"Quelle peste " - 16 cures for this pest from the Cote d'Azur



In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE47
"Le Côte d'Azur est mondaine? No, not anymore. I think you can get the plague by just walking around there. In the 50s and 60s it was paradise, mainly thanks to Brigitte Bardot. May this volume cure you from Pestilencia Nostalgia."

Vogue EPL8592 1.  les nouilles – les charlots

Other tracks are : “Paulette, la reine des paupiettes“ and “Si tous les hippies avaient des clochettes“. The fourth track is also on this volume. Perhaps “Les Nouilles“ is the most surprising track these guys have recorded. Who were this quintet? Actually they were the backing band of the French protest singer Antoine and called Les Problèmes, but they released a handful of EP’s as Les Charlots.
9.  j’ai oublié bon bouchoir – les charlots

Everyone knows what you sound like when you can’t talk properly because you’re sick and your nose is like a waterfall. Normally in French “I’ve forgotten my handkerchief” is “J’ai oublié Mon Mouchoir”. You get it? I love this song, not only for the wit and the crazy lyrics, but it’s great French popsike from '67.
Vogue EPL8592
New Music Corporation 2102 2.  tout là-bas – france ariel

Always happy to discover a completely unknown girl. This young Belgian lady recorded a few 45s including this yeye-pop tune. She released at least one other 45 that’s better than this cool tune. On the flip you’ll find “Je n’en reviens pas”.
10.  rien ne peut plus m’empecher – frank alamo

This is ”It’s All Right” in French, a great yeye rocker. Also the A-side is a good cover version of “The leader of the gang” as “Le chef de la bande”. Alamo was a very well known singer in France
Riviera 121009
Decca 70.944 3.  déjà le jour se lève – nancy holloway

The A-side is “Prends garde à toi“, from a movie called “Cherchez l’idole“. Grab your darling in your arms and swing the night away on this slow love song. Want to hear more from Nancy Holloway? Check out vol 41 for a French version of “Do you love me”.
11.  mon vieux tacot – france ariel

This '71 B-side of “La nuit” must be the best she’s ever recorded. This could’ve been a Jacques Dutronc composition sung by Dani, Stone or one of the other well known beat girls from Fance. If she would have recorded this song 5 years earlier, she’d been a yeye star! This must be put on the next “Ultra chicks” compilation!!!
Golden Music GM812
Panorama MH135 4.  marche tout droit – henry talhour

I took this from a split45 (b-side is “Madison riff” by Les Devil’s Guitar) which I only bought for the pretty girl on the sleeve. “Marche tout droit” is a typical early 60s French yeye-twist song.
12. blanche neige – arlette zola

A '68 song about Snow White, but it’s not a fairy tale. Arlette Zola (related to Emile?) has released a bunch of 45s and most of the songs were written by herself and using intelligent lyrics. This makes her somewhat special in that period. Who knows this song?
DiscAZ EP1191
Rigolo RI18726 5.  baby sitter – baris manço

And here’s another great discovery. Baris, a yeye-rocker in leather jacket, supposedly several EP’s, but this one is definitely his best. Also on the EP you’ll find “Un autre amour que toi” which is a French version of “Handy man” and “Jenny Jenny”. Also on this volume is “Quelle peste”, a great translation of “Poison Ivy”.
13. coutufon et foncoutu  - henri salvador

From the same EP as “Dracula cha cha cha” on vol 24. Weird, but still very enjoyable novelty cha cha cha, perfect for a midsummer night cocktail party on a yacht in the middle of the Mediterranean.
Barclay 70.337
??? 7TLA 1909 21 6.  tu as ça en toi – les firemen

It’s a demonstration disc with two tracks on one side, the other being “Ne pleure pas sur le passé”, a translation of “More than words can say”. This is a cover too: “Over you”. I suppose it’s from around 1964, a yeye-beat tune only to be found in France or Belgium. If you can’t understand French, it means “You have it in you”.
14. quelle peste – baris manço

As the Cramps were my all time fave band (and probably will remain), this EP came into my hands because of Poison Ivy, the name of the Cramps’ guitar player. “Quelle peste” is not only a brilliant French translation of that classic tune, but it’s also one of the best cover version I own. On vol 58 you’ll find his version of “Jenny Jenny”.
Rigolo RI18726
His Master’s Voice 7FG88 7. dansons – burt blanca & ses guitares magiques

A French translation of  “Let’s Dance” by the Belgian prince of rock ‘n’ roll. I must admit it’s a better version than I expected because Burt recorded plenty of boring songs in his very long career.
15. tu es folle - christophe

From the “J’ai entendu la mer” EP. Christophe will be remembered here for his “Aline”, one of the best known slows on wedding parties. But he also recorded fast beat songs like this “Tu es folle” (or “You are crazy”, but I love you…) Most people I know don’t like Christophe because of his “Aline”, but I’m sure if they listen to this one, they all start looking for his other EP’s.
DiscAZ EP1055
His Master’s Voice 7FG88 8.  limbo bossa – burt blanca & ses guitares magiques

It’s Limbo Rock given a fair French rendition by this Belgian rockabilly guy. And as with many early 60s rockers from Belgium you can hear the guitar influence of the Ventures and The Shadows who were responsible for dozens of guitar combos. The best known were of course The Jokers and The Cousins, but these “Magic guitars” were excellent musicians as well. Another great band Burt Blanca recorded with were The King Creole’s.
16. mao et moa – nino ferrer

He was brilliant in his own crazy way. “Agatha”, “Le telefon”, “Les cornichons”, and a lot more (just listen to his entries on vol 41 and vol 55. “Mon copain bismark” is on the flip.
Riviera 121153