LOOK WHAT I HAVE FOUND - The Gallic Collection
16 of the coolest French cuts extracted from 13 of the first 54 volumes

sample of the sleeve

In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE-X3
"What is so cool about French music, people always ask me. Then I say, what's so cool about English music? Music is music and these 16 French cuts from France, Belgium and Canada prove that I am right"

1. Ely Tchenko: Une fille dorée
From vol 24 "Vampire Gaulois"
Another fast paced 1966 ye-ye tune about a girl in gold. On vol 43 you can listen to the female Italian answer by Caterina Caselli “L’uomo d’oro”. And again this is a completely unknown release on the Belgian label Palette.
 9. Jacques Albin: Carre blanc -
From vol 4 "Jolie Folie"
This song was written by the artist himself in 1969. Carre Blanc is a typical late 60s beat tune with horns, but it's still extremely groovy to dance to! And of course it's backed by a ballad "Ne t'en vas pas" (=Don't go).

2. France Ariel: Mon vieux tacot
From vol 47 "Quelle Peste"
This B-side of “La nuit” must be the best she’s ever recorded. This could’ve been a Jacques Dutronc composition sung by Dani, Stone or one of the other well known beat girls from Fance. If she would have recorded this 1971 song 5 years earlier, she’d been a yeye star! This must be put on the next “Ultra chicks” compilation!!!

10. Serge & Christine Ghisoland: Marilyn
From vol 23 "Femme Fatale"
In 1972 they performed for the Eurovision song contest but not with this psychedelic late 60s tune with a psyched out organ and fuzz guitar and a super crazy rhythm. My guess is that this was recorded around 1969. Forget about the flipside: it’s the B-side that’s groovy! “A la surprise partie chez Marilyn on danse le rhythm & blues on boit du gin”.

3. Annie Philippe: On m'a toujours dit
From vol 23 "Femme Fatale"
Is this the best song she has ever recorded? Most likely. And I’m still surprised that this hasn’t been discovered before. Great sexy ye-ye chanson from France. Not only she was one of the most beautiful chanteuses in 1966, but her voice still is one of the finest I’ve ever heard.
11. Les Players: Les Indiens -
From vol 24 "Vampire Gaulois"
The best of all: a deranged organ driven psych freakbeat tune by the band that also recorded a super French translation of Louie Louie. They were from the Northeastern part of France I’m told. If you like the compilation Wizzzzz, you will love this one!

4. Gilles et Dominique: Ca m'est egal
From vol 41 "Monsieur Fantaisie"
Gilles Oliviers and Dominique Ney  were from Belgium and released at least three 45s in the late 60s. It’s like a dialogue sung by both singers. Only one band ever tried (successfully) to play this song on their live set and that was the (also Belgian) band called Dutronic. It’s all the same for me (= Ca m’est egal)

12. Herbert Leonard: Cher Monsieur Fantaisie -
From vol 41 "Monsieur Fantaisie"
A great undiscovered psychedelic pop song from the late 60s. Herbert Leonard has recorded more cool 45s including French translations of “Somebody to love” and “The letter”. This b-side is one of his best efforts. In the meantime it resurfaced on two French compilation albums

5. Henri Salvador: Tant qu'il y aura des filles sur la terre
From vol 37 "Bottes Pour Danser"
A great speedy beat punker by the suavest comic singer from France. He’s still performing now at the age of 80+. Going from chanson and cabaret to rock ‘n’ roll and jazz he also recorded some heavier tunes such as this one which appeared on the “La danse de Zorba” EP from 1965.
13. Henri Salvador: Beta Gamma L'ordinateur
From vol 24 "Vampire Gaulois"
Is this really 1968? It’s even weirder than any Kraftwerk, Faust or Can song. As if it were sung by a computer (=ordinateur) itself! Kill for this 45 which is his most bizarre ever and he did A LOT OF bizarre recordings.

6. Les Pingouins: Voo-doo-twist
From vol 7 "Twisters"
This is something special. It's a French sung cover version of Lavern Baker's "Voodoo voodoo". The flip also features a French cover: "Searchin'" has become "Chérie".

14. Kiki: Le Mini-minimum
From vol 41 "Monsieur Fantaisie"
This youngster has recorded 3 or 4 EP’s. This one includes this French translation of  “The bare necessities” from the Disney movie “The jungle book”. More info on this young French lad can be found on vol 4 (with a tremendous secret agent tune).

7. Burt Blanca & Ses Guitares Magiques: Dansons
From vol 47 "Quelle Peste"
A French translation of  “Let’s Dance” by the Belgian prince of rock ‘n’ roll from 1965. I must admit it’s a better version than I expected because Burt recorded plenty of boring songs in his very long career.
15. Les Million-airs: J'étais Son Copain
From vol 4 "Jolie Folie"
And here another Canadian band. Les Million-Aires recorded four 45s and one album in 1964 and 1965. "J'étais son copain" (="I used to be her boyfriend") was their last. This is amongst the finest you can find in Quebec sixties beat punk. "Sois fidèle", the b-side, is a love ballad about being faithfull.

8. Les Atomes: On ne vit qu'une fois
From vol 37 "Bottes Pour Danser"
Now we leave the European continent and go to Quebec, Canada to enjoy Les Atomes. It’s the flip to “Michelle”, their first 45. Like most of their 45s “On ne vit qu’une fois” (You only live once) is somewhere between pop and punk. And it’s got a great pounding organ. Besides their 5 singles they also recorded a full album, all for Capitol.

16. The Seabirds: Nous Protestons -
From vol 28 "Protest Rock"
Don’t ever try to keep youngsters out of pubs and certainly don’t try to make them leave before 6am! In Ostend (at the Belgian North Sea coast) the mayor tried to do it and this was the result: The Seabirds released even a 45 to protest against this evil attempt to stop rock ‘n’ roll. And it was sung in Dutch. And surprise, surprise: “Protest rock” (see also vol 28) was also translated into French as “Nous protestons” with the same adolescents called The Seabirds, formerly known as The Michaeldis, with a very young Sylvain Vanholme (later in bands such as Sylvester Team, Wallace Connection, Two Man Sound,…).