"Femme fatale" - 16 femmes comme B.B.


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There are hundreds cover versions of "Brigitte Bardot", but these 4 are somehow special and inbetween you get 7 other French girls singing about love and boys and girls naturellement. Two couldn't leave their boyfriends at home. For more french recordings, check out vols 4, 24 , 37 and 41. Allons-y..."

(Palette PB40.087) 1. brigitte bardot - digno garcia y sus carios

Brigitte Bardot was a superstar and in Europe even more popular than Marilyn Monroe. BB against MM; who’s the winner? This is a 1961 Belgian release and with a great drawn sleeve.
9. brigitte bardot - jorge veiga

A third release from 1961 about Mme Vadim.
(Barclay 62132)
(DiscAZ EP1116) 2. deux garçons pour une fille - arlette zola

A very typical French tune : poppy with a certain flair, a saxophone and a rare fuzz guitar. Mademoiselle Zola released more 45s but this 1967 platter still remains one of her best efforts. “Two boys for every girl” while The Beach Boys were singing about “Two girls for every boy”
10. je ne suis plus une enfant - arlette zola

The best song from this 45 however is “Mathematiques modernes” which already reappeared on several other compilations. This one is a little bit slower than “Deux garcons pour une fille”. It’s a song about a girl growing up “I’m not a kid anymore”.
(DiscAZ EP1116)
(Palette PB40.221) 3. les petits mots d'amour - ariane & les dix vingt

A Belgian band that was born out of Les Croquenotes who did a very special version of 'Fever'. It’s a fast dancing tune. From 1965.
11. je lis dans tes yeux - danielle denin

Or “I’m looking through you”, yes, this is the French version of the not so well known Beatles song. And this 1966 EP contains another Lennon-McCartney tune: “Michel” (or “Michelle”). The two other songs were written by the band leader Paul Piot.
(Philips 437 188 BE)
(Riviera 231.156) 4. quand l'amour est à deux pas - annie philippe

Wow! Great sexy ye-ye chanson from France. Not only she was one of the most beautiful chanteuses in 1966, but her voice still is one of the finest I’ve ever heard.
12. tu ne comprends rien aux filles - annie philippe

Imagine Jacques Dutronc’s backing band playing with this girl and you get the picture. It’s a song about a boy who doesn’t really know anything about what’s going on in a young woman’s mind.
(Barclay 231.156)
(Festival DDN 4801) 5. oh! ne dis pas - jean pierre & nathalie

A sensual duet, but no ballad! « Oh ne dis pas que tu m’aimes,… » or “Don’t tell me you love me, using words that aren’t yours”. I don’t know the story behind this couple and I even don’t know if they released more 45s. This one however is too good to be forgotten
13. ça va je t'aime - les b3
A great French version of "Hip Huggers" from the same EP which includes another cover “Maman ne répond pas”. I suppose this is a release from around 1966.
(Polydor 27 133)
(Riviera 231.156) 6. on m'a toujours dit - annie philippe

Is this the best song Annie Philippe has ever recorded? Most likely. And I’m still surprised that this hasn’t been discovered before.
14. le marin et la sirene - arlette zola

Almost three minutes about a mermaid falling in love with a seaman. Does she know Hans Christian Andersen? Because with songs like these she can’t be related to famous writer Emile Zola.
(DiscAZ EP1116)
(Polydor 27 133) 7. maman ne répond pas - les b3
The French version of "Mamma let the phonebell ring". If you count the ye-ye’s in this song, you’ll understand why this is a typical ye-ye tune. Not much is known about this girl trio with a swirling organ.
15. marilyn - serge & christine ghisoland
In 1972 they performed for the Eurovision song contest but not with this psychedelic late 60s tune with a psyched out organ and fuzz guitar and a super crazy rhythm. My guess is that this was recorded around 1969. Forget about the flipside: it’s the B-side that’s groovy! “A la surprise partie chez Marilyn on danse le rhythm & blues on boit du gin”.
(Vogue VB 158)
(Vogue EPL.7876) 8. brigitte bardot - roberto seto & ses rumberos

And this is a 1961 French release, the native country of BB « Et dieu créa la femme ». The entire 45 is an excellent collection of lurid Latin tunes.
16. brigitte bardot - sylma moreno

And also a female version because BB was a role model for many a young lady. I’m not sure about the year of release, but it must be an early 60s release as well. And it’s one of the grooviest I know.
(PBM EP31)