"Vampire Gaulois" - 16 pieces bizarres en 45 tours


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And here's the guys' answer to "Femme Fatale". 14 Gaulois who sing about the past and the future, about parties and girls, cars and space traveling. Err, anybody in need for a tequila? We could also take a pastis on our trip back to Paris 1965..."

(Polydor 27076) 1. mickey's monkey - jacques denjean
The best instrumental version of Mickey’s Monkey ever! And this isn’t even the best song on this 45. The best song ever by band leader Jacques Denjean is “La route” itself.
9. le vampire - jo alan

Halloween, here we come with the (Belgian?) singer Jo Alan. It’s on an EP which contains one of the best French recordings from 1966 “Les bons conseils” which reappeared on several comps. For more info about Jo Alan check vols 26 and 41.
(Vogue EPL8490)
(Pathé 2C016-10.022) 2. julie, coup de foudre - jacques hustin

A Belgian singer with a super swinger! My first encounter with Jacques was his 45 “La marijuana” which I already put on vol.4 “Jolie Folie”. Despite his great looks most of his songs were cheesy ballads, unlike this 1969 release.
10. dracula cha cha cha - henri salvador

In the 1940s he started his incredible career: he survived all the crooners including Frank Sinatra. Even now in the 21st century he’s still performing at the biggest concert halls all over the world. On vol 47 you can listen to his "Coutufon et foncoutu" also from this 1969 EP.
(Barclay 70337)
(Barclay 70469) 3. boing-bong - les chaussettes noires

A 1962 novelty ditty which could have been a minor hit in the USA if it weren’t sung in French. This EP is not their best known and that explains why this song failed to reappear on a comp until now.
11. beta gamma l'ordinateur - henri salvador

Is this really 1968? It’s even weirder than every Kraftwerk, Faust or Can song. As if it were sung by a computer (=ordinateur) itself! Kill for this 45 which is his most bizarre ever and he did A LOT OF bizarre recordings.
(Rigolo RI 18 750)
(Bel Air 221 202) 4. martian hop - les champions

Even crazier than the original American version by The Ran-Dells. Except for the nonsense words and sounds it’s an instrumental. Released in 1963. If you really want to listen to a French translation of this novelty hit, you should try to find the Henri Salvador version which I have on a 45.  Their EP also contains a weird version of “If I had a version”.
12. le cosmonaute - jean-claude darnal

A spacey late 60s tune from 1967 by an unknown singer who might have recorded only one single good tune and it’s this “Le cosmonaute”.
(Vogue EPL 8530)
(Polydor 66 422) 5. la jaguar - marcel amont

A 1965 song about the car with a serious big nod to “If I had a hammer”. It’s got the typical early 60s ye-ye go-go swirling beat.
13. messieurs les cosmonautes - jo alan

An even better space tune is this “Messieurs les cosmonautes”, the b-side of  “Qu’est-ce que ne va pas ?“. Its rhythm reminds me also a little bit of “Puppet on a string”. This 1969 release is one of his best.
(Palette PB25.962)
(Decca 23.728) 6. comme un chien - richard wery
Another guy with a Belgian link or even Belgian roots. A soft voice, some horns, but still it’s got this distinguished mix of chanson and folk rock. “Like a dog” is one of the very few great songs he recorded in his short career.
14. les filles de l'an 2000 - pierre savy
Written in the mid 60s it’s about the girls from the year 2000. I still prefer the girls from the 60s though.
(Vogue VB131)
(Twist 26.018) 7. le pantin - michel laurent
Another seldom seen EP by an artist I’ve never heard of before. “Pantin” is a puppet on a string. Did you know that Sandie Shaw recorded her smash hit “Puppet on a string” in French as well? It’s "Tout petit pantin”.
15. les indiens - les players
The best of all: a deranged organ driven psych freakbeat tune by the band that also recorded a super French translation of Louie Louie. They were from the northeastern part of France I’m told. If you like the compilation Wizzzzz, you will love this one!
(CBS DP1693)
(Palette PB25.458) 8. une fille dorée - ely tchenko

Another fast paced ye-ye tune about a girl in gold. On vol 43 you can listen to the female Italian answer by Caterina Caselli “L’uomo d’oro”. And again this is a completely unknown release on the Belgian label Palette from 1966.
16. tequila - didier lapeyrere

This sounds early 60s to me (or maybe even late 50s). Anyway, it’s a fantastic French version of this Champs classic. And it’s got the longest syllable I’ve ever heard: Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeequila!!!
(Philips B372.557F)