that she's been a very good girl all year. A rockin' Yule to y'all, from 1957.
16. let there be fright - dr. shock

I began this horror show with Dr. Shock and this shocking report couldn't have a better ending than this one : "Let there be fright". This 45 has been sold for a lot of money on eBay a while ago. That's what I call scary!!! Parental guidance forbidden.
(Greentree G1701)