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I split my yearly TOP 50 into a Top 40 albums and a Top 10 singles. This was broadcasted live on 27-12-2009.

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10 Rosie Jones [Wild Billy Childish & the MBE's]  
9 I Still Love Her [The Monsters]  
8 Sorry [Automatic Pussycat]  
7 Chatterton/Qui est 'in' qui est 'out' [Juicebox/Les Spinshots]  
6 Du hast mich [Psychodaisy]  
5 Play Your Game [Les Klepstones]  
4 Proletaire [Les Gypsys]  
3 Terminal Boredom [The Cute Lepers]  
2 Don't try to tell me [Thee Vicars]  
1 On The Jungle Floor [Thee Masonics & Ludella Black]  


Bite Harder [Various artists] LP

39 Funky Frauleins [Various artists] LP  
38 Dirty French Psychedelics [Various artists] LP  
37 Midnight Massiera [Jean-Pierre Massiera] 2LP  
36 Uppers & Downers [Cobrakiller] LP  
35 The King Of Novelty [Dickie Goodman] CD  
34 The Sound Of Wonder [Various artists] 2LP  
33 Captain Boogie [The Experimental Tropic Blues Band] LP  
32 Easy Listening For The Underachiever[The Morlocks] LP  
31 The Psychedelic World Of [13th Floor Elevators] 3CD  
30 Psych Ward [The Urges] LP  
29 Bad Music For Bad People [Various artists] CD  
28 Unissued Sixties Garage Acetates [Various artists] LP (4 vols)  
27 Cazumbi vol2 [Various artists] LP  
26 Running With The Beast [zZz] LP  
25 Midnight Soul Serenade [Heavy Trash] LP  
24 Do The Ton [The Stags] LP  
23 Discotheque A Go Go [The Cambridge Stones] 10"  
22 Nippon Girls [Various artists] CD  
21  Go-go Groups From Japan [Various artists] CD  
20 Sin-sa-tion! [Various artists] LP  
19 Saints & Sinners [Various artists] LP (2 vols)  
18 The Byg Deal [Various artists] 2LP  
17 Thai Beat A Go Go [Various artists] LP  
16 Dos [Wooden Ships] LP  
15 Dracula Boots [Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeybirds] LP  
14 Time Machine [The Norvins] LP  
13 Music For Mentalists [Various artists] CD  
12 Artificial Faces [Various artists] LP  
11 The Perfumed Garden [Various artists] 5CD  
10 Ils Sont Formidables [Les Terribles] LP  
9 Best Of Burlesque [Various artists] 2CD  
8 Miscellaneous Mutant Mishaps [Various artists] 2LP  
7 Brain Cycles [Radio Moscow] LP  
6 Back On The Streets [Thee Vicars] LP  
5 The Revellions [The Revellions] LP  
4 Anagram Jam [Various artists] 2LP  
3 On The Go vol2 [Various artists] LP  
2 Send Black Flowers [The Omens] CD  
1 The Audacity Of Hype [Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine] LP  


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