"Lost island" - 16 lost tropical terrors


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"Polynesia, China, India, Congo,... What do you dream of when thinking of these names? Strange boats? Bugs in your tent? A good view? Exotic girls? In the 50s and 60s these places were paradise to some and too far away to visit. Now you can visit them when listening to this volume. Get lost in the jungle..."

London 9-5-143/
              in US : Jamie 1144 1. lost island - duane eddy

One of the most exotic instrumentals Mister Twangy Guitar has ever written. If there’s ever going to be a third volume of “Jungle exotica”, this '59 track must be the opening track. Just close your eyes and think about your Polynesian love on that lost island, just like Poison Ivy did: she used this song for her own Cramps song "Kizmiaz". Another influence is Preston Epps' "Flemenco boogie".
9. termites - the cords

Aha, don’t fall asleep on a 10-feet high slope because it just might be a termites hotel. And you could wind up being the main dish. “Termites” is a savage tribute to the best known bugs in Africa. While The Cords just are a great instrumental guitar combo from '65.
CBS 1.582
CBS CBS1469 2. shrimp boats - jerry jackson

And on that island you can watch the shrimp boats sailing towards the sunset. All across the Pacific until you reach the wild shores of China.
10. tiger man – sam apple pie

”King of the jungle” by The Wildmen is one of my all time fave “jungle” theme songs. Sam “Apple” Pie covered this song in 1969 and retitled it “Tiger man”. Mix the novelty crazy rockabilly of the Wildmen with the late 60s guitar blasts and go freak out on this bizarre Tarzan tribute.
Decca F22932
Cardinal 3207 3. chinese tempeldans - de amigo's

A Belgian instrumental song about a Chinese temple dance. A twangy guitar, squealing organs and gongs lead you to the center of the temple where the monks are teaching you how to dance.
11. l’or rouge richesse du zaïre – maurice lecoeur

Also from the same '73 movie “Or Rouge” (or Red Gold) to promote the mining company Gecamines as “Lualaba source d’energie”. This EP contains two more but less interesting tracks.
Gecamines GECAM1
Ronnex R.1439 4. chimbombay - john woolley & just born

In 1973 Mastiya had a Top100 hit with “Chimbombay” in Canada. A few years earlier John Woolley had no hit record with this Belgian release. Bombay is the capital of the Indian film industry, Bollywood. This is cool Belgian bubblegum pop by the band that also recorded the super “You’re lying”.
12.  zazerac – the night people

Hailing from Bellingham in the Pacific Northwest The Night People were one of the many instrumental rock band such as The Frantics and The Wailers. After dropping one member the remaining five recorded this sole 45. “Istanbul”, from 1961, the a-side can be found on vol 1.
Top Rank HTR-716
DiscAZ SG335 5. arabian melody - pop concerto orchestra

And further to the west we arrive in the Arabian desert with the Pop Concerto Orchestra for another instrumental which doesn’t have a single middle-eastern influence, but it’s weird and funky and quite unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. From '73.
13.  daniel boone – loren becker

”Daniel Boone (the daddy of them all)” is the full title of this '55 song. Originally this hillbilly square dance banjo tune was released on Waldorf Music Hall 217 and hit the US charts for one single week. Backed up by The Brigadiers Loren Becker recorded this for both Waldorf and Enoch Light’s Command Records. Only for people living between the old mountains and the Ohio river.
Gecamines GECAM1 6. lualaba source d'energie - maurice lecoeur

Now this volume has taken us to the heart of Black Africa: the Congo. Or Zaire as it was called then. This is from a soundtrack for a promotional movie about the Belgo-Zaire mining company Gecamines. The composer and leader of this orchestra was Maurice Lecoeur.
14. chinaman - roland delys

In 1972 a Chinese neighbour could be big news in a little town. Roland Delys sings about the Chinaman, but not in English: no, it’s a French psych pop tune from Belgium.
Hebra 568
              2C008-95.209 7. tribe - tribe

Very powerful organ infused funk for the better soul & funk party. A year earlier, Tribe was known for their minor hit “Koke” from 1973 which you can find on vol 27.
15. jane la tarzane - annie cordy

Also in French, Annie sings about a female Tarzan who lives in a baobab. A '75 poppy samba popcorn ditty.
Golf Drouot
              61002 8. panorama - les aiglons

The panorama over the African steppes must be overwhelming I’m told. Thus is this '63 demented guitar instrumental. An organ duels the guitars and bass while the thunderous drums interfere with a power unlike anything else.
16. mangos – kai winding

And to end this Tropicana volume I’ll eat mangos chilled by trombone vibes created by the Danish king of the trombone: Kai Winding. If you like Enoch Light, Arthur Lyman and Les Baxter, you’ll understand why I’ve chosen this '59 instrumental orchestral jazz tune to finish another super set of exotic tracks.