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Year after year I'm losing track with the 'contemporary' artists. That's why 22 of these Top 50 releases are compilation albums. This year only 4 CD-only releases.  Although small labels are not strong enough to finance vinyl releases, they seem to struggle back year after year. And certainly the release of my favourite size, the 45rpm 7", is still quite popular in 2008. Fourteen 45s are featured in this year's list.

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50 v/a "German funk fieber 2" 2LP Showup
49 v/a "Andergraun vibrations 3" LP Hundergrum
48 Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs "Dirt don't hurt" LP Damaged Goods
47 The Fuzztones "Horny as hell" CD Electrique Mud
46 v/a "Soul shaker vol 5" LP Record Kicks
45 v/a "Paprikazz fel!" 2LP Grey Past
44 v/a "Psychoses freakoid - Jean-Pierre Massiera" 2LP Mucho Gusto
43 v/a "Let's paint the town red vol 1" LP Floridita
42 The Pumpers "Don't hafta go +2" 7" Rijapov
41 Be Your Own Pet "Super soaked/Blow yr mind" 7" XL Recordings
40 Pierced Arrows "In my brain/Caroline 7" Tombstone
39 Vermillion Sands "Mary +2" 7" Rijapov
38 The Mojomatics "Down my spine/The diamond jack" 7" Wild Honey
37 v/a "Des jeunes gens modernes" LP Born Bad
36 v/a "Halloween a go-go" CD Wicked Cool
35 v/a "Feline groovy" CD Ace
34 Trio Valore "Return of the iron donkey" LP Record Kicks
33 v/a "Quel organ!" LP Georges Profund
32 Stereoscope Jerk Explosion "La panthere pop" LP Cosmic Groove
31 v/a "The international vicious society vol 4" LP University Of Vice
30 v/a "The in-kraut vol 3" 2LP Marina
29 Wild Billy Childish & the MBE's "Thatcher's children" LP Damaged Goods
28 Radio Moscow "Radio Moscow" LP Alive
27 Black Lips "Bad kids/Leroy faster" 7" Viceland
26 Fabienne Delsol "I'm gonna catch me a rat/And I have learned to dream" 7" Damaged Goods
25 The White Stripes "Conquest" 7" XL Recordings
24 The Cute Lepers "Out of order/Lonely boy" 7" Damaged Goods
23 Black Diamond Heavies "A touch of someone else's class" LP Alive
22 Messer Chups "Best of the best" LP Copasetic
21 v/a "Twistin' rumble vols 5-7" LP Twistin Rumble
20 Miss Ludella Black & The Masonics "From this witness stand" LP Damaged Goods
19 The Masonics "Royal and ancient" LP Circle
18 Be Your Own Pet "Food fight!/The beast within" 7" XL Recordings
17 Singapore Sling "Song for the spirit/I hate you" 7" Cargo
16 v/a "Le beat bespoke 3" LP Circle
15 v/a "Well hung" 2LP Finders Keepers
14 v/a "IVG" LP Poutre Apparente
13 The Last Killers "3 bombs over Berlin" CD Area Pirata
12 v/a "Tabu vol 1" LP Paris Hollywood
11 Nathaniel Mayer "Love and affection" 2LP Vampisoul
10 v/a "Obsession" 2LP Bully
9 v/a "Dim dam dingue" LP Cosmogol
8 Snares "Sabbath dub" 10" Kriss
7 Black Lips "Katrina/Boomerang" 7" Viceland
6 Wild Billy Childish & The MBE's "He's making a tape" 7" Damaged Goods
5 Jello Biafra "Jezebel/Speed demon" 7" Alternative Tentacles
4 v/a "Mad Mike Monsters" 3 vols LP Norton
3 v/a "Got the go" LP Classe Internationale
2 v/a "Wizzz vol 2" LP Born Bad
1 Jeffrey Lewis "12 Crass songs" LP Rough Trade

And some didn't make it into my Fave List, like Aqua Nebula Oscillator, The Baboons, Runnin' Wild, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Nixe, Tokyo Cramps, The Firewalkers,... and loads of compilation albums on labels such as Big Beat, Floridita, Off The Hip, Show Up, Go Down, Kent, Vadim Music, Gorilla, Soul Jazz, NoSmoke, Jury, Raucous, Electro Harmonix,...



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