"Bottes pour danser" - 16 heartbeats from Parisian private clubs


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE37
"And again a Gallic compilation of unheard beauty and wit. Equally divided between elderly Parisian gentlemen and teenage Moulin Rouge mademoiselles de plaisir... It's evident that you will book your next flight to Orly and have a Ricard under the Arc..."

Decca 23 458 1. non non non - the kings

Also known as Les Kings they recorded this cool '63 song as the flip to “Facile a danser”.
9. que me reste-t-il - monty

One of my heroes of French 60s Monty will always be remembered for his ‘Même si je suis fou”, a French version of the Everly Brothers’ “The girl sang the blues”. “Que me reste-t-il” is a good dance tune from 1964 with female backing vocals and an everpresent organ.
Barclay 70691
Rigolo RI 18.733 2. tant qu'il y aura des filles sur la terre - henri salvador

A great beat punker by the suavest comic singer from France. He’s still performing now at the age of 80+. Going from chanson and cabaret to rock ‘n’ roll and jazz he also recorded some heavier tunes such as this one which appeared on the “Le danse de Zorba” EP from 1965.
10. le petit gonzales - arielle
In France “Speedy Gonzales” has been covered numerous times. One of the least known is this one sung by Arielle and it’s also one of the funniest versions. Of course it’s based on Danyel Gérard”s cool translation.
Barclay 60967
His Master's Voice GBP190 3. battements de coeur - eric thomace & the chaps

A mysterious chanson d’amour by Eric Thomace and a typical mid-60s sound. It was released in 1967.
11. on court - cleo

And here’s the other side of Cléo’s great 1968 single (or SP like they said in France, for Single Play). And here you can hear a distinguished organ playing games with Cléo.
Vogue V.45-1494
Will 566 4. ne crois pas qu'avec moi - rita dee

Very typical early 60s French yeye à la twist & jerk. It’s too good to be forgotten.
12. c'est cet air de guitare - zoé

Oh mademoiselle, sing for me. It’s from the same EP that brought us ‘Avant qu’on ait vingt ans’, maybe her best song ever. It’s got that Jacques Dutronc beat and the flair of a young Brigitte Bardot. I think it must have been recorded around 1966.
Monte Carlo MC 459
Covadia CC 342 5. pauvre fille - freddy & jenny & les viperes

Freddy Mulongo and his Jenny together with the Belgian instrumental band Les Vipères. It starts with a swinging organ as a prelude to Jenny’s sweet voice singing about a “Poor girl”. Black singer Freddy sings on the other side of this 45 about his “Beautiful jungle”. They recorded at least 2 singles for Covadia in 1964.
13. on ne vit qu'une fois - les atomes

Now we leave the European continent and go to Quebec, Canada to enjoy Les Atomes in 1966. It’s the flip to “Michelle”, their first 45. Like most of their 45s “On ne vit qu’une fois” (you only live once) is between pop and punk. And it’s got a great organ. Besides their 5 singles they also recorded a full album, all for Capitol.
Capitol 85.001
Hebra H568 6. encore encore - roland delys

Another organ based song by Roland Delys, who just might be from Belgium, but I can’t confirm this. I only know it's from 1972.
14. noir c'est noir - renée martel

Pop singer Martel recorded many 45s most of which are not interesting, but her '68 version of ‘Black is black’ is amongst the finest I’ve ever heard.
Match 6026
RCA-Victor 46.098 7. un air du folklore auvergnat - stella

Stella was a young yeye star who released more than a handful 45s. This may be little known albeit on a major label, still it’s a fine tune from 1966.
15. le collège - monty

And here’s Monty again, the full Monty in 1966. With a Chuck Berry song but he translated it into “Le college”. Can you guess which Berry song I’m talking about?
Barclay 71 076
Vogue V.45-1494 8. à mes bottes - cleo

She’s so beautiful! “All the boys are lying at my boots…’ that’s the attitude she’s singing about. And maybe her boots “sont faites pour marcher’. Cleo in 1968, wow!
16. je ne vois qu'elle - les aristocrates

Before becoming Les Aristos in 1968 they released six 45s for 4 different labels, this '66 one being the first of two on Choc. This song already appeared on a cassette compilation called “Freakout north of the border”, but that’s not vinyl or cd. “Je ne vois qu’elle” is a terrific translation of the Young Rascals classic “You better run”, complete with fuzz guitar, organ and screams.
Choc! C-0057