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01 Magic Of A New Year's Wish
"... you'd be having fun it's new year's eve but your mind is telling you to leave..."

02 New Crush
"... there's a new crush controlling my nights feeding my blush exceeding the lights..."

03 Hotel Room
"... black velvet morning   curtains are closed   i am not alone   i suppose..."

04 Fair Play
"... going good going wrong   don't really know what's going on
win or lose give or take   i play the game until i break..."
05 Photos On My Bedroom Wall
"... i wonder how many weeks i can lay in my bed half eaten away by mice
before someone starts wondering whatever happened to mister nice..."
06 Excuse Me
"... excuse me for trying to make you happy   excuse me if i fail..."
07 My Own Maze
"... and yet it's spooky that i can't find myself in my own maze..."
08 A Million Hands
"... dragstrip lover on lsd   nitro nicotine dancing queen   a million hands drenched in sin..."
09 Air Hostess
"... breakfast in montreal   dinner in rome   supper in brussels   glad to be back home..."
10 M-Appeal
"...and when you dance your pain away there's still a chance for a better day..."
11 Just Another Day
"... she's passion on two feet   i see tragic in her eyes but also burning heat..."
12 Son Of Dali
"... no medal of honour for the s.s. bitch
humiliated and pushed aside   far away from kitsch..."
13 Polynesian Tiki Queen
"... it felt ok it felt alright   a lethal tiki kiss from my mojito miss   she could have been my girl that night..."
14 Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind
"... i see her when i wake up and when i go to bed   even in my dreams she's there my private internet..."
15 Dream Stalker
"... each night i used to have a different dream a different fantasy
a thousand girls have passed my bed and that is what i want to see..."
16 Competition
"... you realize you can't compete   you'll keep on lying in an empty bed
as you always want what you can't get..."
17 Afraid Of Losing
"... i'm only bits and pieces clumsily glued together for a dozen of stupid reasons..."
18 Cold
"... every morning i wake up alone   all naked, cold, every day..."
"... ..."
20 The Day Before My Birthday
"...strange how a single day can change your life in such a way..."
21 I'm Going To Tiki's Tonight
"...a second bottle of bacardi rhum  a cocktail waitress and a bongo drum   that is paradise to me..."
22 Sleep
"... i wanna sleep for a thousand years and when i wake up i forget all my fears..."
23 Perfect Girl
"... i've come to a decision i'll probably regret   i'm gonna kill a love that's been the best i've ever had..."
24 Soul Thief
"... you may know love but passion's passed you by   it's a fire burning when perfection's nigh..."
25 Do You Understand
"...behind the door of shame i got almost killed   to violence and to hate i shall never yield..."
26 Almost Midnight
"...am drowning in my own pool of fears     i wanna be with you to wipe away your tears..."
27 Cold
"...and every morning i wake up alone, all naked, cold because you ain't here..."
28 Number 28
"... can someone tell me how i'll know that this next girl of mine won't be just the girl who'll come before girl 29..."
29 Fast Car
"...i'm a fast car   you try to brake   i go faster than i can take   and when i smack against the wall   you won't hear my silent call..."
30 Sleep
"...i wanna sleep for a thousand years and when i wake up i forget all my fears..."
31 Still In Love
"...i love your honesty   i love your modesty   i'm back to normal life   see you from nine to five..."


01 Honesty Kills
"...if my honesty doesn't kill me she certainly will   love has turned to hate from everything to nil..."
02 You'll Be The First To Know
"...today i'm called a dreamer but in one hundred years they all will have to recognize that future interferes..."
03 Splendid Isolation
"...you know the price - you know killing your life - for a shilling..."
04 Music On My Mind
"...i only feel fine when i got music on my mind..."
05 Monday Morning
"...half past seven end of heaven you've got to get out of bed..."
06 Quick Thumb
"...a spanking for that teen a hiking love machine a quick thumb and a smile and i forgot her age..."
07 Checkbook love
"...i'm getting tired of spending money for ten minutes of love..."
08 Taxpayer
"...you're a taxpayer  paying until you're dead..."
09 Hipsville (Let's Go To)
"...just swing your hips   around my fingertips   let's go to hipsville..."
10 Attraction
"...within all my favourite dreams i found out what hell is..."
11 Her Daddy Is A Drunk
"...life, he says, is a bottomless pit   and i've got no force to climb out of it..."
12 What Tomorrow Brings
"...dark streets of tomorrow, don't lead me astray   you can never tell what tomorrow brings..."
13 Perfect Day
"...saint valentine day   such a perfect day   to bring people down   to put love down..."
14  Saint-Valentine
"...Saint-Valentine   suicide time..."
15 Second Shot
"...the girl is fine the girl is hot   her kiss kicks harder than his very first shot..."
16 Mirror Man
"...we could be friends and i wonder why i see a tear and he looks me in the eye..."
17 Days Of May
"...but those nights ain't worth a second compared to those days of may..."
18 Freedom By My Side
"...a million bucks a month means nothing to me if i don't have the freedom to be me..."
19 Up To My Style
"...no qualifications   just someone who can smile   i wanna spend the following night with a girl up to my style
20 Miss K. M. Wallace
"...Miss K.M. Wallace    ward T queen
the most gorgeous she-devil I've ever seen..."
21 For Your Ideas
"...a well respected citizen is what he has become   he thinks he did a smart thing but in fact he's very dumb..."
22 Way Of Teaching
"...i'm very grateful for what you've done but i don't like your kind of fun..."
23 Nightmare Nightmare
"...i run away to distant places followed by nine million faces    it is true and not a dream   it's a nightmare a nightmare a crazy dream
24 Universe City
"...next year same voyage   few have got courage   where is pity   in universe city..."
25 Crass
"...crass get a lot of fanmail   more popular than the queen
they're fucked by the system   punk is, again, a dream
26 Apollo's Day
"...a man looked down on me   a god leaning on me   i know what he would say   he said nothing..."
27 In The Field
"...a friend so close   an overdose   has torn you apart..."
28 Blow Your Troubles Away
"...may the merciful winds blow you back if it is the breath that you lack..."
29 Gin Behind The Curtain
"...how could he ever have known there were worse things than dying..."


01 Wild Cats On The Loose
"...it's the honey that can drive me wild beyond belief    this busy bee had his share on the last new year's eve..."
02 Tiki Galore
"...i wished they were living next door   these swinging chicks of tiki galore   long black hair and mesmerizing eyes   i must be dreaming in this tiki paradise..."
03 Miss Diabolique
"...dance miss diabolique  queen of kitsch, swingin' chick   dance dance around my brain   bring me joy instead of pain..."
04 Yellow Bikini
"...tightly you hold her   you never move one bit   you tease me and say   you are the perfect fit..."
05 In A Red Dress
"...there she is   standing tall   her shadow draws a fairie on the wall..."
06 I Love A Girl
"...i love a girl she's got black hair   i love a girl she's in a band..."
07 A Whole Lotta Love
"...she loves elvis    she loves dick dale   she loves to read other people's mail..."
08 Little Blondie 2
"...she ain't my bitch   no super sucker   and i don't think that i'll ever fuck her..."
09 Black Ponytail
"...i like this girl who doesn't cramp my style   the girl you know that she won't change the way you are..."
10 Wild Drummer Girl
"...when she's on stage   i'm at the front row   like a tiger in a cage   go cat go..."
11 Intense
"...a rebel i have never been  i think i was too smart..."
12 Night In Heaven
i caught a teardrop falling like the early morning dew   its taste was rather bitter  i wondered what was wrong..."
13 Last Door
"...you saw my sky   where was yours   beyond the fence   there were some doors..."
14 Secret
"...a secret so well hidden   like a thought that's been forbidden   will consume your mind..."
15 Guilt Is A Killer
'...i feel no guilt if that's what you mean   and i also know my conscience is clean...'
16 Big Brother
"...big brother is a tiny little man who's snooping around like a weasel..."
17 Talk To Me
"...i'd like to know what's going on   need to know where i went wrong..."
18 Mail
"...all's possible but a lifetime might not be long enough..."
19 Backstabbing
"...a thousand eyes are watching me   what i do is what they see..."
20 Can't Stop
"...i once lost a girl i loved because i didn't try to convince her of my love, i turned away and i cried..."
21 No Extra Holes
"...i need no extra holes to prove that i'm for real..."
22 Mirror In The Basement
"...a familiar face awaits me and turns the fear into a grin..."
23 Choice
"...how can you be sure that the one in your bed is really the one you've always wanted to get..."
24 Real Life
"...there was no indication that i was to be replaced by another host..."
25 Taste The Atmosphere
"...i never had a fight in my life   watching people ain't no game   it's just my way to survive..."
26 That's What I Want
"...i want to cover up my ears while i'm approaching angel falls
to hear nothing but my heart beat wild and fast while nature calls..."
27 Don't Pity The Punk
"...i popped my brain cells twice a day to have a clear disposition..."
28 Cute Little Towns
"...it's time to get things packin'   it's time to move around   to another cute little town..."
29 First Ticket To The Moon
"...oh, wow, there was so much more than i thought i could ever comprehend..."
30 I Don't Know What You're Gonna Tell Me
"...love ain't perfect, y'know   it's not a perfect world we're living in..."
31 Magnets To My Thoughts
"...you've said things i've written to myself years ago as it happened to yourself..."


01 Hiding His Feelings
"...bullets cannot reach him behind his wall..."
02 Bubblegum Wall
"...he's gonna leave and you won't notice he just can't face a bubblegum wall..."
03 My Dreadlock Holiday
"...first impressions never lie they say   to me she was my dreadlock holiday..."
04 Barnyard Girl
"...tell me what it's like to be a mother five days a week..."
05 Sin City
"...sin city ain't no place to dream about when you are alone
sin city cannot ever be a place that you call home..."
06 Supermama
"...then i wouldn't be the kid who's been given away..."
07 As If
"...i've been changing metaphores to choose   for tomorrow   as if they're good luck charms..."
08 No Sleep
"...there's a new day as reward..."
09  Baby Vampire
"...when i'm looking for a girl to satisfy my thirst i think of the bat girl who has bitten me at first..."
10 Born With That Smile
"...i gotta walk for thirty miles if i wanna see your smile..."
11 Would You...?
"...please tie my wrists   with your pantyhose   would you be so kind..."
12 Lipstick
"...i like you the best when you're undressed..."
13 Excuse Me
"...excuse me for trying to make you happy..."
14 Lap Dance
"...life is a lap dance   always look   never ever touch..."
15 Heat
"...you inflame my heart still i'm afraid of the fire..."
16 I Multiply
"...control is so dangerous   everyone's the same..."
17 Panties
"...so i bent over to take a look at something forgotten in the holy book
i went completely mad when i found out she was just sitting there ... without..."
18 Election Days Are Over
"...oh god i hate my selfish dream   my crazy wish for perfection..."
19 Inside My Girl
"...i raise my kids as a primitive does   high school hellcats they're gonna be..."
20 U.F.O.
"...what is the real name of this outer space dame..."
21 How Deep Is Your Cave
"...she said she was alone   "please enter my cave", she said, "i'm on my own"..."
22 Where Is Your Mind Now, Little Girl?
"...best of both worlds sounds like deceit if you got two boys right at your feet..."
23 Every Woman And Every Girl
"...i don't thnk i can change the way i am   i'm bound to love every woman i see..."
24 Glimpse Of Paradise
"...every single photograph i'd pinned upon the wall had been buried under tons of misery..."
25 Daddy Dear
"...i want to spend more time with my dad but maybe that will make my mummy cry..."
26 Hey Kitty Kitty
"...i would pet your fur  i would make you purr..."
27 Gadget
"...i am the one they need for fun   i'm a gadget that can talk and run..."
28 Mummy's Cloth
"...i still can taste your chewing gum when i'm lickin' my lips   the memory of your body is captured in my fingertips..."
29 Oh Darling
"...did you think you could find what's really going on   what really turns me on..."
30 Slideshow
"...what's love more than a slideshow of emotions..."


01 Eyes Never Lie
"...what do you see when you look into my eyes   am i an open book..."
02 Pretending
"...she was taken away from me in a way i just can't comprehend
and now it's back to a sorry life of dreaming and let's pretend..."
03 Easy Women
"...i never ever cared about the quantity of fucks..."
04 Weekend Demons
"...i stumble to the bath room, smack my head against the door
all i can see are stars and then i'm lying on the floor..."
05 Strangling Wishes
"...all my attention i must give her   simply love was not enough..."
06 If I Were Paralyzed
"...oh baby i think you'd leave me if i were paralyzed..."
07 Don't Tell Me
"...you just keep on telling me that i will lose my friends   i don't really care when a so-called friendship ends..."
08 Sometimes Love
"...love is a thriller   a passion killer..."
09 Fatal Attraction
"...there is the spider   she loves the fly   but cannot see   the only reason why   he looks at her..."
10 Future's Coming Fast
"...my passion is still burning   burning as can be   and i switch back from 5th to 4th gear..."
11 Attempt To Part Us
"...my eyes are open   i can see through all their lies   the whispering is deafening   and i don't hear their cries..."
12 Another Girl
"...i may be lucky in bed   but luck ain't love; love's left me behind..."
13 Give Back My Smile
"...i 'vegot to find my smile   it'll take a while..."
14 Better Off Without Me
"...you were the first in a long time   now others have used my bed
it was always you on my mind    i gotta get you out of my head..."
15 Need For Frienship
"...i've been abused i've been misled   i wished she meant the things she said   i was her lover boy in bed..."
16 Love Ain't No War
"...i can understand   you idealize the past   walking in the sand..."
17 Cannibal Love
"...for me it's such a punishment   not having you for nourishment
is this what they call cannibal love..."
18 Inside Your House
"...you feel like going crazy when i use my fingertips
the waves you're generating could sink a thousand ships..."
19 Honey Drops
"...then i let the drop fall in the middle of my parted lips..."
20 Belly Button
"...so i push her belly button and she sighs again   my fingers going up; she stops my hand..."
21 Joyride
"...i wanna penetrate your skull and suck your brains
i gotta know what's running through your juicy veins..."
22 Strip
"...i wanna see your legs  from toe to hip   so if you got the time   i wanna see you strip..."
23 Catwoman
"...catwoman - miss with the hiss   she will stun you with her kiss..."
24 Born That Way
"...she was born that way   i was born that way   command and obey..."
25 Yo-Yo
"...she can take you to places where you've never been   and you forget who you are..."
26 Flipside Lover
"...she says i'm sick   new kind of kick   no more looking in the face..."
27 The Sound Of You
"...i like the sound of your fist   banging my face..."
28 Call Me Anything You Want
"...you've noticed that i'm different and that i'm not like you
and that i don't  do the things you do..."
29 Nothing Better To Do
"...nothing will have changed in a year or two   in all those years nothing better to do..."
30 Just Somebody
"...i'm an ordinary guy with ordinary needs   i'm happy when one smiles and i'm sad when one bleeds..."

31 Ever Had Fun
"...i wish i could be twenty again   half a boy and half a man..."


01 You Can't Judge A Girl By Looking At Her Lover
"...how could you know that she had so much to offer..."
02 Sin Alley
"...i like her whip she likes my screams   caught within our wildest dreams..."
03 Little Chicken
"...they will never notice you   i see no reason why   you're nothing but a chicken..."
04 Rest
"...have you ever had the chance to start all over again
and have you changed a lot or have you remained the same..."
05 Easy Explanation
"...like an old pair of shoes i ended upon a pile   easy explanation for the lack of style..."
06 The Comeback
"...the day you went   was heaven sent   a zombie for six years..."
07 Outta My League
"...i always want what i can't get   that's why i lay in an empty bed..."
08 Anxiety
"...a golden glove   without a fist   pressing deeper   on my chest..."
09 Funny Refugees
"...happiness is dangerous   it's a disease   a quarantaine for the happy few..."
10 Away
"...i wasn't ready for my very first heartbreak   i wasn't ready for the waterfall of tears..."
11 Queen Of The Wet Dreams
"...she's pure sensation on two legs   neverending proofs of joy..."
12 Listen To Me
"...is everything alright   my love   is everything ok   did you really believe   i lied..."
13 Cheat On Me Baby
"...please cheat on me baby   so i can cheat on you..."
14 With You All The Time
"...last night   when you were sleeping   i was right there   don't you remember..."
15 Boring People
"...99% of all you people won't succeed   to be interesting for more than a day (to me)..."
16 Spider Girl
"...she's got the looks of a woman   and the age of a girl
she's a danger to all men   and a danger to herself..."
17 Until It's Too Late
"...what a strange world   where deejays are fighting a commercial war   as if there were no musicians anymore..."
18 Stripper For The Rest Of My Life
"...My friends think Iím a waitress in a cocktail bar
Others think Iím waiting to become a famous star..."
19 Cyberman
"...never ever i've got fear   i double-click and disappear..."
20 Friday Night
"...i drive my car, pick up my friends   and dance dance dance until it ends..."
21 Change
"...i've listened to your complaints   watched how you changed   into a bird of prey..."
22 A Little
"...a little house   a little kid   a little love   just a little bit..."
23 I Had A Friend
"...i've got a friend   a friend 'til the end   but he didn't say   that he's dying..."
24 Big Guy
"...and he's sitting in his chair reflecting his dreams   of future, past and present in a world of jeans..."
25 Waiting For You
"...i'll be in hell   cuz with your style   i think you'll be there   in a very short while..."
26 Not Like Everybody Else
"...some people call me a stranger   some people think i am weird..."
27 Why I Hate This Love
"...it's a one way love   from me to you..."
28 Naked
"...i am naked   i'm so naked   and  i thought you were my hiding place..."
29 Empty Words
"...i thought i only had to wait   you were too perfect like every dream..."
30 Fifth Wheel
"...about ten minutes later i saw they were together   walking hand in hand like a sad old couple..."


01 Electric Eyes
"...time to behave   at least for an hour..."
02 One Heart One Love
"...i nearly shed a tear   after miles and miles   and stereo up to nine..."
03 Different Song
"...still no guilt and conscience clear   i hate to lose a love so near..."
04 By Your Command
"...my woman wears the pants   when i'm not wearing any..."
05 Close Your Mind
"...open your mind   and think about the man   you were trying to find..."
06 Never Let You Go
"...she lacked the strength to choose for me   and i let her go, i'm sorry..."
07 Waiting
"...but she won't come in anymore   between us appeared a bottomless gap..."
08 In 88 Years
"...if you are sure that i'll always be your friend   why should i fear the day i'll die..."
09 Pretty Girl
"...if someone doesn't like you   you believe it's your own fault..."
10 Quiff From Outer Space
"...his gretsch feels uncanny   and his quiff is like his fanny..."
11 Soul Mate
"...i can carry a lot of weight    i want to be the punchball you can hit..."
12 Still In Love
"...disappointment oh sure   for me there is no cure..."
13 The Longest Day
"...tick tock   9 o'clock    work work..."
14 My Guide
"...are you the guiding compass that i need   that gives direction   to my affection..."
15 She's My Best Friend
"...she's the one who helps me when my face lies in the dust..."
16 Each Day
"...each day is another world   that i want to explore..."
17 Born Tomorrow
"...what is worse   dying loved or living unloved..."
18 Always On My Mind
"...since the day you went away   since that god forsaken day..."
19 Hunger For More
"...i know girls who say they want me   perhaps for fun for sex or joy..."
20 I Like The Egg
"...what's the importance of love   if someday one will say it's enough..."
21 Bad Girls Of Burlesque
"...bad girls go to hell   crawlin' on a bed of sin   hell is my living room   a rockabilly record to spin..."
22 Ugly Faces
"...on every other day i feel the urge to run away
from all the people bugging me as if they're stranglers hugging me..."
23 My Generation
"...rock 'n' roll is not a privilege of the young   in this world of techno benzedrine   as i look around in teenage desperation..."
24 Vegan Metal Queen
"...but only one hour later they took off into space
they told me to become the saviour of the human race..."
25 Secret Spell
"...you've made me smile again   turned me into a happy man..."
26 RPM
"...rise and fall  the price of a would-be star   a dj should be a dancer in disguise..."
27 My Fellow Citizens
"...as i listen to my fellow citizens i can't believe my ears
i see normal people turned into rabid fans of fear..."
28 Weekend Demons
"...i avoid their greedy hands although they look me in the eye
every single morning i believe i cannot die..."
29 Front Page News
"...i'm walking on air   hello big sun   you don't seem to care   that i'm having fun..."
30 Snake Dance
"...he conquered egypt for the roman war machine   but he himself was caught by the pharaoh queen..."

31 Old Shoe Horse Saloon
"...why confess your sins to a curious priest   as she was why the pack o' sinners decreased..."


01 DNA inside my brain
"...all these questionq in my mind are driving me insane, insane
she's inside me, one day i'll find her dna inside my brain..."
02 Dancing with demons
"...fortune showed its wicked game as she, again, was mine      paranoid by nature, magnificent by design..."
03 Vanity
"... i'm messing up my sanity all for the cause of vanity ..."
04 Child Of The Moon
"...i hope to understand why i hear your name in every word      why i listen to the song of every bird..."
05Head To Pieces
"...the fourth time that i shot a man   i saw too late it was my dad..."
06 Throughout the years
"...i gave away my heart more often than i should
and everytime i snatched it back because it didn't feel so good..."
07 Miss Allrightie
"...the more i get to know her the easier it is
to love her unconditionally, to love her as she is..."
08 That Beautiful River
"...i know where my future lies   it's that beautiful river that is keeping us apart..."
09 Unspoken
"...we learn how to cope with unspoken angels, unspoken demons and unspoken friends..."
10 The Manipulator
"...a garbage can in flesh   who'll tell a lie   and wonder why   who's causing him this mess..."
11 I'm A Love Bomb
"...too much energy, my mind's exploding..."
12 Love Is Blue
"...the red sarcasm of the sunset now is a result of what we cannot allow..."
13 Michael
"...after his final whistle
he will make everybody listen    to a tale of records and all that jazz
14 Can't Get Her Out Of My Mind
"...i see her when i wake up    and when i go to bed
even in my dreams she's there    my private internet
15 Oldest Story In The Book
"...when i wake up with my head upon that pillow
i get drunk and dizzy as i scent her sweat
16 A King And A Boy
"...she's got only eyes for me   it blurs my mind sometimes and maybe   i'm so blind i cannot see..."
17 Late At Night
"...dainty is the gesture   and luxurious the pain   many times so flawless   as the loss becomes the gain..."
18 I Might Hear You
"...whisper your thoughts even when i'm sleeping
i might hear you in a dream
19 Reasons
"...i watch the sun go down   knowing it will rise again   to wipe away the bad things gone wrong..."
20 Calypso Love
"...when you drink with me     you won't regret    to wake up in a hammock     and no longer in a bed..."
21 Piccadilly
"...watch 'em hangin' 'round    Piccadilly bound    almost half a century passed    style came first, I came last..."
22 Steps
"...i think i'm gonna stay as i don't know what to say
cos with every step i'm getting further away from you
23 All The Boys And The Girls
"...always eye to eye and hand in hand in love without fear for the next day ..."
24 Ginger Satisfaction
"...No Martian field can amaze me more than the complexion of your hair on a moon lit night on a sandy beach ..."
25 The First Day I Saw Iris
"...i crawled backstage and pulled the sheets of the bed i was hoping to die in..."
26 Written in the sky
"...yellow words in a burgundy sky
but one is blue and that is the lie..."
27 Back On The Track
"...'m a victim of my everlasting smile as if pierrot's taken over my life
i may be small but not small enough to disappear and get away from love..."
28 Boredom Number One
"...she's anightmare looking great still someone you'd love to hate
boring in the fourth degree she can fool a lot but sure not me..."
29 Underestimated
"...a friend should know to let go and be happy because you are..."
30 Grown Up Kid
"...who am i but an adult refusing to grow up..."

31 Thirty-five Marks
"...35 finger nails slicing up my spine i cannot sit i cannot sleep yet heaven can be so fine..."


01 Dreams
"...dream    parallel life    dream    fantasy world..."
02 I Miss You
"...we live in different worlds   i'm like an alien to you..."
03 See My Love
"...i am back on this world   i want to see my girl   they all say i'm crazy..."
04 This Jungle Fever
"...you let me feel your pains   your secrets have no names..."
05 Island In The City
"...for the very first time in my whole life   i want to live on a tropical island far away..."
06 Greek Goddess
"...like a greek goddess from the deep blue sea   you appeared into my life and became reality..."
07 I Let My Baby Go
"...i sent her away   while i wanted her to stay..."
08 I Just Don't Get It
"...i thought there were no hidden strings   don't wanna know what future brings..."
09 What Ever Was
"...i hope you know what you're doing   what's happened to the lie..."
10 Kiss U
"...don't think i'm an easy lay   if you just see me in a cheesy way..."
11 Oval Land
"...i'm the master of illusion   making towers disappear..."
12 Queen Of Sheba
"...her kingdom was so far away   in a distant land full of mysteries and his empire declined to decay..."
13 Girl From New York City
"...two whole days were spent upon a hotel plaza bed
we sent away the bellboys and the chambermaids as well..."
14 Freak Show
"...he's always hungry and his basic needs   got only to do with anything that bleeds..."
15 Arsonists' Theme
"...we smell like gasoline   actually we stink   with maches in our hands   pure alcohol we drink..."
16 At The Plaza
"...the day is over - the night has set in -  in a few minutes - all parties will begin..."
17 Paradox City
"...who doesn't forget something never occurred   no tears to cry in your room without word..."
18 Jukebox On Cemetary Drive
"...that jukebox on cemetary drive must be haunted by a ghost
because from that day on i love the cramps the most..."
19 Antwerp City Blues
"...from dusk till dawn   i can get a drink   here i always will be twenty..."
20 Dream Police
"...in my dreams i laugh and cry, i love and dance and smile
please let me die within my dreams just for a little while..."
21 Hoboken And The Rock And Roll Queen
"...she could look at you and mesmerize
her name was Nadine the rock 'n' roll queen..."
22 Little By Little
"...little by little i like the distance between us   little by little i wished no one had seen us..."
23 Part Of Me You'll Never Know
"...as far as i can recall i thought she must have been from outer space..."
24 I Just Need Rock 'n' Roll
"...sex and drugs and alcohol will never be as satisfying as rock 'n' roll..."
25 Fuzz O.D.
"...songs by the fuzztones, the nomads and the cramps   and every weekend i blew up my amps..."
26 Naive And Easy
"...she's so naive and easy that she doesn't know
that his middle name is oedipus who needs his daily blow..."
27 Computer Mind
"...i must be out of my computer mind   why did i ever let you see my inner side..."
28 I'm Going To Tiki's Tonight
"...passing out on a bamboo chair   happy faces everywhere   that is paradise to me..."
29 Monday
"...it's half past seven   time to go to work   never stop before 11   saying hi to every jerk..."
30 Indeep Kiss
"...for more than five long years i've been waiting for a kiss..."


01 Angel
"...she's got the soul of an angel   i can feel love all around   she radiates magic..."
02 Marriage
"...once in a while   you lose your style   but not your pride..."
03 Fair Play
"...win or lose    give or take    i play the game until i break..."
04 HotelRoom
"...a phallic dream dance of skin and bones..."
05 Hard To Be A Genius
"...i wished i were stupid like the rest 'cause it's hard to be a genius..."
06 Too Long Gone
"...you will see me as the hunter   only looking for one prey..."
07 In Love With Life
"...i wanna keep a smile on my face   and live MY life for the rest of my days..."
08 Changing
"...i am changing into a man i never thought i could become
i am changing and i don't want to stop what is going on..."
09 Photos On My Bedroom Wall
"...i wonder how many weeks i can lay in my bed half eaten away by mice before someone starts wondering..."
10 Day Ting Ting Ting
"...if i'd die tonight my very last word will be your name..."
11 Children Of The Night
"...youíre gonna lose that complexion if you hang around with me
youíre gonna lose your tan if youíre gonna stick with me..."
12 Final Breath
"...do you really think you know me after taking all away
do you really think you own me because i didnít run away..."
13 Identity
"...oh, i am me   and i ain't you   so stop telling me   what i should do..."
14 The Spaghetti Killer
"...i break spaghetti stick by stick   one day iíll be even stronger   but macaroniís still too thick..."
15 Unable
"...we're unstable 'cause we're unable to see what's wrong from right..."
16 Too Shy
"...maybe i'm too much a dreamer to live up to my ideals..."
17 Who Am I Living For
"...no chance for the future no chance in the past
do things go slowly or am i too fast..."
18 Veggie Girl
"... everytime I eat vegetables it makes me think of you
I think that Joey Ramone must've been in love with you too..."
19 To Every Soul A Mate
"...take me away from this heartbreak hotel   all is heaven as this must be hell..."
20 Little Tiger Girl
"...she put me down with her claws and licked my face
this was the garden of eden  a love sick place..."
21 A Drink And A Chat
"...I told her that I love her   something difficult to say
maybe she was flattered as she didn't run away..."
22 Can't Stop
"...I once lost a girl I loved because I didn't try to convince her of my love
I turned away and I cried   the only reason I declined was that she wasn't free..."
23 Growing Up
"...I feel like I'm still eighteen  maybe at the outside but sure within
so tell me where is the fun in being grown up while you're still young..."
24 Win Or Lose
"...I don't need no one to tell me what to do or what to say
if that is the reason why you're here I'm gonna ask you to go away.."
25 Eighteen
"...in case you haven't noticed     I'll always be 18...."
26 Fun
"...my only goal is fun fun fun  every day is day one
so this is the day that i have fun..."
27 Better Kill Myself
"...I'd better kill myself if I'd lose my record collection
I'd better kill myself if I'd have to sell my guitar..."
28 Sex Machine
"... she hated sex and x-ray spex    she hated fun   she's like a nun..."
29 About Me
"...I know a boy who's hurt and he cries
yet he smiles as friendship never ends..."
30 What Can I Do
"...she's too beautiful for me    she's too popular for me
she's too classy for me    what can I do..."

31 I Can Live With That
"...yesterday I saw her face, a face in fear and pain
I'd love to kiss away her fear, I'm messed up, I'm insane..."


01 Easy To Fight
"...an eye for an eye, you know what I mean      you will never be what you always have been..."
02 Against Her Will
"...one day you're gonna live against your will and take the bottle of cyanide pills ..."
03 Daddy Dear
"...daddy, I'm still your little girl   don't you forget about me
I still need you daddy dear   so don't forget about me..."
04 Where Is Hope?
"...it's so easy to give advice and praise the way one tries
to find a glimpse of happiness to escape from loneliness..."
05 Virgin By Design
"...your very first time was in my bed   at last a girl of mine   not so hard to get..."
06 Pet Of Oblivion
"...deeper down in misery I only hope for death
oblivion finally has found its useless pet..."
07 Let's Get Pervert
"...everyone will try to stop me   they don't like my kind of fun
c'mon let's get pervert..."
08 Teenagers In Distress
"...she must have been 15, some girl I know quite well
her father often raped her   his bedroom is her cell..."
09 Saphyra
"...Saphyra, say what you want   all you wish is my command
Saphyra, I'll descend with you    deep down and I would die for you..."
10 I Don't Love You Anymore
"...I wish that I could find a way to say that I don't love you anymore..."
11 Mt Nrg
"...they have to find a scapegoat   they always find me
no force no more to run away  lost all my energy..."
12 Personal War
"...the wall you built is based on guilt  you made a clear confession..."
13 After All I've Done For You
"... I gave you a place to sleep   a place to stay, a place to live
no reason anymore to weep   I gave you all that I could give..."
14 Where My Eyes Used To Be
"... where do you belong when your eyes don't know
there's only pain where my eyes used to be..."
15 Velvet Vinyl
"...screaming sounds of love and hate    velvet vinyl  out of date..."
16 Monkey Man
"...I'm a stranger in a strange land  I'm the product of new science
they never thought it was possible   they were labelled liars
17 Dancing On The Coaches
"...one thousand horsemen climbing mushroom pies
at the seventh cloud where the falcon flies..."
18 Ignorance
"...in my dreams everything seems ridiculously funny
feeling good I understood the force of my blood money..."
19 Memories Will Last Forever
"...memories will last forever    when one dies he's not alone
thoughts live on in your mind    of persons under one black stone..."
20 Rhythm Of Dirty Glances
"...so-called songwriters always steel the ideas only he could work out
these millionaires cannot feel the art in the middle of a crowd..."
21 Angelic Sex
"...we were making love on a trampoline
we bumped up so high until we couldn't be seen anymore..."
22 First Of July
"...strolling through the yellow dunes when the sun is shining bright
and the temperature rises I can only listen to my heart..."
23 Pink King Of Ballet
"...Our former prime minister   he was kinda sinister   he's the best dancer I know..."
24 Cellar Of Lust
"...Silk gloves carress your thighs the way you always wanted
a she-devil moans and sighs    you take it all for granted..."
25 Phone Addict
"...one connection   satisfaction   lost my hands in my pants    i'm a phone addict..."
"...i'm a train   i can't choose   which station   is sensation..."
27 Falling Apart
"...have you seen my eyes, baby  I'm falling apart   since you've left me   i'm lying in the dark..."
28 Teenage No-Count
"...but I just wanna rock 'n' roll   wanna drink some wine  wanna get that striptease girl
cos I'm a teenage no-count   looking out for fun..."
29 Jailbait baby
"...jailbait baby  don't let me down
just wait another year  for your wedding gown..."
30 Peggy is a man
"...then I awoke   there lies a man under the sheets and that man was Peggy Street   Peggy's a bloke..."


01 Michael
"...next to his beer you'll see a dozen more 'cos good ol' Mikey has friends galore..."
02 Thousand dreams
"...if I would win one hundred million I'd buy an island in the Pacific..."
03 The day I lost it all
"...I drank too much that night   and I lost self control
the same day that my love had died   the day I lost it all..."
04 Eternal guilt
"...eternal love leads to eternal guilt..."
05 The missing spark
"...the more she showed me her heart, the easier for me to grasp her soul..."
06 Someone better
"...you can make me happy, you can make me sad
you're the best and you're the worst of all the girls I've had..."
07 Entangled trees
"...entangled though by a thousand twigs of a beech tree shiny green
 his girl was given back to him and the gods loved this fairy scene..."
08 Her DNA inside my brain
"...while playing with their sorry souls
intoxicated now and then, there ain't no gun that leaves no holes..."
09 Past
"...but if you look at each mistake    when you are finally awake
you'll see the future is a better place instead..."
10 Battle of the blankets
"...sort of intertwined in love      the blankets always have to cheat..."
11 Keeper of my soul
"...i named you the keeper of the soul i gave to you
i hope you guard it well as it's not yours to give away..."
12 Same old photograph
"...he saved the world, oh more than once; in every city he's got fans..."
13 Wolk voor de zon(de)
"...ik werp jouw dolk kaarsrecht omhoog en vlij me neer op het gazon..."
14 Dichter bij de zon
"...vanop zijn gevleugelde hengst uit de hel
volgt hij de praatjes die hem hebben gekweld..."
15 Bespeeld
"...alles lijkt weer koek en ei                       de twijfels zijn dan weer voorbij
zo laat je mij weer in de waan                      zodat je weer je gang kan gaan..."
16 Never trust a dream
"...she's stolen my tranquility, my everpresent smile
she's sucked away my energy, oh yeah, that is her style..."
17 The Good Guy Comes Last
"...i can't let a nightmare take over my dream
and make me the man that i've never been..."
18 The Silhouette Of Broken Dreams
"...the statue is a statuette               the silly man a silhouette..."
19 Leeg
"...compleet uitgehold door loze woorden    die zelfs een dove kunnen vermoorden
de lieve luisteraar, ja, dat ben ik..."
20 Gevonden door jou
"...een einde zonder antwoorden... zal iemand me hier vinden... zal jij me hier zoeken
wil ik wel gevonden worden door jou..."
21 De kortste weg
"...de ballast op m'n rug duwt mijn voeten in 't slijk tegen de stroom in
ik kijk achterom naar de schoonheid van morgen voordat ik bezwijk..."
22 Everyday is Valentine
"...we don't have to say a single word to know there are 300 Valentine days..."
23 Curiosity killed this love
"...'t was 9am    for me the end     of a relationship that's been the biggest lie..."
24 Xmas Eve
"...Viva Las Vegas or killing me softly    what would you like that it's going to be..."
25 Satan's favourite cupcake
"...for what i've done there's one excuse
an acceptable lie for a love to lose..."
26 Hair Hair Everywhere
"...in every corner of your place in every tiny bit of space
all over every record box even inside all the locks..."
27 You're Loose
"...when i'm finally asleep as i leave all my thoughts behind
you're sliding down a glacier taking pictures with your mind..."
28 No Giant Wafers At The End Of The World
"...like a satellite i'm circling above while i'm looking for you at the end of the world, girl
that's the price i'd pay for love..."
29 She's back
"...back to blackouts at 8am      back to neighbours always at home
back to so-called friends in need      back to calls from a lost cell phone..."
30 (I can only) Think Of You
"...i love you way too much i love you and i hate it 'cause when i feel so bad i wish we hadn't dated..."

31 Magic Of A New Year's Wish
"...lips come closer and you wonder why   is it the wine or is it the guy..."