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Year after year I'm losing track with the 'contemporary' artists. That's why half of these Top 50 releases are compilation albums. Also 9 CD-only releases (less than last year, which is a promising indication. Although small labels are not strong enough to finance vinyl releases, they seem to struggle back this year. And certainly the release of my favourite size, the 45rpm 7", has regained some popularity in 2006. Ten 45s are featured in this year's list.

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v/a Nasty Rockabilly vol 5 LP B-Sharp


v/a: Let's boogaloo vol 3 LP Record Kicks


v/a: Sitar beat vols 4-5 LP Sitar Beat


Infinity: Collected works 1969-70 LP Acme


The Lords Of Altamont: She cried 7" Fargo


v/a: Telstar - The hits of Joe Meek CD Castle Pulse


The Chuck Norris Experiment: Volume! Voltage! CD Off The Hip


The Bongolian: Blue print LP Blow Up


The Buff Medways vs The Buffets: split45 7" Damaged Goods


v/a: Bippp - French synthwave 1979/85 LP Born Bad


The Satelliters: It's not true EP 7" Dionysus


The Monroes: Send me a postcard 7" High Maintenance


Dollsquad: Fast girl EP 7" Cherry Bomb


v/a: Hide 'n' Seek Returns vol 3 LP Dr. Mod


The Way-Outs: Can't take no more 7" Lost in Tyme
35 Los Monjes: Musica de las esferas 10" Electro Harmonix


Thee Midniters: In thee midnite hour LP Norton


v/a: Trap door LP Dis-joint


The Satelliters: Hashish LP Dionysus


Los Sleepers: Zombie 10" Electro Harmonix


The Maharajas: A third opinion CD Low Impact


The Dolly Rocker Movement: A purple journey into the mod machine CD Off The Hip


The Montesas: Rockers...shakers LP Soundflat


v/a: Who will buy these wonderful evils vol 3 LP Dolores
26 Sinn Sisamouth & Sery Sothear: Cambodian psych out LP Defective/El Suprimo


v/a: The In-Kraut vol 2 2LP Marina


The Buffets: Saucy Jack LP Damaged Goods


v/a: The soul side of the street LP Bacchus Archives


Les Fleurs De Pavot: Les Fleurs De Pavot CD Underground Masters


v/a: Le beat bespoke vol 2 LP Circle


The Way-Outs: Messing up my mind 7" self released


v/a: Cry of Atlantis LP Dionysus


v/a Sixties Girls vol 5 CD Magic


The Lords Of Altamont: Lords have mercy LP Fargo


Das Aldi Combo: Human fly EP 7" Butterfly


v/a: This is mod 2CD Castle Pulse


v/a: Ils sont fous ces Gaulois vol 4 LP Disques Ronnie


v/a: La France et Les Beatles vols 1-3 CD Magic


v/a: Strummin' mental vols 1-5 LP Link


Nouvelle Vague: Bande a part LP The Perfect Kiss


v/a: The big itch vol 8 LP Mr. Manicotti


The Madd: Are left behind EP 7" Stardumb


The Clamour: Don't belong EP 7" Unity Squad


Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited: Jo Siffert LP Dionysus


v/a: Sensacional soul 2LP Vampisoul


v/a: Son of blunderbuss LP One Shot


Blowfly: Blowfly's punk rock party CD Alternative Tentacles


Peripherique Est: Demos LP self released
2 v/a: The lavender jungle 2LP Senor Charro


v/a: Mello jello...for mello muffins LP Skinupski

Here are four 'essential picks' from entry 1 to 5, three picks from 6 to 15, two picks from 16 to 30 and one pick from 31 to 50: all together one hundred great picks from 2006.

1 Jack Constanzo: I got a bongo / The Imperialites: Have love will travel / Bob & Jerry: Ghost satellite / Marv Blihovde: Dearest darling
2 La Lupe: Fever / The Invaders: Shock treatment / Glenda & Glen: Voodoo doll / The Rhythm Addicts: The thrill
3 La chose / L'embuscade / Baby doll / Le pourquoi le comment
4 I wanna fuck your dog / I wanna be fellated / Wild in the sheets / Punk cock is rock
5 Candy Johnson Show: The hook / Johnny Fever: Zombie / Bobby Taylor: Temptation / Rusty Day: I gotta move
6 Los Dixies: Black cat / Duo Inter: Beggin' / Los Buenos: Woovy groovy
7 Top speed / Grid girls 68 / Jo's theme
8 Born / Finished / Keep on movin'
9 I'm gone / Left behind / You said
10 Timmy O'Tani: Sunset rock / Zen Fuller: Doomsday / Jack Donovan: Time machine
11 Human fly / Ever fallen in love / The killing moon
12 The Shadows Four: Follow me / Matthew Childs: The warbler / Walt Lawrence: Cascade
13 Les Faux Freres: Une fille pour deux garcons / Tiny Yong: Huit jours par semaine / Jean-Claude Berthon: Je te veux toute a moi
14 Les Bel Airs: Les degonfles / Douglas: Si je buvais moins / Galatasaray Lisesi: Zazie
15 The Sapphires: Slow fizz / Timebox: Soul sauce / The Undertakers: Just a little bit
16 Thinking black / Human fly
17 Cyclone / $4.95
18 Vetty: Nicolas / Christine Pilzer: L'horloge de grand-pere
19 The Inmates: Drop your drawers / The Coverts: Please don't go
20 Messing up my mind / You never had it better
21 The Martells: Time to say goodnight / The Tops: I found you
22 Pourquoi l'amour a deux / A degager
23 Bobby Soul: Funky freeze / The LBJ's: Garbage in the kitchen
24 You piss me off / Misty water
25 The Dometown Gang: Rock in / Charly Antolini's Power Dozen: Nofretete's headache
26 Maxy maxy / Go-go dance
27 The Junks & The Angels: The message / Red White & Blues: Last train to Georgia
28 I smell a rat, baby / Have love will travel
29 Follow the sound / Gypsy dancer
30 Ethanol rocket II / A girl instead of me
31 Zombie
32 Sweet sensation
33 ...excerpt...
34 I found a peanut
35 Batman
36 Can't take no more
37 Sandy Sarjeant: Can't stop the want
38 Fast girl
39 Send me a postcard
40 Six days are gone
41 Mary Moor: Pretty day
42 What you get
43 Psyche yamm
44 Not no, no way
45 Peter & The Boulevards: Lover return
46 The split
47 Taxman
48 Kalyanji Anandji: Y.O.G.A.
49 Alan Moorehouse: Beatcoma
50 Hank Davis & The Electras: Women train



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